I have learned never to underestimate humanity’s ability to rise above the divisive ideologies of the day and exhibit Christlike love for one other. Case in point: Our page-one story highlights the national response to relieve the flood-stricken areas of Texas due to Hurricane Harvey, one of the worst storms to hit the Texas coast in recorded history.

A Canadian priest kayaked his way through the floodwaters to bring the Gospel to stranded Texans, and a police officer carried a young mother out of danger while her young child slept on her, while people across the world offered Masses, Rosaries and Chaplets of Divine Mercy for people they didn’t even know who were in harm’s way.

Time and again, humanity’s nobility rose above the tumult.

The worst of humanity — sparked by the ideologies of politics, economics and biology — is all too often on display in our society. However, in Houston, the best of humanity — goodness, virtue, compassion and selflessness — was there for everyone to see.

And as of this writing, another large storm system — Hurricane Irma — already devastated parts of the Caribbean and was threatening the Florida coast. Please join me in continuing to pray for those affected by these and all such disasters, as well as those helping them to recover. God bless you!