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St. Padre Pio's Five Point Rule of Life; St. Toribio de Mogrovegjo: Apostle of Peru and More! (1645)

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09/01/2014 Comment Editor & The Best in Catholic Blogging Contributor, Tito Edwards

Saint Padre Pio’s Five Point Rule of Life by Sam Guzman of The Catholic Gentleman –

Saint Toribio de Mogrovejo: Apostle of Peru – Joseph F. X. Sladky, The Standard Bearers

Jesus Wept – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Pablo and Kristin’s Tips on How to Stay Married 10 Years and Then Some – Karee Santos, Can We Cana!

A Kindness to My Papi – Victoria Gisondi, Catholic Stand

Ten Children in 17 Years: An Ode to a Large Family – James Sullivan, One Peter 5

Five Books Catholic Students in College Need To Possess – Tom Perna

Spiritual Warfare: You Are a Commissioned Officer – Father Richard Heilman, One Peter 5

Taking Care of the Caregivers Among Us – Russell Shaw, The CWR Blog

Asian Believers More Central to the Christian Story – Philip Jenkins, Aleteia∝

Images Surrounding the Crucifix – Father William Saunders, Catholic Exchange

Why the Mass Is Key to the New Evangelization – Doctor Peter Kwasniewski, Views from the Choir Loft

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