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When Good Catholics are Bad People, When I Met Pope Francis and Saw Him Burn with Joy and Much More! (466)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

10/20/2014 Comment Editor & The Best in Catholic Blogging Contributor, Tito Edwards

When Good Catholics Are Bad People by John McNichol of Catholic Stand –

When I Met Pope Francis and Saw Him Burn with Joy - Austen Ivereigh

Different Strokes: A Matter of Style – Foxfier, Catholic Stand

The So-Called “Francis Problem” - Father Mark Pilon, The Catholic Thing

Houston Lesbian Mayor’s Inquisition of Pastors by Donald R. McClarey JD of The American Catholic –

Saint Francis and the Imitation of Christ – Ivan Gobry, Ignatius Insight Scoop

How Sinners Became Saints through Spiritual Reading – Lorraine Espenhair, Seton Magazine

Push for Paperless and Revisiting Used Book Stores – Father James V. Schall SJ, The Catholic World Report Blog

Something Is Rotten in the State of Europe by Samuel Gregg -

The Dominican Option – C. C. Pecknold, First Things

The Trailer for Exodus with Christian Bale as Moses Is Totally Epic - ChurchPOP

Ghostly Visions in the Early Church – Thomas L. McDonald, God and the Machine via Patheos

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