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The National Catholic Register is the leading Catholic newspaper in the United States, with a long and well-respected history of being a faithful voice of Catholic news and analysis. We provide a perspective on the news of the day as seen through the eyes of the Magisterium, assisting Catholics in engaging the culture with confidence in the saving and sanctifying Gospel of Jesus Christ. After more than 80 years in print, the National Catholic Register continues to provide its readers with timely news reporting from across the United States, from the Vatican, and from around the world.

The Register is owned by the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), the world's largest religious media network. EWTN's mission is to respond to the call of new evangelization by putting the media at the service of the Gospel.


The National Catholic Register is published biweekly, 26 issues per year. Our print subscribers are mature, well-educated, and have the expendable income to make your advertising dollars count.

The majority of our subscribers buy goods and services by phone, mail, and the web, and travel frequently for enjoyment. The average age of our print subscriber is 55, and roughly 50% male/female. Half of our subscribers have grandchildren. 1/3 have children in the home with 63% attending Catholic or home schools.

Online is America's most complete and faithful Catholic news source on the web. With up-to-the-minute news, timely and informative features from our bloggers, and lively interactive discussion with readers, attracts more than 500,000 unique monthly visitors, and delivers over 1.5 million page views per month. 65% of our web visitors are over age 45, and 53% are male. Our web visitors are moderate to heavy buyers of goods and services online.

We feature several different ad sizes and placements on our website and daily email and offer affordable pricing for a dynamic online presence.

  • www.NCRegister.Com delivers over 1.5 million page views per month in English and has three 300x250px and one 7238x90px ad units available.
  • www.NCRegister.Com’s Daily Update Email is received by 37,000 opt-in email subscribers every day, and offers top banner and sidebar advertising.
  • www.CatholicNewsAgency.Com delivers over 1.3 million page views per month in English and has three 300x250px ad units available.
  • www.ACIPrensa.Com delivers over 7 million page views per month in Spanish with 70% of its coverage in the following countries:
    • Mexico 1,560,000
    • Colombia 770,000
    • United States 748,000
    • Argentina 680,000
    • Peru 660,000
    • Spain 600,000

More about our Subscribers
National Catholic Register subscribers are Catholic opinion leaders who live their faith and encourage others to do the same. Mature, affluent and especially well educated (more than a third hold graduate degrees), they are an extraordinarily responsive, involved and culturally attuned audience. They have time for entertainment, travel and both intellectual and spiritual pursuits.

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