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Superheroes of Summer 2011 (4312)

What Our Heroes Tell Us About Ourselves

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The summer of 2011 featured an unprecedented four comic-book superhero movies, all origin stories: X-Men: First Class, Thor, Green Lantern and Captain America: The First Avenger. (That’s not counting the January release The Green Hornet, based on a hero whose origins were not in comic books, but radio serials.)

Next year, besides the Avengers ensemble movie — featuring Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk and the Black Widow — the slate includes a new Ghost Rider film, a Spider-Man reboot and the conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Additional Iron Man and Thor sequels are already planned for 2013, along with the return (again) of the hero who started it all, the Man of...READ MORE

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Canadian Parents Battle Pro-Homosexual Public Schools (3679)

Catholic-rights group offers its support for 'first educators of children.'

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BURNABY, British Columbia — A Catholic civil-rights group in Canada has published a parental-rights declaration as a way to assist parents in their struggles with school bureaucracies intent on normalizing homosexuality.

Canada legalized same-sex “marriage” in 2005.

Sean Murphy, British Columbia director of the Canadian Catholic Civil Rights League, published the “Declaration on the Authority of Parents and Guardians in the Education of their Children” on July 6 and distributed it to parents’ groups around the world, several of whom have published it.

Murphy’s move was triggered when parents failed to stop a B.C. public-school district policy promoting homosexuality as a behavior that is...READ MORE

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Pope Looks Forward to World Youth Day (2230)

Benedict is excited to meet with the youth, hear confessions, and celebrate Mass (including one dedicated to John Paul II). A decree from the Apostolic Penitentiary issued Aug. 11 establishes that a special indulgence is offered to WYD pilgrims.

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VATICAN CITY (EWTN News/CNA) — Pope Benedict XVI is eager to meet the vast crowds of young people who are gathering in Madrid and is looking forward to the “wonderfully spiritual” moments that will occur during the four-day international event.

“The Pope is very happy and very much looking forward to meeting a million young people next week,” said papal spokesman Father Federico Lombardi in Aug. 12 remarks to EWTN News.

“It will obviously be a very demanding trip for him because it is a four-day visit. But he knows from his previous World Youth Days in Cologne and Sydney that these are great occasions with great enthusiasm, and he wants to give young people a witness to faith and...READ MORE

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Catholics Oppose New York City's New Sex-Ed Mandate (2474)

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn said this is 'one more example of political agendas being forced on children and their families.'

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New York City Hall

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NEW YORK CITY (CNA) — New York City’s new requirement that one semester of sex education be taught in all public middle and high schools continues a “failed experiment” and substitutes parents’ beliefs and values with those of the schools, Catholic leaders said.

“The decision of the city of New York to mandate sex-education classes, including teaching grade- school children about sex and condom use, is troubling,” said Joseph Zwilling, the Archdiocese of New York’s communications director, on Aug. 10.

He said 40 years’ experience has shown it is a “misguided effort” and a “failure” to try to make sexual activity devoid of consequences.

“Rates of teen sexual activity and pregnancies...READ MORE

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Archbishop O'Brien Asks Catholic Gov. O'Malley Not to Support Same-Sex 'Marriage' (17452)

'I write to urge you to refrain from using the power of your office to promote the redefinition of marriage in Maryland,' the archbishop wrote to the governor.

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via EWTN News website

– via EWTN News website

BALTIMORE (EWTN News) — Archbishop Edwin O’Brien of Baltimore has appealed to Catholic Gov. Martin O’Malley to act in line with his faith and retract his support for proposed same-sex “marriage” legislation.

“I write to urge you to refrain from using the power of your office to promote the redefinition of marriage in Maryland,” Archbishop O’Brien wrote in a letter to the governor, calling it “a goal that so deeply conflicts with your faith, not to mention the best interests of our society.” 

The archbishop sent his letter two days before Gov. O’Malley decided on July 22 to include same-sex “marriage” in a package of bills that he will sponsor during the 2012 General Assembly.

Although...READ MORE

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Catholic Heroes for Today: Part 6 (2469)

U.S. sainthood causes flourish in 2011.

08/12/2011 Comment

It’s “American Saints Week” at the Register.

Today we conclude our miniseries on sainthood causes of American men and women with a portrait of a Venezuelan woman who made her home in New Jersey. We also hear from an expert on saints about the importance of recognizing holiness in people of our time.

Maria Esperanza de Bianchini

The spiritual example of Maria Esperanza de Bianchini resonates with many people around the world.

The Venezuelan wife of Geo Bianchini, mother of seven and grandmother of 20, she spent a lot of time in the United States, including the last eight months of her life, and died in Long Beach Island, N.J., in 2004.

In addition to being a loving wife and mother,...READ MORE

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U.S. Ordinariate is Next, Indulgence for WYD Participants, Greatest Shakespeare Movies, and more! (2775)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

08/12/2011 Comment

What Are the Greatest Shakespeare Movies? Click on Joe Carter's link and find out.

U.S. Ordinariate to be Established Next - Fr. Christopher Phillips, The Anglo-Catholic

Indulgence Available for World Youth Day Participants - CatholicCulture.org

What Are the Greatest Shakespeare Movies? - Joe Carter, First Things/First Thoughts

Astounding Subterranean Salt Cathedral in Poland - Thomas Peters, Catholic Vote/American Papist

Why are Catholic Schools so Good at Sports? - Brian Fraga, Our Sunday Visitor

Cluniac art at Berzé-la-Ville - John Whitehead, Once I Was A Clever Boy

The Old Testament Was Made for Man - Devin Rose, St. Joseph’s Vanguard

Just Sex: Contractual Obligation II - Melinda Selmys, Sexual Authenticity

Fatherless Youths Run Riot - Joanne Bogle,...READ MORE

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Making the Gospel 'Go Viral', Fr. Emil Kapaun, G.K. Chesterton's Distributism, and more! (3258)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

08/11/2011 Comment

An unusual priest and hero, Fr. Emil Kapaun. Click on Fr. Simon Henry's link to learn about this great military chaplain.

Making the Gospel ‘Go Viral’ - Phil Lawler, CatholicCulture.org/On the News

Does a Parish Priest Have Time to Blog? - Fr. Ryan Erlenbush, The New Theological Movement

An Unusual Priest and Hero, Fr. Emil Kapuan - Fr. Simon Henry, Offerimus Tibi Domine

G.K. Chesterton’s Distributism - Dale Ahlquist, The Distributist Review

London Riots: Society has Undermined the Family - William Oddie, Catholic Herald

Sioux Falls Celebrates Restoration of St. Joseph Cathedral - Catholic News Agency

How to Respond to Anti-Catholic Comments Made in the Workplace - Eric Sammons, Our Sunday Visitor

Trying to Fly with One Wing: 13 Principles of Discovering the Truth - Stanley D. Williams PhD, Catholic...READ MORE

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