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'Two' Good to Be True? (2822)

Seattle Seahawks’ Luke Willson tries for second Super Bowl title in as many years in the NFL.

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Seattle Seahawks tight end Luke Willson

– Wikipedia

While many NFL players never make it to a single Super Bowl, tight end Luke Willson is in his second league championship in as many years with the Seattle Seahawks. The unusual nature of this situation is not lost on the Windsor, Canada, native, who is used to asking important questions and pondering possible answers in depth.

Willson, who was a philosophy major at Rice University, sees the many blessings he has had in his short NFL career, and he wants to make the most of them. After being taken in the fifth round of the 2012 draft, at 6 foot 5 inches tall, the 252-pounder has been part of a Seahawks squad that has posted 30 victories and seven losses and is trying for a second straight...READ MORE

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Colo. Assisted-Living Centers Defeat HHS Mandate in Court (835)

A federal court has permanently barred the Obama administration from enforcing the mandate against a group of evangelical-owned facilities.

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– sharmarvillage.com

DENVER — A federal court has permanently barred the Obama administration from enforcing the federal contraception mandate against a group of evangelical-owned senior-citizen and assisted-living centers.

“All Americans should oppose unjust laws that allow the government to force people to surrender their constitutionally protected freedom to live and work according to their deepest beliefs,” Alliance Defending Freedom senior counsel Michael Norton said Jan. 27.

Norton’s legal group filed the challenge to the federal rule on behalf of Stephen Briscoe, who owns several Colorado companies that operate senior-citizen residences, assisted-living centers and skilled-nursing facilities and...READ MORE

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Burying the Dead: A Memorial and a Pledge of Future Salvation (2311)

Connecting the Dots: The conclusion to the Register series on the corporal works of mercy.

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Wikimedia Commons

Detail 'The Works of Mercy' (1504) by The Master of Alkmaar

– Wikimedia Commons

“The body,” I was taught growing up, “is just the shoebox for the soul. What matters are the shoes, not the box. So when it’s time to go to heaven, we throw the box away.”

Along with this good dose of gnostic thinking came a certain aesthetic that regarded the human person as a ghost in a machine. Of course, I didn’t live as though I was a ghost in a machine. Nobody does, except perhaps a victim of extreme mental illness.

Practically speaking, I lived as you do: in the instinctive awareness that I am a unity of body and soul. That’s why when Susie stuck out her tongue at me when I was 4, I knew that her soul was, in union with her body, expressing the thought that I was yucky. And when I...READ MORE

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War and Peace in the 21st Century (1327)

The Church prays for an end to the conflict in Ukraine.

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Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

Women watch as Orthodox Christians stand on the beach after bathing, to symbolically wash away their sins, in the Dnieper River for Epiphany on Jan. 19 in Kiev, Ukraine.

– Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

KIEV, Ukraine — Since Ukrainian Christmas on Jan. 7, hellish scenes of cruel death have become routine in the eastern Donbass region on the Russian border.

On Jan. 25, Pope Francis’ first words before praying the Angelus concerned Ukraine. The Holy Father said, “I follow with deep concern the escalation of fighting in eastern Ukraine, which continues to cause many casualties among the civilian population. … I renew a heartfelt appeal so that efforts for dialogue can resume and an end to all hostilities” occurs.


Ongoing Warfare

Over the last few weeks, the Ukrainian military and pro-Russian forces battled back and forth for control of the Donetsk International Airport, renovated in...READ MORE

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To Parents: Keep Reading Out Loud to Your Growing Children, Catholic Social Thought and Much More! (1544)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Click on To Parents: Keep Reading Out Loud to Your Growing Children by Mark Bauerlein of First Things link to read more.

To Parents: Keep Reading Out Loud to Your Growing Children by Mark Bauerlein of First Things - BigPulpit.com

A Religious Order for Women With and Without Downs Syndrome – Donna Sue Berry, Regina Magazine

Epic Book Giveaway: Overcoming Sinful Anger - Epic Pew (ends January 29)

The E.L.C.A. and Abortion – JoAnna Wahlund, Catholic Stand

The Latest Debate Over Catholic Social Thought – Gerald J. Russello, Crisis Magazine

The Supreme Court, Marriage, and the Catholic Church - BigPulpit.com

Pope Francis: Every Threat to the Family Is a Threat to Society Itself" - The CWR Blog

The Travesty of Two Daddies – Misty, Catholic Lane

Loaded Language on “Marriage” Heads to the United States...READ MORE

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Iraqi Priests Protect Historic Christian Writings From Islamic State (1989)

Dominican Father Najeeb Michaeel rescued 1,300 manuscripts from Mosul last summer, as it was being overrun by the Islamist militants.

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A Syriac manuscript from the Monastery of St. Catherine, Mt. Sinai.

ERBIL, Iraq — Effectively exiled from his friary in Mosul by the Islamic State last year, Dominican Father Najeeb Michaeel is working to preserve Christian manuscripts through digitization, recording a memory of Iraq’s Christian past.

Father Michaeel is an Iraqi native who studied in the U.S. and founded, in 1990, the Center for the Digitization of Oriental Manuscripts to foster the collection and recording of ancient manuscripts.

Over the years, Father Michaeel has collected some 750 Christian manuscripts in order to preserve them and to make them available for study by making digital copies.

The archives of the Dominican order in Iraq are a testimony to the Christian presence in Iraq,...READ MORE

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Laywomen Launch Eucharistic Adoration Novena for the Synod (1631)

Developed by Rome-based writers Christine McCarthy and Diane Montagna, the novena will take place on the first Thursdays of nine consecutive months, beginning Feb. 5.

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Facebook/Eucharistic Adoration Society for Synod on the Family 2015

– Facebook/Eucharistic Adoration Society for Synod on the Family 2015

ROME — Possibly not since the Second Vatican Council has the Church faced such a crucial gathering of prelates as the upcoming synod on the family.

Issues central to the life of the Church and society will be discussed at the meeting in October, particularly concerning marriage, and Pope Francis has strongly urged the lay faithful to pray it proceeds according to the Lord’s will.

For this reason, two laywomen living in Rome have founded the Eucharistic Adoration Society for the Synod on the Family 2015.

Christine McCarthy, the author of a book of prayers and meditations for Eucharistic adoration, entitled I the Lord Am With You Always, and journalist and writer Diane Montagna are...READ MORE

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Bishops Praise Supreme Court Examination of Death-Penalty Protocols (764)

They hope the review ‘will lead to the recognition that institutionalized practices of violence against any person erode reverence for the sanctity of every human life.’

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WASHINGTON — Several bishops in the U.S. have welcomed the Supreme Court’s decision to re-examine death-penalty protocols and have called for the abolition of the death penalty.

“We pray that the court’s review of these protocols will lead to the recognition that institutionalized practices of violence against any person erode reverence for the sanctity of every human life. Capital punishment must end,” Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston, who chairs the U.S. bishops’ pro-life activities committee, said Jan. 27.

Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami, who chairs the committee on domestic justice, said recent executions have shown “how the use of the death penalty devalues human life and...READ MORE

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