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Mosul Foretold, Ten Things Pope Francis Says about Evangelization, I Am and Us and Much More! (249)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

08/30/2014 Comment Editor & The Best in Catholic Blogging Contributor, Tito Edwards

Mosul Foretold by Christopher Check of Catholic Answers –

Ten Things Pope Francis Says about Evangelization – Kevin Cotter, Focus Blog

Wake Up, The Glory of the Martyrs Shines Upon You! – Rachana Chhin, Ignitum Today

The Meaning of “Intrinsically Disordered” – Arland K. Nichols, Crisis Magazine

Who Is The Master Of Our Fate? – Kevin Aldrich, Catholic Stand

Dhimmitude: Coming Soon to a Country Near You – Andrew Bieszad, One Peter 5

I Am and Us – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Our Lady of Fatima Saved Padre Pio from Death 55 Years Ago – Mary O’Regan, The Path Less Taken

A New Direction in Church Design – Michael Tamara, Crisis Magazine

Path to Freedom and Peace for Young People with Addiction – Chelsea Zimmerman, Catholic Lane

Classical Education, Freedom, and the Ordered Soul – Father James V. Schall SJ, The Catholic World Report

Bishop: Russian Orthodox Spreading Ukraine Misinformation – The Catholic Herald

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