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Baby Claire Hits the Jackpot! (24795)

Dramatic Intervention Reverses Late-term Abortion

02/24/2010 Comments (40)
Photos courtesy of Jamie Stout

Jamie Stout and her newborn daughter Claire rest after Claire's birth. Below, from left, Pam Caylor, Jamie Stout and Marina Cortopassi discuss the events that led up to Stout's daughter's rescue.

– Photos courtesy of Jamie Stout

UPDATE, Feb. 24, 2010

Today biggest winners in Las Vegas surprised everybody and are causing quite a bit of excitement. 

“Baby Claire arrived a little early — just a little while ago!” a thrilled Pam Caylor, executive director of First Choice Pregnancy Services, said today. “She and her mommy are doing great!”

Claire’s mom, Jamie Stout, had originally planned a late-term abortion but was urged by Caylor and ultrasonographer Marina Cortopassi to reverse Step 1 of the three-step abortion process and carry her daughter to term.

“Marina kept trying to get through to me,” Stout said. “She wouldn’t let up. ‘We can work this out,’ she said. ‘You’re going to show...READ MORE

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‘Men in Black’ Belong in the Combox (3092)

‘Priests Online’ — A Register Experts Forum, Part 6

02/24/2010 Comments (1)

“Priests should use the Internet to evangelize more.” That’s what Pope Benedict’s World Communications Day message says. “But how?” That’s the question many priests have. The Register asked some experts. This is part six in a series.

It’s a buzz question these days: “What are we doing to use the Internet for evangelization?”

In his World Communications Day message, the Holy Father encourages us to keep asking it, as he calls us to be “leaders of communities” and “faithful witnesses to the Gospel” online.

But how? Blogs, viral videos, embedded links, feeds … it’s a whole new language and skill set that is, quite frankly, still overwhelming to so many of...READ MORE

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Remembering a World War II Death Trap — and a Miraculous Rescue (9284)

02/23/2010 Comments (11)

Sister Mary Beata Mackie on the way to the Philippines in 1937.

Sixty-five years ago today, U.S. Marines iconically raised the American flag atop Mt. Suribachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima.

And 65 years ago today, hundreds of miles to the south, my aunt walked to freedom.

Sister Mary Beata Mackie spent over three years in a Japanese internment camp in the Philippines during World War II. Like most of the more than 2,100 others in the camp, she was malnourished and emaciated in the end.

Sister Mary Beata was one of 53 Maryknoll Missionary Sisters caught in the invasion of the Philippines after Pearl Harbor.

Most of the internees had to be carried out of the camp they were so weak.

Their liberation was possibly the most incredible airborne rescue...READ MORE

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‘Get Rid of the Website’: Advice to Ignore (5000)

‘Priests Online’ — A Register Experts Forum, Part 5

02/23/2010 Comments (2)

“Priests should use the Internet to evangelize more.” That’s what Pope Benedict’s World Communications Day message says. “But how?” That’s the question many priests have. The Register asked some experts. This is part five in a series.

Eleven and a half years ago, when I first was appointed director of vocations for my diocese, I remember some advice that a brother priest gave to me regarding a vocations website my predecessor had started just a few months earlier. This priest whom I admire greatly said to me, “Get rid of the website — you don’t need gimmicks to attract future priests.”

Fortunately, even though I respected that priest a lot, I ignored his advice.


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Brain Scans Disprove ‘Vegetative State’ Diagnoses (3937)

02/22/2010 Comments (1)
Courtesy Medical Research Council

SHEDDING NEW LIGHT. Adrian Owen of Cambridge University led a research team that used an MRI to find that a significant number of people diagnosed as being in a persistent vegetative state responded to biographical questions.

– Courtesy Medical Research Council

CAMBRIDGE, England — When a Belgian-British research team began to suspect that many brain-damaged patients are misdiagnosed by medical practitioners, they used brain scans to establish two-way communication with a significant number of patients.

The findings were reported recently in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Though there are differences between the study group and the case of Terri Schindler Schiavo, the American woman starved and dehydrated to death by court order in 2005, Catholic ethicists and, indeed, Schindler Schiavo’s own family say the study raises similar ethical issues about the value of human life.

The study is the work of the Impaired Consciousness Research...READ MORE

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Social Media Evangelization: 18 Ways (15416)

‘Priests Online’ — A Register Experts Forum, Part 4

02/22/2010 Comments (6)

“Priests should use the Internet to evangelize more.” That’s what Pope Benedict’s World Communications Day message says. “But how?” That’s the question many priests have. The Register asked some experts. This is part four in a series.

Pope Benedict defined social media as the new agora. He encouraged priests to engage in cyberspace and to blog with priestly hearts.

Some priests had been waiting eagerly for this endorsement: Their fingers were itching to jump on this amazing phenomenon. Many, however, might read all these new noise about social media and ask themselves cyber-what?

They’re not alone. Eighty percent of organizations will build their social media presence...READ MORE

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Bill Donohue's War Stories (2895)

02/21/2010 Comments (1)

Culture warrior Bill Donohue’s manifesto on the perils of liberalism includes a tip of the hat to an unlikely group.

“The Marxists, although completely wrong, at least had a game plan,” he observes in Secular Sabotage: How Liberals Are Destroying Religion and Culture in America. “They were not anarchists happy to search and destroy everything in sight.”

Secular Sabotage is Donohue’s argument against the many-headed anti-Christian forces of the country. The book recounts the battles he has fought with various people, organizations, government agencies and, most painfully, Catholic individuals and organizations.

Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil...READ MORE

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Crisis on Catholic Campuses? Absolutely! (7693)

02/19/2010 Comments (18)

Lately there has been much discussion — and confusion — about a new study of Catholic college students, showing dramatic declines in faith practice and fidelity after four years at certain Catholic colleges and universities.

Debate has centered on the question asked on the Register’s website: “Is There a Catholic Education Crisis?”

Of course there is. And the new report from Georgetown University’s Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) reveals the worst news yet about the state of Catholic higher education.

CARA’s study of 34 colleges and universities finds that, while 16% of Catholic students become more pro-life by graduation from a Catholic institution,...READ MORE

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