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Here Is What Would Really Happen if Planned Parenthood Were Defunded, Marital Fidelity, and More! (436)

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09/01/2015 Comment

The Best in Catholic Blogging Contributor, Tito Edwards

Here’s What Would Really Happen if Planned Parenthood Were Defunded: Students for Life Use Lancaster, PA, as an Example - Big Pulpit

Ten Commandments for Protestants Considering Catholicism – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

Why Do We Still Expect Marital Fidelity? – Anthony S. Layne, Catholic Stand

The Birdwatcher’s Guide to Marriage – Tyler Blanski, The Catholic Gentleman

Learning to Let Go With Saint Monica – Michele Chronister, Ignitum Today

Manliness: Perseverance – Michael Lane, Catholic Lane

Newman Society Expert: Archbishop Cordileone's Teacher Contract Affirms Catholic Values – Kimberly Scharfenberger, Catholic Education Daily

Nothing ‘Automatic’ About Sacramental Marriage – Mike Eisenbath, Catholic Lane

Hard-Hearted Hypocrisy (Mark 7:1-23) – Fr. John Bartunek L.C., Catholic Spiritual Direction

Joseph Prever’s Talk at Accompanying & Welcoming Conference: Response to Deacon Jim Russell – Janet E. Smith, The Catholic World Report

Catholic Hospital, Facing A.C.L.U. Lawsuit, Agrees to Sterilize Woman – John Burger, Aleteia∝

Pope Francis Was Peronist, and He Still Is – Sandro Magister, Chiesa

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