’s Matthew Warner noted in a posting called “Willing to Watch” that he doesn’t want to miss important moments unfolding in his children’s lives, including those at their favorite activities.

The former Register blogger recalled how being present will affect one of his children.

“These moments are unpredictable. They can happen at any moment. And if every time he looks over to connect with me I’m looking at my phone or my work or somebody else instead, I’ve missed that important moment. And I’ve given the impression to him … that I’m not watching him at all.

“It’s simply not worth missing those moments. Whatever extra work I would have gotten done, whatever entertainment I could have engaged on my phone or in conversation with another parent won’t have been worth it. …

“I watch him run. I watch him listen. I watch him help others. I watch others help him. … In that moment, how could there possibly be a more ‘productive’ way to spend my time?

“Sure, when he’s older, he’ll appreciate a dad who loved him by putting a roof over his head, worked hard all his life, carted him around to his various activities, celebrated with him and encouraged him to be his best. But I think what he needs even more than that is a dad who’s willing to watch.”