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Culture of Vocations, Happy Families, Circuminsession, FSSP in Tulsa, St. Barbara, and much more! (4551)

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04/29/2011 Comment

Tito Edwards of

F.S.S.P. Gets Own Parish in Tulsa, Near Clear Creek Monastery - Father John Zuhlsdorf, What Does The Prayer Really Say?

The Light that Scathes All Shadows - John Zmirak, InsideCatholic

Disney’s Film Tangled and the Story of Saint Barbara - Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

The Holy Trinity, Circuminsession & Happy Families - Stacy Trasancos, Accepting Abundance

The Audacity of Christ - Father Philip Neri Powell O.P. Ph.D., Domine da mihi hanc aquam!

In Search of a Healthy Imagination - Greg Pfundstein, The Catholic Thing

Creating a Culture of Vocations in Catholic Schools - Father Schnippel, Vocations

What does the Church Teach about Dialogue with Islam? - Father Alexander Lucie-Smith, Catholic Herald

Spiritual Direction is Not A One Time Emergency-Room Event - Dan Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction

A Serious Post About Women Priests - Father Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

Will & Kate: Reforming the Act of Settlement - John Whitehead, Once I Was A Clever Boy

Prop. 8 Backers Want Active Homosexual Federal Judge’s Ruling Reversed For His Bias - California Catholic Daily

This will be a continuing series from Monday through Saturday twice a day, that I will be contributing for the National Catholic Register.  This will be very similar to what you see on

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