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Sudan on the Verge of a Vote (3733)

Bishop Gassis provides backgrounder for historic referendum on independence for the south.

12/29/2010 Comments (1)
CNS photo/Paul Jeffrey

A girl carries her sibling on her back in Pisak, a village in Southern Sudan's Central Equatoria state.

– CNS photo/Paul Jeffrey

Bishop Macram Max Gassis, 72, shepherds the Diocese of El Obeid, the largest of nine dioceses in Sudan.

The war-ravaged country, 10 times the size of Great Britain, is divided religiously and ethnically between the largely sub-Saharan African and Christian south and the Arab Muslim north, which wields power from the capital in Khartoum.

Until the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement halted a long civil war, more than 2 million Sudanese died as the north savaged the south. Bishop Gassis himself was forced into exile for testifying about Khartoum’s depredations before the United Nations, the U.S. Congress and the European Union. Since the Comprehensive Peace Agreement took effect, he...READ MORE

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Catholic Radio Making an Impact (7985)

The numbers prove it: Listeners return to church because of what they hear.

12/28/2010 Comments (25)
CNS photo/Bob Roller

Jeff Abbas, manager of KPVL-FM radio station in Postville, Iowa, is pictured during a live broadcast in 2009 in the studio. Catholic and other religious organizations hope low-power stations like KPVL will grow in number.

– CNS photo/Bob Roller

RENO, Nev. — New survey results on the effect of Catholic radio show what Catholic radio operators have long known: The medium is having a positive impact on listeners, their parishes and the Church.

The survey, conducted in November by MBA students at John Paul the Great Catholic University on behalf of the Immaculate Heart Radio network, showed that just over half the survey respondents are more active in their local parishes as a direct result of listening to Catholic radio.

“The results are overwhelming,” said Doug Sherman, founder and president of Immaculate Heart Radio, which broadcasts on 24 stations throughout the American Southwest. “We knew we were having an impact on people …...READ MORE

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Knights Were Not Silent (4767)

When the Knights of Columbus couldn’t display a manger scene on town property, they took their case to the Supreme Court. The result affected crèche displays nationwide.

12/24/2010 Comments (6)
Courtesy of the Knights of Columbus

Father Brian Gannon (l) blesses the 2010 Trumbull Nativity display flanked by a Knights of Columbus honor guard.

– Courtesy of the Knights of Columbus

TRUMBULL, Conn. — For the 15th straight year, the Knights of Columbus unveiled a crèche on the Town Hall green in the town of Trumbull, Conn., Dec. 19.

Fifteen years ago, it wasn’t as simple as it is today.

The Trumbull crèche became a national test case, and the Knights’ victory at the U.S. Supreme Court allowed groups to display Nativity scenes at Christmas on public property throughout the United States.

Bridgeport, Conn., Bishop William Lori, supreme chaplain of the Knights, was scheduled to preside at this year’s ceremony, but he was among those travelers stranded by severe weather in Europe.

In his place, Father Brian Gannon, pastor of St. Theresa Church in Trumbull, blessed the...READ MORE

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Chaplains Ignored in DADT Repeal Debate (3624)

Congress didn't heed the voices of many of those in the military, especially military chaplains. Here's what they think.

12/24/2010 Comments (7)
CNS photo/Larry Downing, Reuters

President Barack Obama signs the Don't Ask Don't Tell Repeal Act of 2010 into law at the U.S. Department of Interior in Washington Dec. 22.

– CNS photo/Larry Downing, Reuters

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s signature Dec. 22 on the bill repealing the U.S. military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy portends ominous consequences for the armed forces’ morale and fighting effectiveness.

That’s according to people who opposed reversing the Clinton-era compromise on military prohibitions on homosexuality dating back to the earliest days of the U.S. armed forces. (U.S. Navy prohibitions against immoral conduct were penned by John Adams in the mid-1770s.)

The new policy of allowing homosexuals in the military to be open about their same-sex lifestyles, they warn, also threatens the religious freedom of military chaplains. About 3,000 chaplains serve in the armed...READ MORE

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Hospital Stripped of ‘Catholic’ Seal (4695)

Bishop Olmsted tells the Register of St. Joseph’s ‘many other violations’ of Church teachings, where a nun last year approved an abortion.

12/22/2010 Comments (24)
CNS photo/ J.D. Long-Garcia, Catholic Sun

Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix addresses members of the media and chancery staff during a Dec. 21 press conference at the Diocesan Pastoral Center. The bishop said he has spent seven years trying to get St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix to comply with Church teachings on abortion, sterilization and birth control.

– CNS photo/ J.D. Long-Garcia, Catholic Sun

PHOENIX — St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix can no longer be considered Catholic.

That is the decision Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix announced Tuesday.

Citing seven years of vain attempts to get the institution to comply with Church teachings on abortion, sterilization and birth control, Bishop Olmsted said in an interview with the Register, “What I’ve tried to do is make clear at the present time I cannot assure them St. Joseph’s Hospital is following the ethical directives of the Catholic Church.”

St. Joseph’s administration responded that the bishop’s declaration will not change how it does its work or its claim to be Catholic.

The president of St. Joseph’s, Linda Hunt, said in a...READ MORE

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Abortion: Ireland Stands Firm (3333)

Irish pro-life activists tell us why they’re optimistic that Thursday’s European court ruling won’t let abortion in the back door.

12/22/2010 Comments (9)
REUTERS/Vincent Kessler

Judges of the European Court of Human Rights enter the plenary room of the court in Strasbourg, June 30.

– REUTERS/Vincent Kessler

STRASBOURG, France — A European court’s ruling regarding abortion laws in Ireland is not binding on the country, pro-life groups in Ireland say.

Yes, last Thursday’s ruling of the European Court of Human Rights is an attack on Ireland’s national sovereignty, they assert.

The court ruled Dec. 16 in the case of three Irish women — known as A, B and C — who sued the Irish state, where abortion is illegal except in instances where the mother’s life is at grave risk. The three, who traveled separately to the United Kingdom to have abortions, argued that a section of the Irish constitution which “acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the...READ MORE

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So You Say You Want a Soul Mate … (5091)

Chastity educator Jason Evert offers his advice on finding the right one.

12/21/2010 Comment

Jason Evert, one of the nation’s best known and most successful Catholic chastity education speakers, is releasing a new book, How to Find Your Soul Mate Without Losing Your Soul.

The book, five years in the making, is a compilation of advice he has offered to young women to help them navigate their single years. It is the first book Evert has co-authored with his wife, Crystalina.

In 13 years of chastity speaking, more than a million teens have heard Evert present and defend the Church’s teachings on sexuality, marriage and family-life issues. The experience has been life-changing for many, including Khymanie Usher, a 19-year-old college student at the University of Belize.

Six years...READ MORE

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Vocations Under the Christmas Tree? (6378)

2 children’s books help plant the seeds that find fruition in the priesthood and religious life.

12/20/2010 Comments (3)

Where do our priests and nuns come from? From our heavenly Father, who blesses us with them and calls us to them, of course.

But religious vocations need support — just as any more secular vocation does. Vocations need to be introduced into the lives of children. Most children are introduced to the possibility of later being firefighters and astronauts — or absolutely stunning at everything she does, that’s Barbie — at an early age. But what about women religious and priests?

Into that breach steps Elizabeth Ficocelli, a New York City-born mother and author (of books like The Imitation of Christ for Children) living in Ohio and convert to Catholicism. This year she has penned the...READ MORE

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