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Many Catholics who would enjoy the benefits of regular Register readership are unaware of our existence. A single, targeted direct-mail campaign can produce thousands of orders from this “sleeping giant” of a potential subscriber base. Pay for an appeal to proven, high-yield mailing lists and you'll directly expand the influence of the Register and its readers. (Due to skyrocketing postal rates and other increasing costs, we can commit to a circulation appeal only if we receive a minimum donation of $25,000.)


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When we bring our readers along to major events such as World Youth Day and papal travels, the expenses incurred in covering the world through the eyes of the Church are evident. Less obvious: We commission staff and freelance reporters to cover hundreds of happenings every year. Not every event is as momentous as a papal occasion. Not every item entails journalistic activities. But we believe all our exclusive content is essential reading for informed Catholics. Fund …


… a week of work by our international and domestic correspondents  


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A growing number of English-speaking members of the Roman Curia look forward to receiving their weekly copy of the Register, hand-delivered to their office. This program pays for expedited delivery to Pope Benedict's closest collaborators, giving them a weekly window into the vitality of the Church in America.


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Each time a U.S. bishop is appointed or transferred, the Register invites him to accept a gift subscription. Two thirds of diocesan leaders — the successors of the original 12 Apostles — have gratefully accepted the offer.


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New priests receive a 6-month gift subscription to the Register, beginning during their deacon year. This is a very popular program among newly ordained priests. They use it to get timely and relevant material for their homilies — and many go on to promote the Register to the people they serve.


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