Convention season is upon us, and soon it will be Election Day. Christ is not a political leader, and it is crucially important to remember our faith does not depend on political victories.

But we must also recognize that our faith gives us the impetus to work for justice in every aspect of our lives, including politics.

It?s an important balance to strike. We must never politicize our faith, as if being liberal or conservative were somehow more defining than being Catholic ? but we also must take care not to domesticate our faith into a private matter that comfortably avoids public and political expression.

The Register will bring you resources to use as we prepare for the election. This week I wanted to draw your attention to the Priests for Life updated website. It is now much easier to find their election 2008 resources ? which include prayer resources, voter guides and information on how to register fellow pro-lifers to vote. is the website. Visit to see what they have to offer.