We at the Register take seriously our responsibility to serve the Church in assisting it to catechize Catholics wrestling with a growing secular culture.

You can find examples on every page, but I want to call your attention to page B1 in this issue, our last issue before Christmas. There, we present our annual clip-out-and-share guides to “Living the Catholic Basics” and “The Why (and How) of Daily Prayer.” Both of these practical charts provide helpful tools to grow in the faith and hand it on to others.

Opportunities abound for growth in our Catholic faith. Whatever our upbringing and wherever we are in our Catholic formation, there are always new ways to grow and learn. Sometimes the teaching is new, and sometimes, as Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron of Los Angeles told the throng of laypeople, religious men and women, priests and bishops at last summer’s Convocation of Catholic Leaders, what we need is to be reminded. Those simple yet weighty words serve as an appropriate reminder on their own.

As you spend the remaining days of Advent in joyful preparation for the coming of the Christ Child at Christmas, use these guides well — and pass them along. And please know that you are all in our prayers and that we are grateful for yours.

God bless you!