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When a Student Has ‘2 Mommies’ (10771)

Boston Decision Raises Questions About Catholic Schools’ Response to ‘Alternative Families’

05/20/2010 Comments (29)
Jagrap/Flickr Creative Commons

– Jagrap/Flickr Creative Commons

BOSTON — When headlines announced last week that a Boston Catholic school had denied admission to a student because his parents were lesbians, the Boston Archdiocese scrambled to contain the damage.

The superintendent of Catholic schools, Mary Grassa O’Neill, insisted there had been a mistake and vowed to locate another parochial school for the child. The executive director of the Catholic Schools Foundation warned that subsidies would be withheld from any school that discriminated against such students.

The quick turnaround earned approval from homosexual-rights groups, media commentators and many local Catholics in Massachusetts, where same-sex couples can legally “marry.”

Privately,...READ MORE

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It’s an Ogreful Life (5840)

Movie Review: Shrek Forever After Celebrates Marriage, Family — and Bathroom Humor

05/20/2010 Comments (1)
Shrek Forever After ™ & © 2010 DreamWorks Animation LLC. All Rights Reserved.

IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE? As Fiona (Cameron Diaz) sleeps peacefully, Shrek (Mike Myers) has trouble doing so in DreamWorks Animation's Shrek Forever After, which releases May 21.

– Shrek Forever After ™ & © 2010 DreamWorks Animation LLC. All Rights Reserved.

One month ahead of Pixar’s 3-D conclusion to the Toy Story trilogy, here is DreamWorks’ 3-D conclusion to the Shrek trilogy. Okay, technically it took DreamWorks four films to complete their Shrek trilogy. But I think we can agree that Shrek the Third was an unfortunate detour best forgotten, a failed “threequel” that lacked even the modicum of heart that ultimately held the first two films together.

Shrek Forever After is the sequel that should have followed Shrek 2. I don’t suppose they’ll be able to leave Shrek the Third out of the eventual boxed edition, but when Shrekkies (or is it Shrekkers?) sit down to watch the series, I bet the tendency will be to skip Shrek the Third.


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Missal Guidance System (8466)

Bishops, Pastors, Laity Ready Themselves for New Mass

05/19/2010 Comments (12)
CNS photo/Archbishop Terrence Prendergast

The new English translation of the Roman Missal is seen at its presentation to Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican April 28. The new English edition is a translation of the Latin edition promulgated by Pope John Paul II in 2002. The new translation, which a dheres more exactly to the Latin, took eight years to produce.

– CNS photo/Archbishop Terrence Prendergast

Ready or not — and Church officials are urging the former — the new English translation of the Mass is on its way to parishes across the country.

The Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship approved the new translation of the Roman Missal March 25. Now, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops will decide when to authorize its use, a debut many believe will come in Advent 2011.

That means Catholics who haven’t been to Church in a while may be in for a shock that Christmas when Mass is celebrated with different words, including substantial changes to the introductory rites, the creeds and the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

For every-Sunday Catholics, however, the bishops’ conference is...READ MORE

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Remembering an NFP Champion (4573)

Richard Wetzel Challenged Popular Culture's Perspective on Sexuality

05/18/2010 Comments (2)

Family and friends honored Dr. Richard Wetzel, 52, author of two Sexual Wisdom books that champion the Catholic Church’s teaching on sexuality, at funeral Mass yesterday in Costa Mesa, Calif.
Wetzel had been battling stage-4 metastatic kidney cancer for three years. He died May 8.

J.T. Finn, founder of Pro-Life America, memorialized, “Richard had a burning passion for Christ, for families, for our country and for our youth. He was truly a great Catholic gentleman … a man of faith, a man of courage, a man of conviction and dedication.”

Wetzel grew up in southern California. He came from a Catholic family, but by the time he headed off to medical school, he had broken with the Catholic...READ MORE

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Population Control in the Philippines (8907)

Wrangle Over New Legislation Rolls on After Election

05/17/2010 Comment
REUTERS/Rouelle Umali

Leading presidential candidate Senator Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino (r) with running mate Senator and vice-presidential candidate Mar Roxas, answer questions during a news conference in Tarlac City, north of Manila May 14, 2010.

– REUTERS/Rouelle Umali

MANILA — It is 6pm in Greenbelt, one of Manila’s high-end shopping malls. Elsewhere, commuters are stopping off for an after-work coffee or browsing through the array of boutiques next door to the chapel. But right in the middle of the mall, a dome-shaped, partially open church is packed for evening Mass — one of four celebrated there each day. Passers-by genuflect or bless themselves, laying down their shopping as they pause on their way.

Out of 92 million people, 85% of Filipinos (78.2 million) are Catholic, and the country is well known for eye-catching displays of public devotion. During the election season, daily vigils and prayer services were held all over the country. Inside the...READ MORE

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Carrying the Fire (5990)

Arts & Letters: Cormac McCarthy’s The Road

05/16/2010 Comments (4)

Cormac McCarthy's The Road, published by Vintage, won the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

Modern life is fragile. Knock out the electricity, and life suddenly becomes much simpler and more complicated all at the same time. Take losing power during a snowstorm or other severe weather, for instance. With thickening beards and cold stoves, skills once considered quaint take on premium value. If you know how to cook over an open fire, you will be a hero to those poor souls who will be otherwise scraping peanut butter jars.

That fragility is described to the extreme in Cormac McCarthy’s 2007 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Road. It travels through a world of ashen devastation, left prostrate after some unspecified apocalyptic disaster. Walking down this road, the reader encounters...READ MORE

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The Kagan Hearings: Grill, Baby, Grill (4000)

05/14/2010 Comments (4)
CNS photo

NOMINATED. President Barack Obama announces Solicitor General Elena Kagan as his nominee for Supreme Court justice May 10 in the East Room of the White House.

– CNS photo

Barack Obama wanted to be a transformative president. One way he is doing so is by the kinds of appointments he has been making.

So the nomination of Elena Kagan as a justice of the Supreme Court bears close scrutiny. At age 50, she could serve on the court for decades, leaving a legacy for good or for ill for generations to come.

Kagan, whom Obama nominated May 10, would if confirmed be the first Supreme Court justice in 40 years to come to the high court without prior judicial experience. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though the lack of a “paper trail” makes it a little more difficult to know how such a nominee would vote in cases that come before the court.

We do know from other...READ MORE

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Canadian Pro-Life Students Face Expulsion (3612)

05/14/2010 Comments (3)
University of Calgary

– University of Calgary

Eight Canadian university students face expulsion for mounting a pro-life display with pictures of Nazi and Armenian genocides alongside photos of abortion.

The University of Calgary had previously convinced police to charge some of the same students with trespassing, but prosecutors stayed charges on the eve of trial last fall.

So when the pro-life club remounted the Genocide Awareness Project’s graphic series of images in a high-traffic area on campus early in April, as they have each semester for five years, school administrators initiated an “internal misconduct” process against eight club members that could see them expelled.

“I am extremely disappointed in my university,” Leah...READ MORE

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