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EWTN Pitches in to Aid Tornado Victims (2274)

05/20/2011 Comment

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (CNA/EWTN News) — The Eternal Word Television Network, in cooperation with Bishop Robert Baker of Birmingham, is reaching out to help victims of the devastating tornadoes that hit Alabama.

Michael Warsaw, the network’s president and CEO, and other staff members will join Bishop Baker, along with the Knights of Columbus and local churches, to serve breakfast to tornado victims in Pratt City’s Scott School May 23. After the breakfast, they will distribute $70,000 worth of new clothes.

“Many of us in the EWTN family living in Alabama watched our friends and neighbors lose everything they had in the destructive tornadoes that hit the southeastern United States,” Warsaw said...READ MORE

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On Sex Abuse, the Buck Stops With the Bishops (3467)

News analysis: The Vatican confirms that bishops bear ultimate responsibility for dealing with clerical perpetrators. A recent scandal sheds some light on how that responsibility is being carried out.

05/20/2011 Comments (3)
CNS photo/Paul Haring

Cardinal William Levada, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, arrives for a Mass with new cardinals in St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican in this Nov. 21, 2010, file photo. The doctrinal congregation has written a letter to all bishops' conferences around the world about preparing policies and guidelines for dealing with cases of clerical sexual abuse of minors.

– CNS photo/Paul Haring

WASHINGTON — Bishops have the ultimate responsibility when it comes to dealing with sexually abusive priests.

That reality was affirmed this week by Cardinal William Levada, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

The American cardinal, who holds the position long held by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, issued a “circular letter” to bishops “to assist episcopal conferences in developing guidelines for dealing with cases of the sexual abuse of minors perpetrated by clerics.”

Cardinal Levada confirmed that the bishop should meet personally with abuse victims. The letter noted that “responsibility for dealing with cases of sexual abuse of minors belongs, in the first place,...READ MORE

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20 & Engaged, Christians Outrank Pop Stars on Facebook, Legit General Absolution, and much more! (2673)

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05/20/2011 Comment

Christian groups outrank pop artists on Facebook.

Twenty and Engaged - Elizabeth Hanna, Crisis Magazine

Facebook Pages on Christianity Outrank Pop Stars in User Activity - Catholic News Agency

Priests, Abuse, & the Meltdown of a Culture - George Weigel

A Look at the T in LGBT - Austin Ruse, The Catholic Thing

When General Absolution is Legitimate - Richard Collins, Linen on the Hedgerow

Solzhenitsyn Christian Faith - Joseph Pearce, Ignatius Insight

Imagining Jesus as a Bartender & Other Egregious Effects of Bad Music - Lorraine Murray, The Integrated Catholic Life™

The Role of Conscience: Vocation of Catholic Health Care Professionals - Brother Ignatius Perkins O.P., Catholic Lane

Using Light Bulbs For Votive Candles? - Cody C....READ MORE

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SDG Reviews 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' (8855)

Fourth film offers more Jack Sparrow, more religious themes and more innuendo.

05/20/2011 Comments (12)
CNS photo/Disney

Johnny Depp, center, stars in a scene from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The Motion Picture Association of America rating is PG-13: parents strongly cautioned. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.

– CNS photo/Disney

Was Catholic novelist Tim Powers’ 1987 historical fantasy-adventure novel On Stranger Tides in some way the inspiration, or an inspiration, not only for this fourth Pirates of the Caribbean flick, but for the whole Pirates franchise?

Powers’ fans noted striking connections eight years ago, when The Curse of the Black Pearl made its debut: Like the novel, there were sailors’ tales about a dreaded pirate ship crewed by the undead and glimpsed only at night and an impoverished hero forced to turn pirate in order to save a heroine — named Elizabeth — who has been kidnapped by pirates. Powers’ novel even featured a boozy hero named Captain Jack S. (not Sparrow, but a different two-syllable...READ MORE

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You Need Facial Hair to be a Catholic Apologist, Lord of the Rings & Education, and much more! (3431)

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05/20/2011 Comments (1)

The beauty in Catholic art is well depicted by El Greco's painting of Saint John the Baptist.

“I Am Not Worthy to Unfasten the Sandals of His Feet” - Reginaldus, New Theological Movement

You Need Facial Hair to be a Catholic Apologist - LarryD, Acts of the Apostasy

Paul Ryan & Archbishop Timothy Dolan on Catholic Social Teaching & Budget - Black Adder, The American Catholic

Lord of the Rings & Christian Education: Developing the Human Person - Andrew Seeley

New Vatican Instruction on TLM & the Impact It’s Likely to Have in the U.S. - Joseph O’Brien, Our Sunday Visitor

The Power of Generic Public Prayer - Terry Mattingly, Get Religion

ACLU: Cover Up that Cross! - Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Report

Breaking Stained Glass Windows - John Zmirak, Crisis Magazine

The Three...READ MORE

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Why Catholics Are Right, Popular US Pilgrimages, The Order of Sts. Cyril & Methodius, and more! (3266)

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05/19/2011 Comment

These brothers, the Apostles of the Slavs, were born in Thessalonica, in 827 and 826 respectively. Though belonging to a senatorial family they renounced secular honors and became priests. Evangelized the Slavs and even created an alphabet for them.

Why Catholics Are Right - Michael Coren, The Catholic Thing

Popular Pilgrimage Destinations for Catholics in the United States - Mary De Turris, Our Sunday Visitor

The Order of Saints Cyril & Methodius - John Whitehead, Once I Was A Clever Boy

Monarch Profile: Queen Christina of Sweden - MadMonarchist, The Mad Monarchist

U.S.: Shocker, Univ. of Notre Dame Elects Pro-Abort Trustee - Thomas Peters, Catholic Vote/ American Papist

ESPN’s Big Gay Ghosts - Brad A. Greenberg, Get Religion

Celibacy Does Not Explain Priestly Abuse, Says Report -  David Gibson, Catholic Herald

. . .Russell Shaw: Abuse Report Raises Two Big Questions. . .

. . .Father C. J. McClosky III: Reactions to the John...READ MORE

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U.S. Bishops and Clergy Sex Abuse: Another Round (6924)

A new John Jay report outlines a recipe for disaster that began in the 1960s — and confirms a decline in sex abuse by clergy. Same-sex attraction was not a major role, the report says.

05/19/2011 Comments (22)
CNS photo/Bob Roller

Members of the U.S.-based Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, or SNAP, are interviewed by members of the media outside the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops headquarters in Washington May 18. The bishops unveiled the long-awaited study on the causes of sexual abuse committed by American priests.

– CNS photo/Bob Roller

WASHINGTON — Amid fresh allegations of a clergy abuse “cover-up” in Philadelphia, and urgent preparations for a review of the 2002 Dallas Charter on sexual abuse, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops released a comprehensive report that challenged popular judgments about the causes of the clergy sex-abuse crisis.

Compiled and written by researchers from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, “The Causes and Context of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests in the United States, 1950-2002,” the second report produced by John Jay investigators, concluded that just 5% of clerical predators exclusively targeted prepubescent children and thus could be described as...READ MORE

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Pope St. John I, Jesus vs. Oprah, Church Shopping, Clergy Abuse Report, St. Venantius, and more! (3202)

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05/19/2011 Comment

St. John I, Pope and Martyr, fought the Arian heresy.

Pope Saint John I, an Easter Pope & Foundation of Ecclesial Communion - Reginaldus, The New Theological Movement

Jesus’ Second Coming Vs. Oprah’s Last Show - LarryD, Acts of the Apostasy

Church Shopping - Elizabeth, Startling the Day

Untroubled Hearts (John 14:1-12) - Father John Bartunek, Catholic Spiritual Direction

Saint Venantius, Martyr - Catholic Lane

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How to Save Europe - The Catholic Knight

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Clergy Abuse: Love the One You’re With? - Terry Mattingly, Get Religion

Do Women Have a Role in the Liturgy & in...READ MORE

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