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File Submission & Filenames:

  • Please email art files to:
  • Send all artwork as email attachments rather than embedded images in the body of the email.
  • Please do not send zip files. Our email system may strip them out as suspected malware.
  • File Naming Convention: Please include your company name, ad title, and version (if any) in the filename of your submitted artwork in the format:
    Example: StMaryCatholicBooks-ChristmasAd-002.pdf
    Note that generically named files (examples: NCR_4x4.pdf, NCR-Ad.pdf) may cause delays in your campaign.

Print Ads (National Catholic Register):

  • File Type: All ads should be sent in PDF/X-1a:2001 format.
  • All fonts and images must be embedded.
  • Flatten Transparent Objects: Flattening your ad is a very important as the appearance of an object can change when it is flattened. For example, multi layered transparent objects can flatten into muddy or less contrasting colors.
  • Resolution: All images in the file should be 300dpi for newsprint. Images from the web are usually 72dpi, and are not acceptable for print ads.
  • If borders, boxes, or lines are needed around your ad, you must include them in the artwork within the confines of the ad size (inside border). Artwork will be printed exactly as received.
  • Please do not include crop marks, bleed marks or registration marks.

Color Print Ads:

  • CMYK color: Convert all Spot colors, RGB and LAB objects to CMYK.
  • All black text should be 100% Black and not a 4 color (process) black.

B&W Print Ads

  • B&W - Convert all Spot colors, RGB, CMYK and LAB objects to Grayscale.