Ivy League Chastity

THE DAILY PRINCETONIAN, Feb. 19 — Princeton’s Anscombe Society is promoting chastity. The student-run society held an intercollegiate conference in mid-February entitled, “Making Love Last: Finding Meaning in Sex and Relationships.” “Anscombe members strategized with conference attendees on ways to spread the message of premarital chastity to other campuses,” the Daily Princetonian student newspaper reported. Princeton University law professor Robert George spoke at the conference and praised the Anscombe Society’s efforts to encourage marriage and virtue.

Online Education

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, Feb. 15 — The University of Notre Dame is among the prominent American colleges that have opted to make course material available online, free of cost. Following the lead of MIT’s pioneering “OpenCourseWare” program, which posts the syllabus and course notes for more than 1,500 courses online, Notre Dame began offering eight free courses over the Internet last fall. Class plans, links to required readings, lecture notes and homework assignments for the courses are posted online. Notre Dame plans to increase the number of available courses to 30 over the next two years.


PRWEB, Feb. 17 — Thomas Aquinas College will be featured in an upcoming segment of the educational television series “Today’s Family.” The producer of the series, Deerfield, Fla.-based PTG Studios, said the Catholic liberal-arts college will be highlighted in an episode titled “The Importance of Choosing the Right College.” PTG did not announce when the program will air, but said it would be shown in major markets across the country. “Today’s Family” is broadcast by PAX-TV, Hallmark Channel, ABC Family Channel and America One.