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Fatima, Mary and the Moslems; Getting to Yes: Courtship, Not Just Dating; Do You Believe and More! (351)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

05/30/2015 Comment

The Best in Catholic Blogging Contributor, Tito Edwards

Fatima, Mary, and the Moslems by Peter Howard, PhD, of Catholic Spiritual Direction - Big Pulpit

Getting to Yes: Courtship, Not Just Dating - Stephanie Patag, Catholic Lane

12 Titles of the Holy Spirit Explained! – Tatiana Federoff, Epic Pew

Is the Catholic Church a Force for Good? – Matt Nelson, Strange Notions

Catholic Writers: Stand Up for the Truth in Love – Melanie Jean Juneau, Catholic Stand

Do You Believe? – Bob Waruszewski, Ignitum Today

How Can the Catholic Church Teach Angels? - Tim Staples, Catholic Answers

Thoughts From a New Daddy – Nicholas Senz, Catholic Stand

Blessed Zélie Martin Is an Extraordinary Role Model for Young Women – Mary O’Regan, Catholic Herald Magazine

The Protohomosexual – Tyler Blanski, Crisis Magazine

Existence of and Salvation for Extraterrestrials – David L. Gray

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