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Archbishop Chaput“I’ve admired the work of the National Catholic Register for many years. Especially today, when so many vital issues of Christian belief, religious freedom, human dignity, and marriage and the family are debated publicly, its faithful service to the Church is invaluable. As a source of reliable information and guidance, the National Catholic Register has few peers, and I enthusiastically urge Catholics to support it by subscribing and financially donating to its efforts.”

+Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.
Archbishop of Philadelphia


So many Catholics have written to us through the years about how the Register has touched and encouraged them in their faith, helped them understand the issues we face in the public square, and even helped some to find their vocations.


If we have been a blessing to you in some way, can I be bold in asking you to assist us? We really do need your support with the reality of our growing pains this year: While our audience has steadily been on the increase, donations have not.


In an effort to keep our prices low for those who would otherwise be unable to afford a subscription, and free for our Internet content, we are running a financial deficit — one that can be offset with your generosity. In addition, we are praying that our web visitors and digital readers can help, for, though the deficit is large, it is completely manageable when spread across the more than 37,000 subscribers and the more than 6 million individuals that we serve online yearly.


Some of our loyal readers believe that because we are under the wing of EWTN, we no longer have a need for support. Nothing could be further from the truth.


We are always grateful for one-time donations of any amount. Even more helpful are those who commit to monthly donations, which help us to better plan and promote the work we do around the world. With sufficient support from the faithful who benefit from our efforts, we could meet our financial goals and lower the subscription price even more to reach more of God’s people — both in print and digitally...and keep our online content free.


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Please consider helping us and those we serve — and paving the way for the myriads of future online and print readers who will need to be inspired by and formed in the Truth of the Church for the challenges that lie ahead.


Yours in Christ,
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Dan Burke
Executive Director


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