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John Paul the Holy (2256)

Saturday Book Pick: The postulator for the cause of beatification of Pope John Paul II explains the reasons for what will take place in Rome May 1.

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There are as many answers to the title of this book as there are people who knew, met or were influenced by Pope John Paul II. Msgr. Slawomir Oder’s answer stems from his role as postulator in Karol Wojtyla’s cause for canonization.

Msgr. Oder’s book is less a traditional biography than a focus on Wojtyla’s life from the viewpoint of the religious faith which animated it. The focus is on what made Wojtyla “tick” spiritually — his faith, his prayer life and the primacy of the spiritual in shaping his actions.

Msgr. Oder generally follows the chronology of Wojtyla’s life, but he is not unduly restricted by strict biography, often making his case using anecdotes that color and flavor the “pure...READ MORE

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The Empty Tabernacle, Crusader Myths, Cohabitation Harms Children, Single Catholics, and much more! (4811)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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An Empty Tabernacle

The Empty Tabernacle - David G. Bonagura Jr., The Catholic Thing

Four Myths about the Crusades - Paul F. Crawford, First Principles

Cohabitation & the Abuse of America’s Children - W. Bradford Wilcox, Public Discourse

Meditation on the Crucifix for Single Catholics - Anthony Buono, 6 Stone Jars

Good Friday in Pre-Reformation England - Stephanie A. Mann, Supremacy and Survival: The English Reformation

How Does the Weakness of the Cross Make Us Strong? - Doctor Peter Kreeft, The Integrated Catholic Life™

When French Fundamentalists Attack - Terry Mattingly, Get Religion

Mount Adams at Midnight, Praying the “Steps” - Rich Leonardi, Ten Reasons

The Hallel Psalms and the Last Supper -...READ MORE

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You Are Not Alone (2609)

A Register editorial

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– 2007 CNS photo

Early in the morning before sunrise — after the denizens of the night have ceased their chorus and before the birds herald the day — have you ever noticed how quiet it is?

Utter silence, filled with anticipation for the new day.

Amid Triduum 2011, we once again stand on the threshold of celebrating the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who redeemed mankind by his sacrifice. Between the sorrow of Good Friday and Easter’s elation, there lies Holy Saturday.

In his meditation on “The Mystery of Holy Saturday” last May in Turin before its famous shroud, Pope Benedict XVI said, “Holy Saturday is the day when God remains hidden. We read in an ancient homily: ‘What has happened? Today the...READ MORE

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Catholic, Will Write (4014)

Fiction about faith and the Church finds its way into the marketplace.

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Michelle Buckman, author of Rachel's Contrition.

Even as the Catholic publishing world has been struggling, there’s growing interest in fiction among Catholic publishers — and readers.

Author Michelle Buckman’s Rachel’s Contrition has struck a chord with modern readers, becoming an Amazon bestseller.

The novel launched Sophia Institute Press’ women’s fiction line.

Editor Regina Doman says it’s an impactful read: “It’s about a woman who loses everything when tragedy strikes her infant daughter: Her life begins to turn around when she finds a holy card of St. Thérèse in the parking lot. … It’s a tough, gritty read for adults.”

Buckman, who is also the author of Death Panels (TAN Books/St. Benedict’s Press), a 2010 political thriller...READ MORE

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The Face of God, Passion and Pathology, to Wear a Veil or Not, Faith and the Badge, and much more! (2666)

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Via Crucis, Felix Anton Scheffler, A.D. 1757. Church of Saint Martin, Ischl, Seeon (Diocese of München), Germany. The Eighth Station: Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem.

The Face of God - Father Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

Oh, Now I Understand - Joseph Knippenberg, First Things/First Thoughts

Passion and Pathology - Mike Aquilina, The Ways of the Fathers

Faith and the Badge: A Conversation with Martin Browne - Brian Saint-Paul, InsideCatholic

Disaster at Hereford - Once I Was A Clever Boy

Raymundus Locutus, Causa Finita (Wearing Veils in Mass) - Doctor Ed Peters, In the Light of the Law

. . . Father Zuhlsdorf comments here . . .

New Urbanism and Virtue - Jake Tawney, The American Catholic

Blessed Sacrament Church, Cypress Hills, Brooklyn (1891 A.D.) - Pat McNamara, McNamara’s Blog

Psalm 142, Part 2: Seeking Knowledge of God’s Ways -...READ MORE

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‘The Feast of Priests’ (3799)

Archbishop's José Gomez teaches on the sacrament holy orders.

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The archbishop is pictured last month at a conference in Los Angeles.

Cardinal Mahony, my brother bishops, my dear brother priests and deacons; religious and consecrated men and women, seminarians; all of you, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

This is a special moment of grace for me. This is my first chrism Mass with my brother bishops and priests, my first co-workers in the apostolic work of building the Kingdom of God here in the great Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

I love this ceremony in which we bless the holy oils — the signs and instruments through which our priests carry out their ministry of salvation.

It is so fitting that we do this during Holy Week. For these signs of divine grace draw the supernatural power they communicate from the...READ MORE

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Evangelical Convert, Royal Maundy, New Hungarian Constitution, The Eucharist, Holy Thursday, + more! (3072)

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Saint Benedict Menni, the priest who gave his life to outcasts in an era of anti-clericalism.

Evangelical Convert: Pam Forrester - Why I’m Catholic

What Impact Will the New Ordinariate Faithful Make? - Damian Thompson, Telegraph

The Royal Maundy - Once I Was A Clever Boy

The Priest Who Changed the Way We Treat the Mentally Ill - Spiritual Life, Catholic Herald

New Hungarian Constitution Invokes Saint Stephen, Abolishes Abortion - Tancred, The Eponymous Flower

The Eucharist Makes the Church - Eric Sammons, The Divine Life

Screen Pilates:  Richard Boone - Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

Holy Thursday - Mike Aquilina, The Way of the Fathers

Was There a Passover Lamb at the Last Supper? - Brant Pitre, The Sacred Page

Son Rise - Father John Bartunek, Catholic Spiritual...READ MORE

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A Good Confession, Excitement of Holy Week, Tridu—wha?, Lawyers, International Law, and much more! (2795)

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Father Bartolomé de las Casas O.P. (b. at Seville 1474 A.D.; d. at Madrid, 1566 A.D.), a controversial figure to this day, is considered by some the founding father of International Law.

20 Tips For Making A Good Confession - Father John Zuhlsdorf, What Does The Prayer Really Say?

The Excitement of Holy Week in the Parish - Father Tim Finigan, The Hermeneutic of Continuity

Spiritual Direction is Not Psychological Counseling - Dan Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction

“God’s Partisans Are Back” - Rick Garnett, Mirror of Justice

Anti-Catholicism on Film, Anno Domini 1911 - Pat McNamara, McNamara’s Blog

Tridu—wha? - Rich Leonardi, Ten Reasons

Catholics and the Practice of Law - Matt Emerson, Patheos

Elisabeth Sladen of Dr. Who Fame (1948-2011 A.D.) - LarryD, The American Catholic

Premodern Polish Origins of International Law - David Lantigua, The School of Salamanca


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