Standing Firm

Your issue of Oct. 15 was excellent. The letter from Patrick Simons (“Manichean Mess”) speaks for many of us who subscribe to the Register, as does the letter from William Brown (“Exposing All Hate”).  As a faithful Catholic, I subscribe to the Register because I trust you to print the truth about what is going on in the Vatican and in the universal Church. The divisions therein are distressing. I have always followed Father Raymond de Souza’s columns, but was disappointed in his column in this issue where he suggests it is wrong to question Pope Francis’ ambiguous statements in Amoris Laetitia (Chapter 8), which the Pope purposely left open to various interpretations. And why is it wrong for the “dubia cardinals” to expect an answer from the Pope? Many of us would like an answer. 

If ever there was a time when the world needed the Pope and his bishops to stand firm for Catholic orthodoxy, it is now! God is loving and merciful, but he also demands we keep his commandments.

         Elizabeth Q. Grady

         Indianapolis, Indiana



The Oct. 15 edition incorrectly stated Pope Paul VI convened Vatican II. He reconvened it; Pope St. John XXIII convened it. And seminarian Patrick Wille, not Tille, was quoted in “US Seminaries.” The Register regrets the errors.