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Pope Francis Will Hear Confessions This Friday (2012)

The Holy Father will celebrate the rite of reconciliation with the faithful at St. Peter’s Basilica on March 4.

03/03/2016 Comments (2)
Edward Pentin Twitter

Pope Francis goes to confession on March 28, 2014.

– Edward Pentin Twitter

VATICAN CITY — The office of Pontifical Liturgical Celebrations has announced that Pope Francis will hear confessions from the faithful at St. Peter’s Basilica on Friday, March 4.

At 5pm, the Holy Father will preside over the rite of reconciliation with individual confession and absolution of penitents, the Vatican office said.

The Pope’s participation at the penitential celebration is part of a “24 Hours of Reconciliation” initiative in Italy, which is celebrated once a year on a Lenten Friday.

Cardinals, bishops, priests and religious are invited by the Vatican to participate in the event by gathering around the Altar of the Confession inside the basilica.

Pope Francis has led several penitential celebrations during his pontificate. During one of them, celebrated on March 28, 2014, he personally went to confession.

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