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Putting the Catholic (and Theology) in College (2687)

Catholic Identity College Guide '10 Feature

09/11/2010 Comments (5)

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What’s the importance of a Catholic college education?

It helps students and graduates weather the storms of today’s secular culture, say university educators from Catholic institutions featured in the Register’s Catholic Identity College Guide.

Recently, Kansas City, Kan., Archbishop Joseph Naumann wrote in his archdiocesan paper: “To paraphrase the Gospel: What does it profit a person to gain a prestigious degree and lose one’s soul in the process?”

As a parent himself, Derry Connolly, co-founder and president of John Paul the Great Catholic University in San Diego, Calif., asks parents considering a college, “What are you prepared to do to...READ MORE

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To Russia With Nuns (3910)

Budding Religious Community Seeks to Re-Evangelize Vladivostok

09/10/2010 Comments (3)
Courtesy of Father Daniel Maurer.

Father Daniel Maurer distributes Communion at the mission of Most Holy Mother of God Church in Vladivostok, Russia.

– Courtesy of Father Daniel Maurer.

RAYTOWN, Mo. — Although Christianity can now be freely practiced in Russia, the effects of more than 70 years of communist rule have left a deep wound on the spirituality of Russians.

Forty percent of Russians are baptized, yet less than 1% attend church. Drunkenness is a common problem, as is abortion and the abandonment of children. The average Russian woman has seven to eight abortions in her lifetime.

The problems are significant, and in some places, the Church has limited resources for re-evangelization.

But in the Kansas City, Mo., area a recent development may have far-reaching effects in at least one part of Russia. A new community of sisters has been launched in the Diocese of...READ MORE

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The Faith of the New Orleans Saints (2423)

NFL Team Co-Owner Keeps an Eye on the Business — and the Outside

09/09/2010 Comments (2)

Rita Benson Leblanc celebrates another Saints' victory with her grandfather, owner Tom Benson.

– Reuters

Rita Benson LeBlanc is part owner and executive vice president of the New Orleans Saints. She is the granddaughter of Tom Benson, the principal owner of the Saints, who open the new NFL season tonight against the Minnesota Vikings.

LeBlanc, whose grandfather bought the team in 1985, leads the business operations of the Saints, with responsibilities that include overseeing all sales and marketing efforts, the club’s community and youth programs, game-day entertainment and stadium operations. She represents the club at NFL Ownership Meetings, where she chairs the league’s Employee Benefits Committee and serves on the NFL International Committee.

In addition to her responsibilities with the...READ MORE

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Scientist at Center of Stem-Cell Storm Once Made Science Her God (2962)

09/09/2010 Comments (2)
2008 CNS photo/Sandy Huffaker

An embryologist removes frozen embryos from a storage tank at the Smotrich IVF Clinic in La Jolla, Calif., in this 2007 file photo. One of the scientists trying to block President Obama’s expansion of human embryonic stem-cell research says it diverts federal funding from scientifically promising adult stem-cell research to risky human embryonic stem-cell research studies.

– 2008 CNS photo/Sandy Huffaker

Theresa Deisher, the Seattle researcher at the center of a legal battle to stop President Obama’s expansion of human embryonic stem-cell research, used to think all the human embryonic tissue the biotech industry was using came from miscarriages.

Until one day a colleague demanded, “How can you be so gullible?”

“It wasn’t out in the open then like it is now,” says Deisher, whose participation in a lawsuit by Advocates International and the Christian Medical Association was crucial in securing an injunction temporarily halting federal funding for new human embryonic stem-cell research last month.

Deisher and Boston researcher James Sherley are the plaintiffs in a suit against the federal...READ MORE

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‘Why I Chose a Catholic College’ (3749)

Catholic Identity College Guide '10 Feature

09/09/2010 Comments (2)

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Why do students chose a Catholic college or university? Here is what some students attending schools listed in our College Guide have to say.

Casey Balok, a senior majoring in theology at Ave Maria University in Ave Maria, Fla., “really wanted to learn more about the Catholic faith. My catechesis was not good growing up. Our CCD classes were not what they should have been. I kept coming across these questions I knew I should know the answers to, but didn’t.

“I was raised in a very loving, generous family. My priority was always God first, then school. So I knew at an interfaith school I couldn’t grow and flourish. I wanted to go someplace that could help me grow in my faith.”

She finds her...READ MORE

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A Brand-New Medieval Monastery…in Wyoming? (7516)

Growing Order of Carmelite Monks to Build a Spiritual Oasis in Western Wilderness

09/08/2010 Comments (8)
McCrery I Architects

– McCrery I Architects

Powell, Wyo. — Father Daniel Mary of Jesus Crucified is fond of saying that his Carmelite community doesn’t have a vocations shortage. Rather, it has a housing shortage.

That may begin to change when Father Daniel Mary’s Monks of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel celebrate Holy Thursday next year.
On the same day the Carmelite monks commemorate the Last Supper with a breaking of the bread, they hope to break ground on a magnificently designed French Gothic monastery.

It not only will help a community bursting at the seams with vocations, but also will include hermitages, a Carmelite convent and a retreat center.

“This is going to strengthen the whole Church in America and be...READ MORE

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Choosing a Catholic College (2283)

09/07/2010 Comments (4)
Circle Press' National Catholic Register’s College Guide.

Circle Press

– Circle Press' National Catholic Register’s College Guide.

See the Register’s Catholic Identity College Guide ’10 in the Sept. 12 issue, which includes the Catholic Identity Questionnaire results from 32 Catholic colleges and universities. It’s easy and inexpensive to subscribe to the Register.

Editor’s note: The following introduction to The National Catholic Register’s 2010 College Guide, a new 192-page, full-color book from Circle Press, serves as the Sept. 12’s publisher’s note and editorial.

Choosing a college is one of those defining moments in life. If you’re someone who values a school’s Catholic identity, this book will help you choose wisely. But first you need to understand why you need this guide. Your own personal history is soon to...READ MORE

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Parents Can Teach Chastity to Their Teens (Believe It or Not!) (4389)

A Register Series on Young Catholics and Youth Ministry, Part 2

09/07/2010 Comments (3)
CNS photo

– CNS photo

Studies indicate that teen sexual activity dwindles in the summer and then increases in the fall as school reconvenes and teens spend more time together. That’s why as the school year gets under way, one topic that should be included among discussions of class schedules, textbooks and sports equipment at the dinner table and in Catholic schools is the “why” and “how” of living chastity in our secular culture.

When I appeared on the now-extinct “Sally Jessy Raphael” television program years ago, Sally told me that my work speaking to young people about chastity was “like holding a cup underneath a waterfall.” But, in fact, today the majority of young people in the U.S. are not sexually...READ MORE

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