MADRID, Spain (CNA) — The Spanish Bishops’ Conference reminded the baptized of their commitment to live the faith with authenticity and to not be content with mediocrity in the Christian life.

On some occasions, the bishops on the committee for lay apostolate warned, all of the baptized “run the risk of getting used to living the faith” and “forgetting that they were grafted into the life of the Christ in virtue of the sacrament of baptism.”

They called on all Christians “not to be content with a mediocre and monotonous Christian life” and said that there is an increasing number of people who call themselves believers but do not live the faith.

The bishops’ message was delivered in a message to mark the Solemnity of Pentecost on June 12, as well as the Catholic Action and the Lay Apostolate Day.

They pointed to secularization, religious indifference and superficiality in society as some of the causes of the increase in non-practicing Christians.

The bishops also underscored that the baptized who “do not wonder about the meaning of life easily fall prey to relativism and subjectivism because, in their judgment, they are terrified at having their own beliefs and being different from others.”

Often “they worship the idols of money, pleasure and power, unconsciously drifting away from the true God and the Church that begat them in the faith,” the bishops said.

In response to this reality, they called on priests, religious and the laity to engage in a “New Evangelization” and not stand by idly waiting for the obstacles to go away.