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The Power of Beauty, Return of 3 Hour Eucharistic Fast?, Skip Prayer for Spirituality?, and More! (2674)

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08/21/2012 Comment

The Power of Beauty. Click on the link by Sarah Babbs to read more.

The Power of Beauty – Sarah Babbs, Ignitum Today

Putting The Genie Back In The Bottle: Three Hour Eucharistic Fast – Mac McLernon, Mulier Fortis

Should I Set Aside My Meditation and Vocal Prayer for My Spiritual Life? – Dan Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction

Refilling Empty Pews: Can NFP Course be Agent of Evangelization? – John F. Kippley PhD, Homiletic & Pastoral Review

Values, Virtues, and Your Daughter’s Date – Leila Miller, Catholic Lane

11-year-old Christian Girl with Down’s Syndrome Violates Blasphemy Law – William Oddie, Catholic Herald

The Silence of the Pulpits by Bill Warner – Big ulpit

Five Habits of a Successful Catholic Student – Brad Noel, Southern Fried...READ MORE

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Catholic Education, Stewardship Thriving in Wichita (14713)

The Gospel call to stewardship has served as a blueprint for success for the diocese for more than 40 years.

08/20/2012 Comments (17)

– CatholicDioceseofWichita.org

WICHITA, Kan. — As Catholic school enrollment continues to decline and schools close across the country — more than 1,400 since 1990 — dioceses could learn from the example of the Diocese of Wichita, Kan.

The diocese of more than 120,000 Catholics is not closing schools; rather, it’s opening them.

The diocese’s distinct emphasis on stewardship has enabled parishes to fund their ministries, including completely funding their parish schools since 2002. 

“Stewardship was not developed to fund schools, but the funding of schools is a product of that,” said Bob Voboril, superintendent of schools for the Diocese of Wichita. “Parishes are able to fund their ministries because of the...READ MORE

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The Ryan Budget (3461)

Aug. 26 issue editorial regarding honest discussion of Catholic social teaching in matters of prudential judgment.

08/20/2012 Comment

– Shutterstock

When Mitt Romney, the presumptive GOP presidential candidate, announced that Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., would be his running mate, Republicans steeled themselves for a full-scale war on the congressman’s controversial budget plan, which proposes cuts in a range of social programs designed to provide health care, food assistance and other subsidies to the needy and seniors.

Already, Ryan is being accused of decimating social entitlements, and, as the November 2012 election looms just a couple of months away, Democratic activists and ad campaigns are warning vulnerable beneficiaries that Ryan’s policies leave them unprotected.

Catholic leaders and activists have expressed their own strong...READ MORE

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St. Augustine Film to Be Screened in U.S. (4564)

Ignatius Press is distributing Restless Heart movie.

08/20/2012 Comments (2)
<i>Restless Heart</i> Facebook

Restless Heart Facebook

Restless Heart, a feature film about the famous theologian St. Augustine of Hippo, is now available for sponsored theatrical screenings across the U.S.

Ignatius Press, the film’s American distributor, is encouraging individuals, parishes, church groups or other organizations to bring the film to their towns.

Interested groups and individuals should work with local theaters and other venues to book a screening. Ignatius Press said it will provide a copy of the film and a complete promotional kit for "an affordable fee."

"We are thrilled to bring Restless Heart to the big screen," said Mark Brumley, president of Ignatius Press.

He said St. Augustine’s story is "inspiring and...READ MORE

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Weighing Political Policy in Light of Christian Responsibility (5644)

The principles of solidarity and subsidiarity and Paul Ryan's plans: Commentary by the archbishop of Denver.

08/20/2012 Comments (20)

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A married friend of mine is loaded with debt. His home is double-mortgaged. His wallet is full of credit cards, all of which carry substantial balances.

My friend claims not to enjoy racking up debt. He doesn't seem to think he has a choice. He pays the tuition of his college-aged children, and he supports his family in a comfortable lifestyle. His children take private art and music lessons, and he pays the rent of his unemployed nephew. But as much as he desires to love his children, he isn't doing them any favors.

Eventually, for my friend, the debts will come due. When they do, his children will be in a difficult place. Never having sacrificed, they haven’t built or saved money...READ MORE

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Pope: Christ Didn't Seek Popularity; He Told People the Truth (1882)

Eucharist shows Jesus' 'sacrifice of love.'

08/20/2012 Comments (8)

Pope Benedict XVI said that Jesus did not seek recognition during his public ministry but chose instead to preach the sometimes difficult truth of “his sacrifice of love.”

“Jesus was not a Messiah who aspired to an earthly throne,” Pope said during his Sunday Angelus address at Castel Gandoflo Aug. 19.

“He did not seek popularity to conquer Jerusalem, and, indeed, he desired to go to the Holy City to share the fate of the prophets: to give his life for God and the people.”

Pope Benedict made his remarks from the Gospel of St. John in which Jesus reveals to the multitude in Capernaum that he is “the living bread which came down from heaven” and that “if any one eats of this bread, he...READ MORE

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Single Women Should Focus on God-Not Themselves, On Redemptive Suffering-Second Chances, and More! (2425)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

08/20/2012 Comment

Single Women Should Focus on God Rather than Themselves. Click on the link by Francis Phillips to read more.

Single Women Should Focus on God Rather than Themselves – Francis Phillips, Catholic Herald

One Person’s Redemptive Suffering is Another’s Second Chance – Bonnie Engstrom, Ignitum Today

The Edith Stein Charm School: 3 Lessons from St. Teresa Bendicta of the Cross on Being a Lady – J. E. Foyer, Saint Peter’s List

Is Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone The Worst Archbishop Ever? by Stephen White of the Catholic Vote website – Big ulpit

The Freedom to Homeschool – Matthew Hennessey, First Things/On the Square

Three Hours Fasting Too Hard? – Kate Edwards, Australia Incognita

What is Mysticism? – Dan Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction

Both Lungs: Both East and West are Necessary to...READ MORE

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Maine Referendum Will Present Another Challenge to Marriage (3936)

The Portland Diocese promotes the bishop’s letter as residents debate same-sex 'marriage.'

08/20/2012 Comments (22)

AUGUSTA, Maine — This November, Maine voters will decide if the state should allow marriage licenses to be issued to same-sex couples. The measure marks the first time supporters of same-sex “marriage” have proposed the question of legalization on a state ballot.

The proposal goes before voters of the Pine Tree State three years after residents passed a “people’s veto,” effectively negating an effort by the Maine Legislature to legalize same-sex “marriage” earlier in 2009.

The campaigns both for and against the initiative play out in a national context this year: President Obama’s position against same-sex “marriage” has “evolved” into support for it, and his Democratic Party has...READ MORE

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