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Why Jesus Is God: A Response to Bart Ehrman; Jesus The Water of Life, The Little Things and More! (626)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

04/20/2014 Comment Editor, Tito Edwards

I Was a Pagan, Hedonistic, Man-Hating Feminist; Now I'm Catholic -

Why Jesus Is God: A Response to Bart Ehrman – Fr. Robert Barron, Strange Notions

Jesus The Water of Life – Don. R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Bl. John Paul Is the Reason I’m a Priest – Fr. Brendan Rolling OSB, Aleteia

Three Reasons to Garden with Your Son – John Cuddeback, Aleteia

Mother Teresa’s Little Way – David Scott, Catholic Exchange

The Littlest Things. . . – Faith-Hope-and-Life

John Paul II, Patron of the Catholic Literary Revival – Peter Mongeau, Catholic Lane

Fr. Barron: What Is The Kingdom of God? – Jean M. Heimann, Catholic Fire

Music Beautiful by Nature – Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, Views from the Choir Loft

Faculties Exams – Fr. John Hunwicke, Mutual Enrichment

Whiskey Review: South Boston Irish Whiskey – Whiskey Catholic

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