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Fr. McGivney and the Knights of Columbus, Learning Latin, Coptics, Broadway Liturgy, and much more! (2914)

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10/14/2011 Comment

Father McGivney and the Knights of Columbus. Click on the link by Ed McNamara to learn more.

Ten Things Catholic Catechists Should Know - Emily Stimpson, Our Sunday Visitor

Vote! Catholic Poll for U.S. President - The American Catholic

Father McGivney and the Knights of Columbus - Pat McNamara, Patheos/In Ages Past

Learning Latin: A Great Adventure - Scott Olsson, Cowboys-Philosophers-and-Poets

Pope Condemns Massacre of Copts in Cairo - Cindy Wooden, Catholic Herald

Egypt Riots Reveal Brutal Reality Behind ‘Arab Spring’ - Benjamin Mann, Catholic News Agency

Fr. Greiche: Egyptian Military Responsible for the Massacre - Rafic Greiche, Ilsussidiario

Broadway Liturgy - Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

An Assessment of the Secular Philosophy of Steve Jobs - Msgr....READ MORE

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Actor Brings St. John Vianney to Life on EWTN (3465)

Patron saint of parish priests' own words showcased in new program.

10/14/2011 Comment

SAINT SPEAKS. St. John Vianney, patron of parish priests, comes to the small screen in EWTN’s Vianney Speaks, which uses his own words from his sermons and prayers.


Leonardo Defilippis wears many hats well.

He is an acclaimed actor, producer and director of award-winning films and videos, including the feature-length Thérèse; he is also the founder and president of Saint Luke Productions and Luke Films, which will celebrate their 30th anniversary on Oct. 18, the feast of St. Luke.

Defilippis’ latest production is the made-for-television program Vianney Speaks, which is co-produced with EWTN and premieres on EWTN on Oct. 14 and 15.

Vianney Speaks grew out of Vianney, Defilippis’ highly praised play about the life of St. John Vianney, the patron of parish priests. Defilippis has performed it for more than 100,000 people, from prelates to prisoners....READ MORE

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Vatican Adult Stem-Cell Research Partnership Gains Momentum (1951)

U.S.-based NeoStem is pleased to collaborate on promising, ethical discoveries.

10/14/2011 Comment

– Shutterstock

The Vatican’s adult stem-cell venture with a U.S. biopharmecutical firm continues to gain momentum since the partnership between the two was announced in June.

The move shows how “the Catholic Church is not against science, that we support ethically acceptable research, and that we want to foster this knowledge and spread it globally,” Father Tomaz Trafny of the Vatican’s Council for Culture told CNA on Oct. 12.

“We also want people to understand that in joining forces we can really bring benefit to humanity,” he said, noting that the endeavor “is the first time we’ve entered into so deep a collaboration with an outside company.”

On June 16, the Vatican announced before the global media...READ MORE

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Obama Administration Defunds Bishops' Migration and Refugee Services Work (5854)

Grant funding cut to the USCCB's campaign against human trafficking after ACLU challenge related to the Church's opposition to abortion and contraception.

10/14/2011 Comments (7)

WASHINGTON (EWTN News/CNA)—The Obama administration has cut funding for the U.S. bishops’ campaign against human trafficking, which had been challenged by the ACLU for avoiding contraception and abortion.

Sister Mary Ann Walsh, director of media relations for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, said there was “no reason given” by the Department of Health and Human Services for rejecting the conference’s application for a new grant at the end of September.

She said the bishops’ Migration and Refugee Services work had previously been “well regarded.”

However, in a Sept. 29 letter to the U.S. Catholic hierarchy, Archbishop Timothy Dolan had warned that the administration was “requiring...READ MORE

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Alcoholism Drives Man Beyond 12 Steps and Into the Church (6711)

John Garcia shares his journey of healing.

10/14/2011 Comments (28)
Courtesy of John Garcia

John W. Garcia, founder of Sober for Christ, says Catholics who are alcoholic need more than the 12-step program.

– Courtesy of John Garcia

John W. Garcia, known as “Johnny” to his friends, has seen the dark side of life. The 39-year-old California native came from an abusive home and sought to alleviate his pain through alcohol. He soon found that as his drinking increased so did his suffering.

Garcia’s attempts to overcome alcohol and eventual drug abuse included Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, inpatient and outpatient treatment centers, more than 10 medications and psychotherapy. He had periods of sobriety but also many relapses, never finding true contentment.

Garcia even found that some of the means proposed for his benefit actually made things worse, including the medications he was given. His breaking point came in...READ MORE

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Ukrainian Catholic Church and Theopolitics, Franco and Spain, Christopher Dawson, and much more! (3375)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

10/14/2011 Comment

Franco, Spain and Catholicism. Click on the link by George Conger to learn more.

The Loss that Led Us to Mother Church - Siri Abrahamson, Catholic Herald

19 Words Every Catholic Should Know - Emily Stimpson, Our Sunday Visitor

Putinism and the Ukrainian Catholic Church - Tim Kelleher, First Things/On the Square

Franco, Spain and Catholicism - George Conger, Get Religion

October Catholic Presidential Poll - The American Catholic

Democracy in Peril: Egypt’s Handling of Coptic Unrest - Anthony Billingsley, MercatorNet

The Brittleness of Islam - Mark Shea, Patheos/Catholic and Enjoying It!

Remembering Christopher Dawson: Who Are You? - Brad Birzer, TIC

Can Christians Not Be Religious? - Fabiola Garza

Catholic Politicians who do Nothing to Stop Abortion - Fr....READ MORE

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Young Catholic Inspired by the Pope's Fortitude During World Youth Day Storm (5758)

In the midst of rainstorm at the Madrid prayer vigil, 27-year-old recalls, 'We were not afraid at all because we could see that the first one who was serene was the Holy Father. He transmitted a lot of serenity, a lot of calmness.'

10/13/2011 Comment
World Youth Day Facebook page

Rain and wind didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the young people or the Pope in Madrid at the WYD prayer vigil this summer.

– World Youth Day Facebook page

ROME (EWTN News/CNA)—As thunder, lightning and wind whipped through the World Youth Day prayer vigil this past August, Pope Benedict XVI was advised to leave the event three times. But he insisted that if the young people stayed, then he would too.

The revelation comes from a young Honduran woman who stood next to the Pope throughout the event.

“The masters of ceremony were asking him if the wanted to leave because it was raining; it was pouring, and the wind was really strong. And he kept on saying that he would not leave. In fact, he twice waved his finger saying, ‘No, no, no’,” 27-year-old Erika Rivera told EWTN News.

The advisers then asked a third time if the Pope wanted to...READ MORE

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Rhyming Lives: How to Be Jesus' Disciple (2285)

Oct. 9 issue column: Mary is Jesus’ greatest disciple. She shows us not what Jesus would do, but what a disciple of Jesus would do. Her life is not identical to Jesus’ life, but, rather, rhymes with Jesus’ life. Jesus calls us to follow him; Mary shows us what following him looks like. So do the saints.

10/13/2011 Comments (3)

– Facebook

Jesus calls us to rhyme our lives with his, just as the New Covenant rhymes with the Old.

In past years, the WWJD (“What Would Jesus Do?”) phrase has become popular in some circles. It’s well intended and, to be sure, sometimes we are indeed to do what Jesus would do. So, for instance, when somebody sins against us, we must forgive them as Jesus would. When somebody is hurting, we must comfort them as Jesus would. When somebody is hungry, we must feed them as Jesus would.

But we must also remember that we are not Jesus. We are his disciples. We are to be like Jesus. We cannot be Jesus, and, therefore, we cannot always do what Jesus does.

We cannot, for example, multiply loaves and...READ MORE

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