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Doctors Object to N.Y. Abortion Expansion (3050)

Pro-life advocates warn against the dangers of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s unrestricted abortion bill.

02/28/2013 Comment
EWTN News/Courtesy of Mary Beth Miller

– EWTN News/Courtesy of Mary Beth Miller

NEW YORK — Medical professionals from across New York gathered at the state Capitol Feb. 27 to oppose local leaders’ plans to dramatically widen abortion access in the state.

“We believe the governor’s proposed legislation would expand abortion and actually be less safe for women than current laws,” said Dr. Anne Nolte, director of the National Gianna Center for Women’s Health and Fertility in New York City..

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is pushing for the passage of the Reproductive Health Act, which would strengthen the position of legal abortion in state law. The legislation would create a “fundamental right” for a woman to end a pregnancy.

The bill would allow almost unrestricted...READ MORE

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Maternal Abortion Deaths Spark Formal Complaints Against Abortionists (3692)

Late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart and other abortion doctors come under scrutiny after two patients die.

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Operation Rescue has filed a complaint against late-term abortionist Dr. Leroy Carhart.

ROCKVILLE, Md. — The death of two women after abortions in Maryland and Chicago may be taking the luster off a new documentary extolling one of the abortionists involved as a hero.

In both maternal-death cases, pro-life activists have complained to medical authorities as a hoped-for first step toward removing the abortionists involved from the medical profession for their alleged negligence.

Jennifer Morbelli, a 29-year-old schoolteacher, died Feb. 7 in Rockville, Md., after undergoing a late-term induction abortion at the hands of Dr. Leroy Carhart at his business in nearby Germantown.

According to Operation Rescue — the Wichita, Kan.-based pro-life group monitoring the case — the...READ MORE

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Pope’s Final Audience Was Bittersweet for Bishops (3925)

Archbishop Fisichella reflects on the impact of Pope Benedict’s papacy.

02/28/2013 Comments (3)
Marta Jimenez/CNA.

Archbishop Rino Fisichella

– Marta Jimenez/CNA.

VATICAN CITY — The cardinals and bishops who attended Pope Benedict XVI’s last big public appearance made sure to show him their love and respect, but it was a hard moment as well.

“There was a touch of sadness, as when one sees a person for the very last time,” said Archbishop Rino Fisichella after the Pope’s last general audience.

“Bishops and cardinals have shown a lot of respect, love and affection towards him here today,” he said.

Around 200,000 people from all over the world came to St. Peter’s Square to see Pope Benedict for the last time before he steps down as pope tomorrow evening.

Archbishop Fisichella, who is president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting New...READ MORE

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That Is Not Correct Catholic Doctrine, Meatless Family Dinners, Exercising Good Judgment and More! (3802)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

02/28/2013 Comment

Report: Cardinal Mahony’s Pretty Much Got This Pope Thing In The Bag. Follow the link via the Eye of the Tiber blog to read more.

That is Not Correct Catholic Doctrine by Fr. Simon Henry - Big Pulpit

Meatless Family Dinners – Taylor Marshal PhD, Canterbury Tales

Exercising Good Judgment – Debi Vinnedge, Catholic Stand

The Church Music Director: Job or Vocation? – Andrew R. Motyka, Corpus Christi Watershed

What is Social Justice? – Jason Hall, Ignitum Today

The Evangelical Reform of the Church – George Weigel, First Things/On the Square

Sally Quinn, Short Skirts and the Church of Rome – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Pre-Conclave Buzz - Big Pulpit

An ‘Ordinary’ Day in Rome! – Father Ed Tomlinson’s Blog

The Superpower of a Grandmother – Anabelle Hazard Esq, Catholic Lane

Seeing...READ MORE

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Gentle Shepherd Inspires the Nation (2872)

Benedict Encouraged America to Live for ‘Christ, Our Hope.’

02/28/2013 Comments (2)

Pope Benedict XVI arrives at Andrews Air Force Base on April 15, 2008.

– Wikicommons

WASHINGTON — Five years after his pastoral visit to the United States, Benedict’s presence continues to leave a mark on a Church that faces a rising tide of hostile secularism in American society.

For six days, between April 15-20, 2008, Benedict took up the “Pilgrim Pope” mantle of his predecessor Blessed John Paul II. Scores of thousands of Catholics — bishops, priests, laity and religious representing 195 dioceses — turned out to see the Holy Father as he made his stops in Washington and New York and to hear his inspirational vision of how the Church must engage American society with the Gospel message.

“The whole theme of the visit was ‘Christ, Our Hope,’” Bishop Kevin Rhoades of...READ MORE

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Vatican Death Plots; ICRSS Church in Britain; A Tale of Three Priests and Much More! (2120)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

02/27/2013 Comment

Vatican Death Plots Feared, Vampires *May* be Involved. Follow the link via Fr. Z’s Blog to read more.

Vatican Death Plots Feared, Vampires *May* be Involved via Fr. Z’s Blog - Big Pulpit

I. C. R. S. S. Church in Britain – Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

A Tale of Three Priests – Damian Goddard, Catholic Stand

Quæritur: Sundays, Open Restaurants, and You – Fr. Z’s Blog

For This Purpose – Amanda Mortus, Ignitum Today

iPads For an iLiturgy – Peggy Frye, Catholic Answers

People With Same-Sex Attraction Need to Be Shown True Compassion – Dale O’Leary, Catholic Lane

German Bishops O. K. Abortifacient “Morning-After Pill” – New Catholic, Rorate Cæli

Peter Kreeft’s Foreword to F. J. Sheed’s “Society and Sanity” – Carl E. Olson, Ignatius Insight Scoop

The Conclave, Hit Job...READ MORE

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Benedict as Teacher: The Cooperator of Truth (3623)


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Catholic News Agency

Pope Benedict XVI at his final general audience Feb. 27.

– Catholic News Agency

After the election of Benedict XVI in 2005, one cardinal remarked that if the only consequence of Joseph Ratzinger’s election was that people would now read his books, it would be a success.

Eight years later, as Benedict lays down his crozier, there is more than something to that.

The near-universal assessment of Benedict’s eight years is that he has been an exemplary disciple and a superlative teacher.

“The Holy Father has been one of the world’s, and history’s, great, great teachers of the faith,” said Archbishop Richard Smith of Edmonton, president of the Canadian episcopal conference, in one of many similar assessments.

By the time of his election as pope, Joseph Ratzinger...READ MORE

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Understanding the Difference Between Intellect and Sense (4872)

COMMENTARY: Part 4 in a Register series on the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

02/27/2013 Comment
Detail of painting by Fra Bartolomeo (1472-1517)

St. Thomas Aquinas wrote about Understanding in his master work 'Summa Theologiae.'

– Detail of painting by Fra Bartolomeo (1472-1517)

The second sanctifying gift of the Holy Spirit is understanding. What is understanding anyway? And what do we mean when we speak of understanding as a sanctifying gift?

Before we talk about understanding as a gift of the Holy Spirit, we need to talk about understanding as a natural human faculty. St. Thomas Aquinas tells us:

“Understanding implies an intimate knowledge, for intelligere [to understand] is the same as intus legere [to read inwardly]. This is clear to anyone who considers the difference between intellect and sense, because sensitive knowledge is concerned with external sensible qualities, whereas intellective knowledge penetrates into the very essence of a thing, because...READ MORE

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