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Register Radio shines the truth of the Gospel on the events of the day to equip Catholics with the insight and encouragement necessary to engage the culture for Christ. Hosted by the Register’s Editor in Chief Jeanette De Melo, Register Radio airs on Saturdays at 7pm Eastern with an encores at 11am Eastern on Sundays. This is a weekly half-hour show provided by the National Catholic Register and EWTN. The show airs on more than 300 EWTN AM & FM affiliates across the U.S., as well as on SiriusXM Satellite Radio (channel 130) and on Sky (our European broadcast); and around the world on web stream through www.ewtn.com/radio, via mobile devices (EWTN, iHeart and TuneIn free apps) and our EWTN Shortwave Radio signal traveling the globe.

Aug. 8, 2015 - Pro-life Centers Counter Planned Parenthood Model/ St. Maria Goretti's in USA

This week on Register Radio, Jeanette De Melo talks with the Register's Peter Jesserer Smith about two pro-life women's health care centers that are designed to compete with Planned Parenthood. Also, Jeanette and the Register's Joseph Pronechen discuss the relics of St. Maria Goretti…they will be coming to the USA in September. » READ MORE

August 7, 2015 - Anthony Lilles on Hope/ Matthew Kelly on Rediscover Jesus

The growing political and cultural absolutism in America today is hard to ignore. And this week on Register Radio, Dan Burke talks with Register contributor Anthony Lilles about the power of the Risen Lord to help Christians shine as beacons of hope. Also Dan Burke talks with Matthew Kelly talk about healthy parishes -- it takes dynamic Catholics to make them thrive. » READ MORE

July 31, 2015 - Women Betrayed Rallies / What will the Planned Parenthood Sting Accomplish?

Across the country this week, Women Betrayed rallies drew thousands of Americans who call for congress to defund planned parenthood. Will congress act this time? On Register Radio this week Jeanette DeMelo and Register writer Sue Ellen Browder talk about the growing movement of women standing up against unhealthy and immoral practices in the name of women's health. Also, Register blogger Rebecca Hamilton evaluates the latest efforts in Congress to defund the nation's largest abortion provider. » READ MORE

July 24, 2015 - Planned Parenthood Videos/ Calif. Assisted Suicide/ Catholic Colleges

Summer is sizzling and so is the news. This week on Register Radio, Jeanette De Melo and Joan Frawley Desmond talk about the Planned Parenthood videos, assisted suicide opposition in California and the new, soon-to-be bishops in Los Angeles. Also, as the Register prepares its own Catholic College Guide, Dan Burke talks about Catholic colleges with the Cardinal Newman Society's Adam Wilson. » READ MORE

7/17/2015 A Nationwide Exorcism, Is it Needed? / Are Young Catholic Parents Welcomed at Church?

Does the USA need a nationwide exorcism? On Register Radio Dan Burke and Jeanette DeMelo talk with Register writer Patti Armstrong about how exorcists weighed in on the pros and cons of exorcisms of entire countries. Later in the show, Dan and Jeanette talk with the Register's Peter Jesserer Smith about a recent survey that reveals what aspects of faith are important or not to young Catholic parents. » READ MORE

7/3/2015 - Archbishop William Lori on Religious Freedom/ Steven Greydanus on Marriage and Culture

In the face of the nationwide legalization of same-sex "marriage," on this week's Register Radio Jeanette De Melo talks with Archbishop William Lori—chairman of the bishops' committee on religious liberty—about the freedom to bear witness to truth, in season and out. Also, Jeanette and Register blogger Steven Greydanus—author of a blog series on marriage—talk about the culture of individualism and sexual license that explains what got us where we are today. » READ MORE

7/10/2015 -  What's the Synod Working Document Say? / Is the Enneagram Ok for Catholic Use?

This week, on Register Radio, Jeanette De Melo and EWTN's Colin Donovan talk about the Synod document, which affirms Church teaching on marriage and allows changes for divorced and civilly-remarried Catholics. Also, Dan Burke and Women-of-Grace journalist Susan Brinkmann look at the enneagram: is it compatible with Catholic spirituality? » READ MORE

6/26/2015 - Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Decision: Jennifer Morse, Michael Caspino, Joan Desmond

In a landmark decision today the Supreme Court legalized same-sex "marriage" nationwide. Joining Thom Price, Jeanette De Melo and Dan Burke on a special LIVE Register Radio, Jennifer Roback Morse, founder of the pro-family Ruth Institute, discussed how same-sex "marriage" is wrong for society because it is wrong for children. And Michael Caspino, an attorney who handles religious and non-profit cases with the law offices of Buchalter Nemer in Irving, Calif., addressed how the decision affects religious entities. Finally the Register's senior editor Joan Frawley Desmond reported on the U.S. bishops' reaction to the news. » READ MORE

6/19/2015 - Encyclical Laudato Si: Edward Pentin/Jimmy Akin

This week on Register Radio, Have you ever heard of an eco-encyclical? Shortly after Pope Francis releases his latest encyclical “Laudato Si”—the cry of all creation to the Creator--Jeanette De Melo, Register Vatican correspondent Edward Pentin and Register apologist Jimmy Akin give us an insider’s look into the eco-encyclical. » READ MORE

6/12/15 - Venerable Father Al/ 40 Years of Steubenville Conferences

This week on Register Radio, Washington D.C. gets its first native on the way to sainthood: Jeanette De Melo talks to DC Register Correspondent Peter Jesserer Smith, who recently attended a mass of thanksgiving for Venerable Aloysius Schwartz. And… this summer in Steubenville: the big 40th anniversary conferences. Dan Burke and Franciscan University's John Beaulieu discuss why teens, young adults and catechists keep coming back for more. » READ MORE

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