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Bumper Sticker Wisdom: For Catholics, Too!; Letting Go of Gay: Healing the Need to Be Out and More! (383)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

07/30/2015 Comment

The Best in Catholic Blogging Contributor, Tito Edwards

Bumper Sticker Wisdom: For Catholics, Too! by John McNichol of Catholic Stand - Big Pulpit

We Christians and Jews are Bound Together by Spiritual DNA – Larry Peterson, It Makes Sense to Me

Understanding The Whole ‘Mary Thing’ – Mike Eisenbath, Catholic Stand

Contemplation Aboard the Dawn Treader – Connie Rossini, Contemplative Homeschool

More Than A Picture – Amanda Sloan, Ignitum Today

Secret to Praying Better: Do We Understand What We Are Asking? – Fr. Robert McTeigue SJ, Aleteia∝

8 Patron Saints for 8 Things Everybody Loves – John Paul Manfredi, Epic Pew

Letting Go of ‘Gay': Healing the Need to Be ‘Out’ – Deacon Jim Russell, Crisis Magazine

Understanding What Is ‘Gender Identity’ – Christopher O. Tollefsen, Public Discourse

Sex and Religion – Howard Kainz, The Catholic Thing

University of San Francisco, a Jesuit school, President Deletes Tweet Celebrating Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ – Justin Petrisek, Catholic Education Daily

Man Admits to Murder After 70 Years, Don’t Sneer a Deathbed Confession – Fr. Alexander Lucie-Smith, Catholic Herald Magazine

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