STEUBENVILLE, Ohio—As two groups of students prepared to set out across the country to promote the pro-life message of Crossroads, Steve Sanborn, the group's founder, said, “Almost all of the students with us were born after 1973, and that means that they could have been ‘legally’ destroyed while living in their mothers' wombs.”

“It's time people in our generation understand this horrendous fact,” he added.

This summer, in its fifth year of existence, Crossroads, a student organization based in Steubenville, Ohio, will send the two groups on three-month journeys from California to Washington, D.C. Both groups will start in mid-May, one from Los Angeles and one from San Francisco.

“The walks are a witness to the sacredness of human life and the truth that abortion is murder,” Sanborn said.

As the students walk across America they give talks on chastity, abortion and the cultures of life and death. This year they have pre-arranged speaking events in 28 cities during their trek; and they will appear on TV and radio as opportunities arise. They also anticipate that newspapers across the country will chronicle their progress as they have in past years,

The students who walk from San Francisco will begin at the West end of the Golden Gate bridge on May 17. Those leaving from the Los Angeles area will begin on May 20 from Oxnard, California. The two groups together will cover a total of nearly seven thousand miles. Their journey is scheduled to end on the steps of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. August 14.

“Our focus is the youth of this country,” Sanborn said. “We're out there to peacefully gain attention for the pro-life movement, and to let everyone know that they have and obligation to make right what has been wrong in our nation for so long.” (Staff)