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The Amazon Smear of Pro-Marriage Advocates, The Catholic Side of Disney, True Happiness, and More! (1136)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

09/05/2015 Comment

The Best in Catholic Blogging Contributor, Tito Edwards

The Amazon Smear of Pro-Marriage Advocates by Mark Bauerlein of First Things - Big Pulpit

Planned Parenthood Admits Altering Procedures to Get Better Fetal Samples – John Burger, Aleteia∝

Threats to Catholicism on College Campuses – Strahlen Smith, Catholic Stand

A.C.L.U. Legally Forces Catholic Hospital to Sterilize – Jeff Mirus Ph.D., Catholic Culture

When Jealousy Threatens Joy – Morgan McFarlin, Ignitum Today

A Synod Is Not a Council and Other Canonical Facts – David Salvato, The Catholic World Report

The Catholic Side of Disney – Anna Rose Meeds, Catholic Stand

Hell, Will Lots of People Go There? – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

Same-Sex ‘Marriages’, and Then Polygamy, and Then. . . – Fr. John Zuhsldorf, Fr. Z’s Blog

Is the Truth About Islam in Vogue? – William Kilpatrick, The CWR Blog

Pursuing True Happiness in a World Without Truth – Clifford Staples, Crisis Magazine

What Is the Evidential Argument from Evil? – Trent Horn, Strange Notions

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