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Benedict XVI: God’s Truth, Love and Goodness Are What Make Us Pure (1723)

In his homily for the ‘Ratzinger Schulerkreis’ Mass on Sunday, the pope emeritus said, ‘The word is much more than words, because it is through words that we encounter the Word himself.’

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CNA/Ratzinger Foundation

Benedict XVI says Mass at the chapel of the Vatican’s Teutonic Cemetery for his former students at their annual gathering on Aug. 30.

– CNA/Ratzinger Foundation

VATICAN CITY — When Benedict XVI said Mass on Sunday for the annual meeting of his former students, his homily focused on how God’s word frees us from the forgetfulness of a world that no longer even thinks about God.

“The truth, love and goodness which come from God render man pure; and truth, love and goodness are encountered in the word, which frees us from ‘forgetfulness’ in a world which no longer thinks of God,” the emeritus pope said Aug. 30, while saying Mass for the Ratzinger Schuelerkreis at the chapel of the Teutonic Cemetery in the Vatican.

The Ratzinger Schuelerkreis has gathered annually to discuss topics in theology and the life of the Church since 1978, shortly after their...READ MORE

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Here Is What Would Really Happen if Planned Parenthood Were Defunded, Marital Fidelity, and More! (2467)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Click on Here’s What Would Really Happen if Planned Parenthood Were Defunded: Students for Life Use Lancaster, PA, as an Example link to read more.

Here’s What Would Really Happen if Planned Parenthood Were Defunded: Students for Life Use Lancaster, PA, as an Example - Big Pulpit

Ten Commandments for Protestants Considering Catholicism – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

Why Do We Still Expect Marital Fidelity? – Anthony S. Layne, Catholic Stand

The Birdwatcher’s Guide to Marriage – Tyler Blanski, The Catholic Gentleman

Learning to Let Go With Saint Monica – Michele Chronister, Ignitum Today

Manliness: Perseverance – Michael Lane, Catholic Lane

Newman Society Expert: Archbishop Cordileone's Teacher Contract Affirms Catholic Values – Kimberly Scharfenberger, Catholic Education Daily

Nothing ‘Automatic’ About Sacramental...READ MORE

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Post-Abortive Women and Men Have Their Say (4039)

‘When I saw the tiny little limbs held up, I screamed’: Reactions to the Planned Parenthood undercover videos reveal lingering pain and desire to protect the unborn.

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CDC Jim Gathany/Wikipedie

– CDC Jim Gathany/Wikipedie

The shocking undercover videos made by the Center for Medical Progress, revealing the sale of aborted babies, have stirred up deep emotions on both sides of the issue. But for those who have had abortions, the videos are painfully personal.

Four post-abortive women and one man talked with the Register about the abortions they regret and their heartbreaking reactions to the videos.

“When I saw the tiny little limbs held up, I screamed,” said Nancy Tanner, a regional coordinator in Virginia with Silent No More Awareness. “I wanted to look away, but I forced myself to watch so I can be informed.”

Tanner was a teacher with two young children when she had an abortion in 1984. She was...READ MORE

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Purdue QB-Turned-Priest Has Heavenly Game Plan for the Faithful (6990)

Father Thomas Haan of the Diocese of Lafayette, Ind., reflects on football and faith.

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Purdue University; Kevin Cullen/The Catholic Moment

Father Thomas Haan on the gridiron as a Purdue quarterback, above, and below (far right) on the day of his ordination to the priesthood.

– Purdue University; Kevin Cullen/The Catholic Moment

After passing his way into the state record books with 3,360 yards and 41 touchdowns as a senior at Lafayette Central Catholic High School in Indiana, Thomas Haan was off to Purdue University. He was thrilled to be on a Big Ten team in the fall of 2005, but realized after his freshman season that he had a higher calling than football.

Haan transferred to the University of Notre Dame for his final two years of undergraduate study and then enrolled at Mount St. Mary’s in Emmitsburg, Md. He was ordained in June 2013 and is currently assigned as a teacher and chaplain at St. Theodore Guerin Catholic High School in Noblesville, Ind.

Father Thomas Haan spoke of his priestly calling with...READ MORE

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Catholic Practice and Catholic Faith: a Survey Looks at the US (4046)

According to a Knights of Columbus-Marist Poll, about 90% or more of practicing Catholics said it is important to pray daily, to follow the teachings of the Church, to receive the sacraments, and to attend Mass regularly.

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CNA/Rachel Titiriga via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

– CNA/Rachel Titiriga via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

PHILADELPHIA — What do practicing Catholics believe? A new U.S. survey has answered this question by breaking down the similarities and differences these Catholics have with non-practicing Catholics and with Americans as a whole.

“It should come as no surprise that Catholics who regularly attend Mass support the Church’s position in the greatest numbers,” Supreme Knight Carl Anderson of the Knights of Columbus said Aug. 26. “But to measure accurately what Catholics really believe, this survey highlights the importance of looking at the level of Catholic practice in this country when discussing Catholics’ opinions on issues.”

The survey of 1,027 U.S. adults and 222 U.S. Catholics was taken...READ MORE

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Alabama Planned Parenthood Failed to Report Teen's Suspected Rape, Report Says (1925)

Alabama has a mandatory reporting law where persons dealing with children must report to law enforcement 'when the child is known or suspected to be a victim of child abuse or neglect.'

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MOBILE, Ala. — An Alabama Planned Parenthood business did not report the suspected abuse of a 14 year-old girl who had two abortions in four months at the facility, according to findings by the state’s health department.

The teenager visited the Mobile, Ala. center twice in April 2014 and received a medical examination. According to her health history kept at the facility, she “had two living children given in separate births.”

The girl visited the center again in August. According to records from an Aug. 18 medical exam, “this was the second abortion in four months,” the health department found. However, they added, “there was no documentation in the medical record of the facility...READ MORE

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This Is Precisely Why Islam Hates Us; A Priest’s Forgotten Flock: Catholic Men and Much More! (4903)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Click on This Is Precisely Why Islam Hates Us by Elizabeth Anderson of Catholic Stand link to read more.

This Is Precisely Why Islam Hates Us by Elizabeth Anderson of Catholic Stand - Big Pulpit

Putting Planned Parenthood’s ‘Only 3%’ Claim in Proper, Moral Context – Carl E. Olson, The Catholic World Report

A Catholic Priest’s Forgotten Flock: Catholic Men – Matthew James Christoff, Catholic Stand

Our Collective Responsibility to Protect the Unborn – Matthew Hennessy, Crisis Magazine

Living the Liturgical Year Without Mass – Anne Marie Miller, Ignitum Today

Planned Parenthood Can’t Supply Enough Body Parts, StemExpress C.E.O. Says – John Burger, Aleteia∝

15 Recipes Inspired By Your Favorite Saints – Tatiana Federoff, Epic Pew

College Freshmen, Ready to Get It Right? Being Faithful and...READ MORE

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Time to Tell the Truth About Islam (5297)

COMMENTARY: The important thing about a religion, said C.S. Lewis, is not whether it makes one feel good, but whether it is true.

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– Shutterstock

The important thing about a religion, said C.S. Lewis, is not whether it makes one feel good, but whether it is true. This observation came to mind while reading a recent piece by Jesuit Father James Schall, titled “Speaking Honestly About Islam.”

Father Schall suggests that we haven’t been telling the truth about Islam because to do so violates the feel-good principle that currently rules Western societies. According to the feel-good principle, self-esteem is the highest value. And, therefore, every person, culture and religion has an inalienable right to feel good about oneself/itself.

People hew to the Islam-is-peace line because they don’t want to give offense and also because they...READ MORE

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