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'A Consumer of Catholic Education' (3752)

Meet The Catholic University of America’s New President

02/08/2011 Comments (4)
Courtesy of The Catholic University of America

John Garvey, the new president of The Catholic University of America.

– Courtesy of The Catholic University of America

JOHN GARVEY believes it is vital for a Catholic university to have faculty who are committed to the witness of the Catholic faith.

“The universities themselves will only be distinctive and distinctively Catholic if they hire people who want to make them that, and to do that you have to count, and not just count people who have a baptismal certificate, but those who really care about putting those things together,” he told Register senior writer Tim Drake in a wide-ranging interview the day after his inauguration as president of The Catholic University of America. “In hiring non-Catholics, you need to pay attention to what they will contribute to the culture of the institution.”


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Catholic-Education Awareness in Traffic (2667)

Schools put pride on cars — and hope to raise funds

02/08/2011 Comments (1)
Montana Department of Justice

TRAVELING MESSAGE. Supporters of Billings Catholic schools have been able to purchase a Montana-approved organizational license plate.

– Montana Department of Justice

Billings, Mont. — Looking for an innovative way to increase awareness and donations for its four Catholic schools, the Billings Catholic School System turned to the streets.

Since last month, supporters of Billings Catholic schools have been able to purchase a Montana-approved organizational license plate that will carry the school’s message.

People behind the plan hope it will instill school pride among alumni, students, teachers and parents.

The four Billings Catholic schools are St. Francis Primary, grades K-2; St. Francis Intermediate, grades 3-5; St. Francis Upper, grades 6-8, and Billings Central Catholic High School, grades 9-12.

“The total number of students is slightly more...READ MORE

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Abortion Has No Mental-Health Impact? (4972)

Pro-lifers immediately pointed out the flaws in this Danish study. Even a ‘pro-choice atheist’ finds it questionable.

02/07/2011 Comments (9)
CNS photo/Jose Luis Aguirre, Catholic San Francisco

CLEAR MESSAGE. Young people and others carry a banner during the Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco Jan. 22. More than 40,000 people attended the event on the 38th anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion.

– CNS photo/Jose Luis Aguirre, Catholic San Francisco

Danish researchers have released a study that they claim shows no evidence of abortion having a mental-health impact on the women involved.

“Women should be aware that going through the procedure of [an] induced abortion does not increase their risk of having a psychiatric episode within the first 12 months after the procedure,” said lead researcher Trine Munk-Olsen of Aarhus University.

Pro-life critics were swift to accuse the study of methodological flaws, as did one researcher who identifies himself as “a pro-choice atheist.”

New Zealand researcher David Fergusson said, “As a research scientist who is a pro-choice atheist and whose research suggests possible small, harmful effects...READ MORE

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'From the Heart of the Church' (2657)

A Register Editorial

02/07/2011 Comments (1)
CNS photo/Matt Cashore, courtesy of the University of Notre Dame

– CNS photo/Matt Cashore, courtesy of the University of Notre Dame

There has been encouraging news lately for those of us who are concerned with strengthening the Catholic identity of Catholic colleges and universities.

As the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops reported Jan. 20, bishops and Catholic college and university presidents will undertake a 10-year review of the 2001 norms guiding the American application of Ex Corde Ecclesiae, Pope John Paul II’s 1990 letter on Catholic education. The bishops plan to discuss the specifics of how best to promote Catholic mission and identity on college campuses.

Anyone who kept tabs on developments throughout the 1990s will recall the sometimes fierce battles involving implementation of Ex Corde in the United...READ MORE

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Packers' Pastor (7130)

This chaplain is ready for the Super Bowl.

02/04/2011 Comments (6)
Mike Biever/Green Bay Packers

CHEERING ON THE TEAM. Father Jim Baraniak on the sidelines next to Packers head coach Mike McCarthy in Chicago during the NFC game against the Chicago Bears.

– Mike Biever/Green Bay Packers

Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 6, will conclude Father Jim Baraniak’s 14th year as the chaplain for the Green Bay Packers. And he is getting ready for his first Super Bowl sermon at the team Mass before the Packers take on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Father Baraniak posted his request for homily ideas two weeks ago on his blog (Baraniak.blogspot.com), immediately following the Packers’ victory over the Chicago Bears that secured their spot in the Super Bowl.

He has been humbled by the outpouring of responses and suggestions on what to say before the big game.

“I asked people for some help and, boy, were they helpful,” Father Baraniak says. “It was just beautiful the things that people have been...READ MORE

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Where Do Iraqi Christian Refugees Go? Turkey (4301)

Here’s the situation they find when they get there.

02/03/2011 Comments (5)
Simon Roughneen

NEW HOME? Sarmad and Sandra assign donated clothes for refugee families, at the KADER office in Istanbul.

– Simon Roughneen

ISTANBUL — For Sarmad, translating e-mails from English to Arabic for fellow Iraqis is a welcome change from the incessant fear of murder he lived through in Iraq. In his hometown, Mosul, attacks on Christians have been an almost-daily reality throughout the past few years since the ousting of Saddam Hussein in 2003.

“I was stopped at the university,” Sarmad recalls. People he describes as “terrorists” told the 18-year-old mechanical engineering student, “If you come here again, we will kill you.”

Full names in this article have been withheld upon request.

Al Qaeda in Iraq has targeted the country’s fast-disappearing Christian population, describing them as “legitimate targets” and...READ MORE

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Egypt’s Coptic Patriarch Speaks Out (6373)

The word from the Cairo street: Christians and Muslims are protesting side by side, and no attacks have been aimed at churches yet.

02/02/2011 Comments (6)
CNS photo/Mohamed Abd El Ghany, Reuters

A protester shouts during a demonstration in Cairo Jan. 30. Anti-government demonstrations in Egypt were joined by Muslims and Christians alike, but some Copts worried that the Muslim Brotherhood, a banned organization, would gain power in the midst of a transition in Cairo.

– CNS photo/Mohamed Abd El Ghany, Reuters

CAIRO — With Egyptian phone and Internet service sporadic since the start of the popular uprising last week, it has been difficult to gauge the situation of Egyptian Christians.

Those who have managed to communicate with the outside world say they are both hopeful that the mass protests will lead to a better, more democratic Egypt — and fearful that Islamists will gain at least partial control of the government.

Though Church leaders have reportedly advised their flocks to steer clear of the mass demonstrations taking place in Cairo and the port city of Alexandria to the north, news reports have shown Christians, crosses dangling from their necks, demonstrating side by side with Muslims....READ MORE

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Relic Status in the Middle East? (3266)

This melting pot of peoples is becoming a cauldron. Experts talk to the Register, using words like “Christianophobia” and “religious cleansing,” about why everyone is nervous about the future. Part 2 of 2.

02/02/2011 Comments (2)
CNS photo/Debbie Hill

UNITED WE STAND? Palestinians attend a candlelight procession after a special memorial Mass Nov. 5 at Holy Family Church in Ramallah, West Bank, in solidarity for those killed in the Oct. 31 attack on Iraq's Syrian Catholic cathedral. Christians throughout the Middle East c alled for protection but said their faith keeps them strong.

– CNS photo/Debbie Hill

BEIRUT — What can prevent Christianity from becoming a relic in the very place it was born?

In 1948 Jerusalem was about one-fifth Christian; today, less than 2% of residents are Christian.

In Iraq, it is estimated that about half of the country’s 1.4 million Christians have fled the country since the American invasion in 2003, and the exodus of Christians continues on a daily basis.

There appear to be increasing attacks on Christian communities in the Middle East, as well as pressure on such communities in India and Pakistan, and much of the trouble seems to be coming from radical Islamists. The Register is examining the problem, with this two-part series (Part 1 appeared last week) and...READ MORE

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