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Pope Francis' Paradox: Evangelize Evangelicals; Is Catholic-Muslim Dialogue Possible? and More! (541)

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08/02/2014 Comment Editor & The Best in Catholic Blogging Contributor, Tito Edwards

Pope Francis’ Paradox: Evangelize Evangelicals by Andrea Gagliarducci -

Is Catholic-Muslim Dialogue Possible? Yes, But. . . – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture

Evensong & Icons: Exploring My Faith as an Oxford Student – Anna Rose Meeds, Catholic Stand

A Beautiful Birds Eye & Panoramic Video Tour of Rome – Regina Blog

Embracing Edith Stein: A Review – Bethanie Ryan, Ignitum Today

Review: The Ultimate Priest’s Gift: Super Cool Portable Altar – Fr. Z's Blog

Pope Francis & the Evangelicals – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

Cultivate True Contrition – John A. Kane, Catholic Exchange

Homosexuality & Logic of Disordered Polity, Book Review - Fr. James V. Schall SJ, The Catholic World Report

Tough Times for Catholic Adoption Agencies – Joseph R. LaPlante, OSV Newsweekly

Poverty, Justice & Christian Love – Michael Matheson Miller, Acton Commentary

The Right to Do Wrong: ‘Gay Marriage’ – Brad Miner, The Catholic Thing

Redeeming LGBTQ in Christ - Tyler Blanski, Crisis Magazine

Roots of the Culture of Death - Donald DeMarco PhD, Truth & Charity Forum

Will Anyone End Up In Hell? - Regis Martin PhD, Crisis Magazine

A Faithful Catholic Approach to Drug Policy Reform – Bob Burkett, Aleteia

14 Things Catholic Moms Want to Tell You about Themselves – Catholic Sistas

Why It’s Okay To Speak Religiously in the Face of Tragedy – Marc Barnes, Strange Notions

What Will They Think. . .in 2114? – Richard Collins, Linen on the Hedgerow

Blessed Franz Jägerstätter: Martyr-Dad – Richard Becker, Catholic Exchange

Defend Conscience Protections of Catholic Physicians, Or Lose - Quartermaster of the Barque

Prenatal Testing & Abortion - Richard Becker, Crisis Magazine

Catholicism Is a Calm Faith & Has No Need of Shrill Defenders – Fr. Alexander Lucie-Smith, The Catholic Herald

On “Knowing” & “Making” the Truth – Fr. James V. Schall SJ, The Catholic Thing

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