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Peer Pressure and Lot's Wife, Satan's Code Words, What Is Heroic Virtue and Much More! (2173)

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01/03/2013 Comment

Peer Pressure and Lot’s Wife. Click on the link by Saint Etheldreda’s Place to read more.

Peer Pressure and Lot’s Wife - Saint Etheldreda’s Place

Satan’s Code Words by Jason of The Roman Road blogsBig Pulpit

What is “Heroic Virtue”? – Fr. Z’s Blog

Lady Chapel of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne, Australia – Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

Manuel Sanz Domínguez, Restorer, Martyr – New Catholic, Rorate Cæli

Consecration to Jesus through Mary (DeMontfort) For Priests – Fr. Matthew J. Albright, Homiletic & Pastoral Review

Absentee Fathers and the Newtown School Shooting – Russell Nieli, Public Discourse

Conceived in Rape: I Did Not Deserve Death Penalty for Father’s Crime – Ben Johnson, LifeSiteNews

The Queen James ‘Gay’ Bible – Katherine Infantine, First...READ MORE

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Reaching Out in Hope, From Her Mother’s Womb (3644)

A photograph of a baby grasping a doctor’s finger goes viral, providing compelling visual testimony to the full humanity of unborn children.

01/03/2013 Comments (5)

Baby Neveah reaches out from her mother’s womb to grasp a doctor's hand.

– Facebook

In this video, Phoenix television station KTVK reports on a compelling picture of a baby reaching out from her mother’s womb to grasp a doctor’s hand during a C-section delivery.

The photo of the baby was taken by her father, Randy Atkins, while his wife, Alicia, was delivering their daughter with the assistance of medical staff at a Phoenix hospital.

The impact of the photo is striking testimony to the full humanity of children in the womb. It has gone viral on the Internet, and the awestruck parents named their daughter Nevaeh, or “Heaven” spelled backwards, after witnessing the event.

And according to KTVK, “Even the hospital staff told her parents there's something almost...READ MORE

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Pope Chooses New Auxiliary Bishop for Atlanta (2011)

Bishop-designate David Talley, a convert to Catholicism, has served previously as the archdiocese’s vocations director, chancellor and judicial vicar of the metropolitan tribunal.

01/03/2013 Comment
Archdiocese of Atlanta

Bishop-designate David Talley

– Archdiocese of Atlanta

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI has named Atlanta priest Msgr. David Talley, a convert to Catholicism, as the newest auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Atlanta.

Atlanta Archbishop Wilton Gregory said Jan. 3 that he announced the appointment “with great joy.”

“The Holy Father has selected a wonderful member of this zealous local presbyterate for the episcopacy, and I know that he will bring all of his many gifts and talents to this new office,” he said in a statement.

The archbishop called the appointment “a generous expression of the esteem that the Holy Father has for this local Church and an obvious recognition of and an invitation for our continued growth and development as...READ MORE

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Chicago Bishops: Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Would Be Damaging for Illinois (3020)

Cardinal Francis George and the six auxiliary bishops of Chicago issue a letter highlighting the flaws associated with an Illinois proposal to redefine marriage.

01/03/2013 Comments (4)

– Wikipedia

CHICAGO — Cardinal Francis George and the six auxiliary bishops of Chicago have warned that a proposal to recognize homosexual “marriage” in Illinois is against the common good and will force Illinoisans to “pretend to accept something that is contrary to the common sense of the human race.”

“Civil laws that establish same-sex 'marriage’ create a legal fiction. The state has no power to create something that nature itself tells us is impossible,” the bishops said in a Jan. 1 letter.

Cardinal George has sent the letter to every priest in the Archdiocese of Chicago, asking that the letter be distributed in parish bulletins this weekend.

Illinois state Sen. Heather Steans and state...READ MORE

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The Vatican’s New Point Man on Sexual Abuse (6893)

Father Robert Oliver, a canon-law expert from the Archdiocese of Boston, will deal with serious canon-law offenses by clergy, including allegations of sexual abuse of minors.

01/03/2013 Comments (7)
Brotherhood of Hope

– Brotherhood of Hope

BRAINTREE, Mass. — Pope Benedict XVI has appointed a widely respected canon lawyer from the Archdiocese of Boston to the key Vatican post of promoter of justice for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF).

In that capacity, Father Robert Oliver will be charged with ensuring that Church law is followed carefully and with equity — most notably with respect to the high-profile area of clergy sexual abuse of minors.

Currently assistant for canonical affairs to Boston’s vicar general, Father Oliver enjoys a stellar reputation among his fellow American canon-law specialists.

J.D. Flynn, canon lawyer and chancellor for the Archdiocese of Denver, called Father Oliver an...READ MORE

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Iranian Pastor’s Christmas Arrest Worries Religious-Liberty Advocates (2291)

The Christian, who spent nearly three years in an Iranian prison for his religious conversion, was reportedly rearrested contrary to a previous agreement.

01/03/2013 Comments (1)

Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani during his first prison incarceration.


TEHRAN, Iran — A Christian pastor who spent nearly three years in an Iranian prison for his religious conversion was reportedly arrested again on Christmas Day, contrary to a previous agreement.

“Iran has historically cracked down on the Christian community over the Christmas season; this year was no exception,” said Tiffany Barrans, international legal director at the American Center for Law and Justice, which has been monitoring the case of Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani.

Barrans told CNA on Jan. 2 that, through the timing of the arrest, “the barbaric regime wanted to send a strong message that no Christian is beyond reach of its persecution.”

Nadarkhani was initially arrested in 2009...READ MORE

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The Disgrace of Papal Blessing for Ugandan Homophobia, The N. F. P. Generation and Much More! (3474)

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01/03/2013 Comments (1)

The Disgrace of Papal Blessing for Ugandan Homophobia. Follow the link by Marc Barnes to read more.

The Disgrace of Papal Blessing for Ugandan Homophobia by Marc Barnes of the Bad Catholic blogBig Pulpit

The NFP Generation – Mary C. Tillotson, Ignitum Today

How Same-Sex Marriage Suffocates Freedom - Bryce J. Christensen, Crisis Magazine

John B. Tabb: America’s Forgotten Priest-Poet – E. L. Core, Catholic Lane

The Traditional Latin Mass in the Archdiocese of Toronto and Suffragan Dioceses – Rorate Cæli

Orwell’s Misreading of Evelyn Waugh – Matthew Walther, First Things/On The Square

Three Kings—No, Forty—No, 60? Rethinking the Magi – Kathy Schiffer, Patheos/Seasons of Grace

On Drama and Perfection, Subjectivity and Objectivity – Saint Etheldreda’s Place

The Character...READ MORE

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Christ Was Born 2013 Years Ago! Josephus Was Wrong; India's Christian Untouchables and More! (2045)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

01/02/2013 Comment

Christ Was Born 2013 Years Ago! Chronology of Josephus Was Wrong. Follow the link by Dr. Taylor Marshall to read more.

Christ Was Born 2013 Years Ago! Chronology of Josephus Was Wrong by Dr. Taylor MarshallBig Pulpit

India’s Christian Untouchables – Peter Limieux, Catholic Near East Welfare Association

Work-Ethic vs. the Cell Phone and Computer; Stealing and Lying – Saint Etheldreda’s Place

What Is The Cause of the Crisis in the Church? – Catholic in Brooklyn

Apple’s Icons and Windows Into Heaven: Iconography in 21st Century – Tristyn Bloom, First Things/First Thoughts

The Passion of Consumerism – Ramblings of a Byzantine Catholic

Our Future Is in Your Hands – Dappled Things

The 2013 Atlanta Catholic Business Conference – Deacon Mike Bickerstaff, Integrated Catholic Life™

Bishop...READ MORE

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