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Register Radio shines the truth of the Gospel on the events of the day to equip Catholics with the insight and encouragement necessary to engage the culture for Christ. Hosted by EWTN’s Thom Price, and Jeanette De Melo and Dan Burke of the National Catholic Register, Register Radio airs on Fridays at 2pm Eastern with encores at 7pm Eastern on Saturdays and 11am Eastern on Sundays. This is a weekly half-hour show provided by the National Catholic Register and EWTN.

September 19, 2014 - Secular Media & Breakaway Nuns / The Myth of Centering Prayer

This week on Register Radio, why is the secular media so fascinated with nuns who break away from the Vatican? Jeanette De Melo talks with Register correspondent Ann Carey. She’ll set the record straight—no non-sense. And also… centering prayer, it’s just prayer, right? Wrong! Dan Burke’s guest Sharon Lee Giganti debunks the myth. Get your facts right. » READ MORE

September 12, 2014 - Response to ISIS / Crisis in Ukraine

This week on Register Radio Jeanette DeMelo talks with Register Washington DC staff writer Peter Smith about the heightened US and world response to ISIS. And in the second half of the show, Jeanette and Register foreign affairs correspondent Víctor Gaetán discuss the role of the Church in the crisis in Ukraine. » READ MORE

September 5, 2014 - Aid to Persecuted Christians / The Church in Africa

This week on Register Radio Jeanette De Melo talks with the president of Catholic Relief Services, Dr. Carolyn Woo. They’ll discuss how CRS is providing aid to persecuted Christians. And in the second half of the show Elena Rodriguez talks with Father Maurice Emelu about his new EWTN Television show "Word for the Wounded World" about the Church in Africa. » READ MORE

August 29, 2014 - Common Core / St. Mary Magdalen College President George Harne

This week on Register Radio Jeanette De Melo discusses Common Core and Catholic schools… with Register correspondent Charlotte Hays and Cardinal Newman Society's Dan Guernsey. In our second half Dan Burke continues the conversation on education with St. Mary Magdalen College President George Harne. » READ MORE

August 22, 2014 - Military Options in Iraq / The Register's College Guide

This week on Register Radio Dan Burke and the Register's Senior Editor Joan Frawley Desmond discuss Pope Francis and military options in Iraq. Also, Jeanette DeMelo talks to Register writer Joe Pronechen about the upcoming Register College Guide. » READ MORE

August 8, 2014 - Ukranian Fr. Yuriy Sakvuk / Lisa Brenninkmeyer & Walking with Purpose

On "the Best of Register Radio" this week, Elena Rodríguez talks with Fr. Yuriy Sakvuk from the Ukraine. He tells us about a side of the story you probably haven't heard yet: he shines the light of the Catholic perspective on the controversy. Also, Dan Burke will talk with Lisa Brenninkmeyer, the founder of the Walking with Purpose-a Catholic study program that helps women come to know Christ in a personal way. » READ MORE

August 1, 2014 - President Obama's Recent Executive Action / Sexual Authenticity

This week on Register Radio, Jeanette De Melo talks with Register correspondent Brian Fraga about his coverage of President Obama’s recent executive order that bars discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. And Dan Burke discusses pastoral outreach to persons with same-sex attraction with Melinda Selmys, author of two books on Sexual Authenticity. » READ MORE

July 18. 2014 - Immigration Crisis on the US-Mexican Border

This week on Register Radio we’re devoting the entire program to the immigration crisis on the US-Mexican border. Jeanette De Melo talks with Rio Grande Valley’s Catholic Charities executive director Sister Norma Pimentel, Register reporter Peter Jesserer Smith and ethics professor Christopher Kaczor. » READ MORE

July 11, 2014 - Matthew Kelly & Catholic Youth / Spirituality of Church Architecture

How do you get young people excited about the faith? This week on Register Radio, Dan Burke talks with author and speaker Matthew Kelly about his work to ignite the faith of Catholic youth. Later in the show Dan and architect William Heyer discuss how architecture can draw Church communities heavenward. » READ MORE

July 4, 2014 - Supreme Court & Hobby Lobby / EWTN's Michael Warsaw

Are your religious liberties at work complete guaranteed?  On this special Fourth of July edition of Register Radio, Jeanette De Melo talks with the Becket Fund’s Montserrat Alvarado about the...READ MORE

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