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Sticking to Its Guns (2761)

Canadian Government Refuses to Include Abortion in Foreign Aid

05/07/2010 Comments (1)
2005 CNS photo by Paul Jeffrey

Women attend a workshop on breast-feeding at a Catholic Relief Services-supported clinic in Prey Pkosh, Cambodia, in August 2005. The workshop is part of a program that seeks to lower Cambodia's high maternal and infant mortality rates by monitoring the health of pregnant women, teaching safe birthing practices and encouraging new mothers to breast-feed and have their infants vaccinated.

– 2005 CNS photo by Paul Jeffrey

OTTAWA — Canada’s Conservative government has declared that its new foreign-aid initiative for maternal and infant health will contain no funding for abortions in the Third World.

After announcing the initiative three months ago as part of the G8 nations’ commitment to development in the Global South, the government has been attacked by opposition Liberals constantly because the plan excluded abortion.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton even weighed in at a G8 meeting with the comment that abortions would save women from deaths during childbirth.

After sending mixed signals at first, the government, led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, remained silent until last week, when...READ MORE

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Secrets Pave the Road to Action Hero’s Redemption (10028)

Movie Review: Iron Man 2

05/06/2010 Comments (11)
Francois Duhamel / Industrial Light & Magic

IT'S COMPLICATED. Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) in ‘Iron Man 2.’

– Francois Duhamel / Industrial Light & Magic

His suit may be iron, but he’s still got feet of clay. Tony Stark may not be the same narcissistic jerk he was at the beginning of Iron Man two years ago, but that doesn’t mean he’s someone completely different either. The road to redemption is seldom so straight as that.

There’s a scene in Iron Man 2 in which Tony makes an extraordinary effort (extraordinary for him) to patch up a quarrel with his long-suffering personal assistant Pepper Potts. “Did you bring me strawberries?” she asks with only vestigial incredulity, and so, of course, we know that she’s allergic to strawberries. Tony, though, sees the silver lining: “I am getting better at this — I knew there was a...READ MORE

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Asian ‘Gendercide’ Migrates to North America (6959)

05/06/2010 Comments (2)

WEIGHING THE CHOICE. A newborn baby is put on a scale at a hospital in Suining, southwest China's Sichuan province September 14, 2007. Sex-selective abortions mean newborn boys now outnumber girls 8 to 5 in one Chinese city, the official Xinhua news agency said, as Beijing pledged another crackdown on its stability-threatening gender imbalance. The problem of sex-selective abortion has been showing up among Asian communities in North America.


OTTAWA — In some parts of North America, it’s a big deal; in others, just a dirty little secret.

Gendercide is the clever term newly coined by The Economist for the abortion over the years of between 80 million and 100 million more female unborn babies than males in Asia.

While the British magazine’s March 4 story was mainly focused on the negative socioeconomic impact of a 20% deficit in child bearers in places such as China and northern India, it noted that the problem exists among Asian-American populations as well.

But while American states and the U.S. Congress contemplate laws against the practice, Canadian doctors mull protocols.

Now a medical professor and a medical...READ MORE

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Talking ‘Babies’ (4247)

Q&A With Director Thomas Balmès

05/05/2010 Comments (1)
Focus Features

LIFE 4 BABIES. Babies takes us to four corners of the world into four households that welcome four babies with love and joy.

– Focus Features

Opening on Mother’s Day weekend, Babies, from French director Thomas Balmès, documents the first year in the life of four babies from four different corners of the world: Mongolia, Namibia, San Francisco and Tokyo. Balmès, who lives in Paris with his wife and three children, discussed his film over the phone with me. (Babies is reviewed in the May 9 issue of the Register.)

Your film was pitched as “a wildlife film with babies.”
I don’t call it myself a wildlife film. That was the idea of the producer. To me, a wildlife documentary is in a way the opposite of what I try to do. A wildlife documentary just describes a way of living of animals. This film hopefully is more than...READ MORE

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Border Fight (3493)

Murdered Rancher Who Helped Immigrants Spurred on Arizona Law

05/05/2010 Comments (14)
CNS photo/J.D. Long-Garcia, Catholic Sun

PROTESTING. Protesters hold their hands up in prayer May 1 during a demonstration against Arizona's new immigration law outside the state Capitol in Phoenix.

– CNS photo/J.D. Long-Garcia, Catholic Sun

DOUGLAS, Ariz. — Ambushed by a suspected drug smuggler on March 27 as he worked an isolated corner of his 35,000-acre cattle ranch, Robert Krentz became the symbol of the violence that illegal border crossing is inflicting on the people who live along Arizona’s border with Mexico.

The Cochise County rancher’s murder galvanized public support for S.B. 1070, the Arizona Senate’s tough anti-illegal immigrant bill. Public outrage at the shooting was enough to win the bill a majority in both houses of the Arizona Legislature and receive Gov. Jan Brewer’s signature, which transformed it into the state’s controversial new law.

That supporters of the legislation selected Krentz as a...READ MORE

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Legacy for Life (2892)

National Prayer Campaign Begins in Memory of Cardinal O’Connor

05/04/2010 Comments (1)
1999 CNS file photo

– 1999 CNS file photo

NEW YORK — On the 10th anniversary of the death of Cardinal John O’Connor, a National Prayer for Life Campaign was launched in tribute to the cardinal’s strong pro-life legacy as archbishop of New York for 16 years.

The prayer campaign was announced by current New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan at a memorial Mass for Cardinal O’Connor offered May 3 in St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

“It is very fitting that we begin on this, the 10th anniversary of the cardinal’s death,” said Archbishop Dolan before leading the congregation in reciting the newly composed prayer near the end of Mass. The prayer campaign is sponsored by the Sisters of Life, the religious community founded by...READ MORE

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Helping American Catholics Learn the New Missal (4006)

05/04/2010 Comments (2)
CNS photo/Paul Haring

The new English translation of the Roman Missal is seen in Rome April 29. The translation more exactly adheres to the Latin edition promulgated by Pope John Paul II in 2002. It took eight years to produce.

– CNS photo/Paul Haring

Msgr. Anthony Sherman puts on his thickest Brooklynese when talking about preparing people for the forthcoming translation of the Roman Missal.

“Don’t do nuttin,’ ” he says in tones reminiscent of “The Sopranos.” “But make sure you do sometin.’ ”

Msgr. Sherman will be doing plenty during the next several months as he directs training workshops for priests and diocesan leaders on implementation of the Roman Missal.

The Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments issued its formal approval of the new English translation of the Roman Missal April 28. Americans could be hearing and using the new translations in Advent 2011.


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Art and the Shroud of Turin (6972)

“Arts & Letters”: Reflections on the Body, the Face and the Person of Jesus

05/02/2010 Comment
La Venaria Reale, Turin

Giovanni Bellini's Lament over the Dead Christ, usually on display at the Vatican Museums, is among the works featured at the Turin exhibit.

– La Venaria Reale, Turin

Born in New Jersey in 1946, Msgr. Timothy Verdon is an art historian with a Ph.D. from Yale University. For the last 40 years, he has lived in Italy and is a priest in Florence, where he directs the Florentine Diocesan Office of Sacred Art and Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage. He teaches at the Stanford University Study Center in Florence as well as the Facoltà Teologica dell’Italia Centrale.

More than 150 artistic masterpieces — by Correggio, Titian, Paolo Veronese, Tintoretto, Annibale and Ludovico Carracci, Guercino, Donatello and Rubens, as well as Michelangelo’s magnificent wooden crucifix from Florence — are currently on display in Turin through Aug. 1 at an exhibit organized by...READ MORE

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