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'Catholic' Fashion Style? Book Review: Thirsting for Prayer; Immigrant Children and More! (326)

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07/31/2014 Comment Editor & The Best in Catholic Blogging Contributor, Tito Edwards

‘Catholic’ Fashion Style? via Regina Blog -

Book Review: Thirsting for Prayer – Stuart Dunn, Stuart’s Study

Immigrant Children: Refugees From Failed States – Fr. James Melnick, Catholic Stand

Middle Eastern Christians Face Calamity – Richard L. Russell, Crisis Magazine

The World Ended 100 Years Ago Today by Jason Jones & John Zmirak -

The Flight from Iraq – David Warren, The Catholic Thing

Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind – J. R. Baldwin, Ignitum Today

When They Set Fire to Our Monasteries – Philip Jenkins, Aleteia

Buckle Up! Riding the Marriage Roller Coaster – Joel & Lisa Schmidt, Catholic Stand

Conquest, Desecration and Phony History – Steve Weidenkopf, Catholic Answers

No More Silence About Extermination of Christians! – Fr. Martin Fox, Bonfire of the Vanities

Meriam Igrahim Arrives in Italy – The Way Out There

Meriam Ibrahim: Icon of Worldwide Christian Suffering – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Aleteia

Catholic Charity and the Modern World – Maureen Williamson, The Intelligent Catholic's Guide

Why Catholicism’s Credibility Survived the Great War – Fr. Alexander Lucie-Smith, The Catholic Herald

The Church and World War I: Echoes of the Great War – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement

How the Peace Pope Almost Ended the First World War – Philip Jenkins, Aleteia

Pope Francis: The Eucharist and Renewing Our Hearts – Catholic Lane

Can there be Mortal Sin in Voting? – Howard Kainz PhD, The Catholic Thing

Seven Steps to Beat Pornography – Fr. Matthew Schneider, Project YM

Humanity of the Comatose Denied by Inhumanity of Euthanasia – Mark Davis Pickup, Catholic Lane

Why Don’t Bishops Wear Cassocks? – Fr. Z’s Blog

St. John XXIII Say No Clapping In Church, So Stop It! (video) – Fr. Z's Blog

The Next “Hobby Lobby”: Mandating IVF Coverage – John M. Grondelski, Crisis Magazine

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