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‘Why I Chose a Catholic College’ (3793)

Catholic Identity College Guide '10 Feature

09/09/2010 Comments (2)

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Why do students chose a Catholic college or university? Here is what some students attending schools listed in our College Guide have to say.

Casey Balok, a senior majoring in theology at Ave Maria University in Ave Maria, Fla., “really wanted to learn more about the Catholic faith. My catechesis was not good growing up. Our CCD classes were not what they should have been. I kept coming across these questions I knew I should know the answers to, but didn’t.

“I was raised in a very loving, generous family. My priority was always God first, then school. So I knew at an interfaith school I couldn’t grow and flourish. I wanted to go someplace that could help me grow in my faith.”

She finds her...READ MORE

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A Brand-New Medieval Monastery…in Wyoming? (7695)

Growing Order of Carmelite Monks to Build a Spiritual Oasis in Western Wilderness

09/08/2010 Comments (8)
McCrery I Architects

– McCrery I Architects

Powell, Wyo. — Father Daniel Mary of Jesus Crucified is fond of saying that his Carmelite community doesn’t have a vocations shortage. Rather, it has a housing shortage.

That may begin to change when Father Daniel Mary’s Monks of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel celebrate Holy Thursday next year.
On the same day the Carmelite monks commemorate the Last Supper with a breaking of the bread, they hope to break ground on a magnificently designed French Gothic monastery.

It not only will help a community bursting at the seams with vocations, but also will include hermitages, a Carmelite convent and a retreat center.

“This is going to strengthen the whole Church in America and be...READ MORE

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Choosing a Catholic College (2305)

09/07/2010 Comments (4)
Circle Press' National Catholic Register’s College Guide.

Circle Press

– Circle Press' National Catholic Register’s College Guide.

See the Register’s Catholic Identity College Guide ’10 in the Sept. 12 issue, which includes the Catholic Identity Questionnaire results from 32 Catholic colleges and universities. It’s easy and inexpensive to subscribe to the Register.

Editor’s note: The following introduction to The National Catholic Register’s 2010 College Guide, a new 192-page, full-color book from Circle Press, serves as the Sept. 12’s publisher’s note and editorial.

Choosing a college is one of those defining moments in life. If you’re someone who values a school’s Catholic identity, this book will help you choose wisely. But first you need to understand why you need this guide. Your own personal history is soon to...READ MORE

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Parents Can Teach Chastity to Their Teens (Believe It or Not!) (4454)

A Register Series on Young Catholics and Youth Ministry, Part 2

09/07/2010 Comments (3)
CNS photo

– CNS photo

Studies indicate that teen sexual activity dwindles in the summer and then increases in the fall as school reconvenes and teens spend more time together. That’s why as the school year gets under way, one topic that should be included among discussions of class schedules, textbooks and sports equipment at the dinner table and in Catholic schools is the “why” and “how” of living chastity in our secular culture.

When I appeared on the now-extinct “Sally Jessy Raphael” television program years ago, Sally told me that my work speaking to young people about chastity was “like holding a cup underneath a waterfall.” But, in fact, today the majority of young people in the U.S. are not sexually...READ MORE

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Coastal Retreat (2753)

Catholic Travel: Connecticut Island Hosts Retreats for Families

09/06/2010 Comments (3)
James Carmody

SPIRITUAL SOLACE. St. Edmund's Retreat on Enders Island off of Mystic, Conn., provides spiritual refreshment and relaxation.

– James Carmody

About 100 yards from the mainland, it seems worlds away. The beautiful gardens, soothing vistas of water and sailboats and Our Lady of the Assumption Chapel create a spiritually enriching, 12-acre oasis off of the southeastern coast of Connecticut. St. Edmund’s Retreat on Enders Island in Mystic, Conn., is a place of such serene beauty that one cannot come away from the island without a sense of refreshment, spiritual and otherwise.

“When people come to Enders Island, they are looking for something. Sometimes they are looking for God; sometimes they’re looking for peace; sometimes they’re looking for something they can’t even articulate,” says Father Thomas Hoar, the director of St....READ MORE

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Frontline Faith (3212)

Catholic Content for Sacrament-Starved Troops

09/05/2010 Comments (7)
2009 CNS photo/Adrees Latif, Reuters

Lance Cpl. James Harris, with the 2nd Battalion 2nd Marines from Camp Lejeune, N.C., is silhouetted at dawn during an operation in the Garmsir district of Helmand Province, Afghanistan, Dec. 23.

– 2009 CNS photo/Adrees Latif, Reuters

When radio-show host Cheri Lomonte heard that some American Catholic troops went months without the Eucharist, she was not only appalled — she was energized.

“I just couldn’t believe, at this crucial time, they wouldn’t have a priest,” said Lomonte, who hosts “Mary’s Touch,” heard on more than 80 stations in the U.S. “There are over 300,000 Catholics serving in the U.S. armed forces and just 280 chaplains. Some of them, especially those serving in the field, have little to no access to a priest, the sacraments or even the understanding and support of fellow Catholics.”

Putting her media smarts and contacts to work, the Lakeway, Texas, mother of six put together a package of Catholic...READ MORE

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Knights of Divine Mercy Battle the Culture (3847)

09/04/2010 Comments (13)
Knights of Divine Mercy

HOLY KNIGHTS. The Knights of Divine Mercy share the pro-life message in a public way.

– Knights of Divine Mercy

Father Rick Heilman may be known for his spiritual direction on Relevant Radio’s “The Inner Life” show, but he’s also on a mission to raise up an army of men that God can use — men who are in a state of grace, Eucharistic-centric, and submissive to his will.

Since he founded the Knights of Divine Mercy in 2006 at his parish communities of Pine Bluff and Mt. Horeb, Wis., in the Diocese of Madison, the group has grown to more than 300 “knights,” drawing 80 to 100 men regularly from hundreds of miles around to First Friday meetings, and is poised to go national.

The group’s mission involves building up the spiritual strength of men, training them in the skills of successful moral living,...READ MORE

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Behind the Mexican Court Decision on Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ (3282)

Most Mexicans Oppose Controversial Approval

09/03/2010 Comments (19)
CNS photo/Alejandro Acosta, Reuters

People supporting Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez of Guadalajara, Mexico, pray outside the cathedral in Guadalajara Aug. 22. The Mexican Supreme Court recently upheld the legality of same-sex couples adopting children and rebuked Cardinal Sandoval, who accused the 11 judges of being bribed by the mayor of Mexico City and international organizations.

– CNS photo/Alejandro Acosta, Reuters

Mexico City — Although Mexico is a traditionally Catholic country with strong family values, recent legislative and court decisions have given a strong boost to the homosexual-rights agenda.

Opposition by bishops and Church leaders has led to a secondary controversy, highlighting the deep rift between church and state in Mexico, and causing accusations to fly from both sides of the divide.

Mexico City’s left-leaning mayor, Marcelo Ebrard, signed the first same-sex “marriage” bill into law on Dec. 21, 2009. The law stated that same-sex “marriages” can be legally performed in the capital city, with a provision stating that these couples may also legally adopt children.

Loosely defined...READ MORE

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