In July, the Register published a symposium looking back at the effects on Catholic universities of the “Land O’Lakes Statement,” published 50 years ago. That ill-advised statement’s professed aim was to strengthen intellectual freedom, but in reality it was a push to separate Catholic institutions of higher learning from the Church, thus weakening the very principles upon which they were founded.
As we have seen in the intervening years, many colleges and universities have supported that separation and their campuses are barely distinguishable from their secular counterparts.
And, unfortunately, many of our sons and daughters go off to what they think is a Catholic college and end up losing their faith.
However, as the Register has reported over the years, a growing number of universities are bastions of Catholic identity, where the rich intellectual tradition thrives and our sons and daughters grow in their faith and become the faithful men and women God created them to be.
The Register celebrates 34 of those schools in its 13th annual “Catholic Identity College Guide.”
I would ask you to pray that these 34 institutions continue to cultivate our children’s Catholic identity from the seeds sown at home — and that more colleges discern the call to embrace their heritage.
God bless you!