This issue of the Register is another case where we, as the producers of the newspaper, are at a distinct disadvantage compared to you, the readers of it. We send this issue to the printer on April 14 — the day before Pope Benedict XVI arrives at Andrews Airforce Base.

We have no knowledge of anything that was said or done during the Pope’s visit. But you who receive it already have seen coverage of the Pope. You may even have watched the visit live at, courtesy of EWTN. So you have one up on us now.

We hope that this issue of the Register, with its excellent coverage of previous papal visits — and its exclusive interview with the Holy Father’s big brother — will help enrich the experience of the Pope’s visit for you.

This week, our reporters who have excellent access to papal events will begin filing stories from the road in Washington, D.C., and New York. Their reports, we hope, will give you an unequaled view from the side of the Holy Father.

Log on to to read that coverage as soon as it’s available. Thanks!