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Digital Ad Specifications

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File Submission & Filenames:

  • Please email files to:
  • Send all artwork as email attachments rather than embedded images in the body of the email.
  • Please do not send zip files. Our email system may strip them out as suspected malware.
  • File Naming Convention: Please include your company name, ad title, and version (if any) in the filename of your submitted artwork in the format:
    Example: StMaryCatholicBooks-ChristmasAd-002.jpg
    Note that generically named files (examples: NCR_300x250.jpg, NCR-Ad) may cause delays in your campaign.

Digital Ads (www.NCRegister.Com and Daily Update E-Newsletter)

As of April 1, 2015, we are not able to offer animated ads (.gif / Flash) in the Top Banner (728x90) or the bottom Ad Bar (200x40), currently running campaigns excepted.  

  • File types: .jpg, .gif, .png, .swf (.swf not allowed in E-Newsletter ads)
  • Resolution: 72dpi • Max file size 60k
  • Animated GIFs (website only: Animated .gifs acceptable in all locations except the Top Banner of the website (720x90) and the Ad Bar (200x40), but are subject to review for appropriate animation, character and adjoining images on our website.
  • Animated GIFs (Daily E-Newsletter): Animated .gifs will animate properly in browser-based email systems like Gmail, but Outlook and some other client-based email systems will only display the first frame of the animation.
  • Flash Files: We accept Flash version 10.1 or lower only. We also suggest that you supply a .jpg or .gif of the same size to use as a “fallback” image for browsers and mobile platforms that cannot render Flash animations.
  • Flash Files: Proper click tracking requires the insertion of the clickTAG variable. Please see Adobe.Com's Designer's Guide for details. Without this function included, our system cannot track clicks on the ad.  Flash files can be validated for our server here.
  • We are unable to accept interactive (game-type) ads (other than a standard clickthrough) or audio / video animation that uses auto-play.

Ad Units Available at www.NCRegister.Com