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Pope to French Catholics: Speak Out for Marriage (2161)

'In society's key debates, the voice of the Church must make itself heard ceaselessly and with determination,' the Holy Father said.

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VATICAN CITY — As France’s Socialist government pushes to legalize “gay marriage,” Catholics must continue to strongly and consistently bear witness to the teachings of Christ, Pope Benedict XVI said.

“In society's key debates, the voice of the Church must make itself heard ceaselessly and with determination,” he said, praising the “rich Christian history” of France, which “cannot be ignored or diminished.”

Pope Benedict made his remarks in a Nov. 17 address to a group of French bishops on their ad limina visit to Rome. 

His address came as French President Francois Hollande’s cabinet continues to push ahead with legislation that would legalize same-sex “marriage” and allow same-sex...READ MORE

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Vatican Dismisses Maryknoll Priest From Order (4976)

After repeatedly spurning Church attempts to encourage reconciliation, Roy Bourgeois has been dispensed canonically from the priesthood and religious life.

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Former Maryknoll priest Roy Bourgeois

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VATICAN CITY — The Vatican canonically dismissed Roy Bourgeois from the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers on Oct. 4 for disobedience and preaching against Church teaching on women's ordination.

The decision, made by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, dispenses him from both the bonds of priesthood and religious life.

On Aug. 8, 2008, Bourgeois preached a homily at the simulated ordination of a woman to the Catholic priesthood. His participation in the simulated Mass led him to be automatically excommunicated.

“With patience, the Holy See and the Maryknoll Society have encouraged his reconciliation with the Catholic Church,” said a statement from the Maryknoll Society Nov....READ MORE

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Judge Grants HHS Mandate Injunction to Bible Publisher (2593)

In its decision, the court cites the ‘pervasive’ presence of Christian principles, prayer and activities at Tyndale House Publishers.

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WASHINGTON — A federal court has granted an injunction protecting Protestant Christian Bible publisher Tyndale House Publishers from the Department of Health and Human Services' mandate that requires it to provide insurance coverage for abortion-causing contraceptives.

U.S. district Judge Reggie Walton said Nov. 16 that the mandate “affirmatively compels the plaintiffs to violate their religious beliefs in order to comply with the law and avoid the sanctions that would be imposed for their noncompliance.”

The judge, an appointee of George W. Bush for the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, said the government has not proven that mandating Tyndale provide the coverage...READ MORE

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Lighting the Spark Plug of Grace (2375)

Pope Benedict XVI’s personal theologian highlights a key issue for the Year of Faith.

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Dominican Father Wojciech Giertych

– OP.org

The Pope’s theologian, Dominican Father Wojciech Giertych, is eager that one aspect of faith be recovered in this Year of Faith: the understanding of how a life of faith begins. In this rare interview with Register correspondent Edward Pentin in Rome earlier this month, Father Giertych explains why he would like to see a restoration of this understanding, and why he believes this is crucial if the current Year of Faith is to bear full fruit.

As well as serving as the Pope’s theologian, Father Giertych teaches theology at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome.


What are your reflections on the importance of this Year of Faith?

In 1967, Paul VI declared the Year...READ MORE

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Cardinal’s Light-Hearted E-mail on Clericals, Beautiful Requiem Mass at Pantheon, and More! (2667)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

11/20/2012 Comment

Cardinal Bertone's Light-Hearted Explanation on Clerical Garb. Follow the link by Fr. Z to read more.

Cardinal Bertone's Light-Hearted "Explanation" on Clerical Garb by Fr. ZBig Pulpit

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Beautiful Requiem Mass at Pantheon for Departed Souls of House of Savoy – Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

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Dorothy Day, a Bohemian who Believed in Free...READ MORE

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Bono Thanks Vatican for Helping With Debt Forgiveness (7572)

Without Pope John Paul II’s intervention, the rock star says, the international debts of impoverished nations wouldn’t have been canceled.

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VATICAN CITY — The famous U2 vocalist Bono traveled to the Vatican Nov. 16 to thank the Church for its work to free the world's least developed countries from their foreign debt, enabling them to invest in education.

On Friday, Bono spent nearly an hour speaking with Cardinal Peter Turkson, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, according to Vatican Radio.

In 2000, the Church was an important backer of the “Drop the Debt” campaign, which coincided with the Church's Jubilee Year. Bono was one of the leading figures in the campaign, and he is known for his activism on behalf of the world’s poorest people.

Drop the Debt was an effort to persuade first-world nations...READ MORE

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Hurricane Sandy Efforts Move From Relief to Recovery (2512)

People in hard-hit areas continue to work to rebuild their lives.

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A woman searches through donated shoes at a relief center set up in a parking lot in the Midland Beach neighborhood of Staten Island.

– Andrew Burton/Getty Images

CAMDEN, N.J. — Dioceses in the mid-Atlantic are starting to move their Hurricane Sandy relief efforts to a focus on recovery, 18 days after the storm first touched American soil.

“This weekend, we're going to make the pivot from relief to recovery. ... Relief is a shorter-term proposition,” said Kevin Hickey, executive director of Catholic Charities of Camden, N.J.

“Its length really depends on the scale of any given disaster. ... Recovery is, first of all, long term.”

In a Nov. 16 interview with Catholic News Agency, he said relief efforts in Camden, N.J., involved the setting up of “two disaster-distribution points to handle relief supplies to get them out and into communities as...READ MORE

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Jesus Christ Is Constant in Transient World, Pope Says (1529)

The Holy Father's Nov. 18 angelus

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VATICAN CITY — At the Sunday Angelus prayers at the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI said that the Sunday Gospel about the passing of the world is a reminder that Jesus Christ is the focus and source of all creation.

“Everything passes, but the word of God does not change, and each of us is responsible for his behavior before it,” Pope Benedict said from his window in St. Peter’s Square Nov. 18. “It is upon this that we shall be judged.”

Jesus does not act as a visionary who gives forecasts and dates, the Pope explained. Rather, he wants to show his disciples “the right path to walk on, today and tomorrow, to enter into eternal life.”

The Pope emphasized the centrality of Jesus in his...READ MORE

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