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New Evidence Finds Jewish Support for Pope Pius XII (3297)

Researcher points to magazine articles from the 1930s and other examples as proof.

07/14/2011 Comments (4)

– Wikipedia

DENVER (CNA) — An expert on Pope Pius XII says new discoveries show that the Jewish community strongly supported the Holy Father for his stand against anti-Semitism and support for Jewish rights during World War II.

Researcher William Doino outlined evidence that he says makes it clear the late Pope “wanted to break down walls of anti-Jewish prejudice, not erect them.”

Doino shared his findings exclusively with CNA, pointing to magazine articles from the 1930s that feature Jewish-American veterans lauding Pius XII for his deep respect for the Jewish community and their customs.

In April of 1939, just one month after Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli was elected Pope, the U.S. Jewish Veteran...READ MORE

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Northern Iraqi Christians Are a Bridge to Islam, Armenian Genocide, Strange Prayers, and much more! (1721)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

07/14/2011 Comment

Vatican Reveals Unpublished Armenian Genocide Documents - Alessandro Speciale, La Stampa

Those Strange “Alternative Opening Prayers” - Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café

Northern Iraqi Christians Are a Bridge to Islam - ACN-USA News

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Catholic Crystal Cathedral? - Terry Mattingly, Get Religion

Orange Crystal - Father Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

You Are Not Called to Be a “Gender-Neutral, Generic Person” - Doctor Jennifer Roback Morse

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The Rite of Sprinkling, Don't Dump on Dolan, South Sudan Pride, and much more! (2093)

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07/13/2011 Comment

Southern Sudan, Pride for Its Independence & the Fears of Catholics - La Stampa/Vatican Insider

Galileo Cartoon Portrays Church as an Enemy of Science - Doctor Stacy Trasancos, Accepting Abundance

The Rite of Sprinkling - Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café

It’s a Definite ‘No’ to Tibetan Nose Flutes & Tambourines - Richard Collins, Linen on the Hedgerow

Catholics Throw Cold Water on Fun Party - Bobby Ross Jr., Get Religion

Don’t Dump on Dolan - Kathryn Jean Lopez, Headline Bistro

Tinkering with the Lives of Children - Judie Brown, Catholic Lane

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Pakistan to Restore Ministry for Religious Minorities (3469)

Government official calms Christians' fears of continued persecution by the Muslim majority.

07/13/2011 Comment

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ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Amid fears of rising sectarian violence in Pakistan, Christians and other religious minorities expressed alarm about the national government’s decision to abolish a cabinet-level ministry for religious-minority affairs, eliminating the post once held by the murdered Catholic leader Shabhaz Bhatti.

Christian leaders voiced anguish about the relegation of the “ministry for religious minorities” to provincial governments. But a Pakistani Catholic minister defended the action, asserting that “the government will not forsake the religious minorities.”

“This is no downgrading of the concerns of the [religious] minorities. What has been done is mere fulfillment of a legal...READ MORE

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Judge: Illinois Catholic Charities Can Continue Foster Care (2997)

Department of Children and Family Services was wrong for issuing termination letter, ruling stated. Hearing will take place next month.

07/13/2011 Comments (5)

Bishop Daniel Jenky was pleased with the July 12 ruling.

– Facebook

SPRINGFIELD, Ill.(EWTN News/CNA) — An Illinois judge’s July 12 order will allow Catholic Charities to continue its foster care work in three dioceses, despite an attempt by state officials and the governor to end the partnership.

“This is a great win for the 2,000 children under the care of Catholic Charities, protecting these kids from the grave disruption that the state’s reckless decision to terminate would have caused,” said Peter Breen, executive director and legal counsel at the Thomas More Society.

Breen said that Catholic Charities, with the legal assistance of his organization, “will continue this fight” to continue “the high-quality foster and adoption care that the Catholic...READ MORE

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Priceless "Codex Calixtinus" Stolen, Evangelical Atheists vs. Humanity, and much more! (2902)

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07/13/2011 Comment

Priceless “Codex Calixtinus” Stolen from the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela - La Stampa/Vatican Insider

Pope Benedict: We Run the Risk of Perverting the Identity of the Church - Father Simon Henry, Offerimus Tibi Domine

Evangelical Atheists vs. Humanity - Gabriel Torretta, First Things/First Thoughts

The Catholic [Accurate] Version of What Galileo Proved - Doctor Stacy Trasancos, Accepting Abundance

Ideas Have Consequences: Human Nature - Dennis Buonafede, The Integrated Catholic Life™

Vatican Finances Compared to Other Organizations - Brett Adams, Ship of St. Peter

Promoting Life & Family to Solve to Eastern Europe’s Crisis - Grégor Puppinck, Ph.D, Catholic Lane

For the latest...READ MORE

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Lunching With the Pope at World Youth Day (2220)

12 young adults will share a meal with Benedict.

07/12/2011 Comments (2)

– Wikipedia

MADRID, Spain (EWTN News) — Aug. 19 will be a day that 12 young people will never forget: They will have the opportunity to eat lunch with Pope Benedict XVI at the apostolic nunciature in Madrid during World Youth Day.

The communications director for the upcoming World Youth Day, Rafael Rubio, said choosing which young people will attend the event “is probably the most difficult decision that has to be made.”

During the lunch, which will take place at the Hall of Ambassadors at the apostolic nunciature, the Pope will sit down with two young people from each of the five continents that are represented, as well as two young people from Spain.

The Spanish daily ABC featured the testimonies...READ MORE

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Male and Female, Church Principles in the Public Square, Ecclesiology and Ecumenism, and much more! (1818)

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07/12/2011 Comment

Patriarch Gregorios III: Ecclesiology & Ecumenism - NGChase, Ramblings of a Byzantine Catholic

A New Cathedral, As God Intended - Mundabor’s Blog

A Protestant Decimates Sola Scriptura - Devin Rose, St. Joseph’s Vanguard

C.T.S. Order of Mass, American Missal & the Roman Missal: Compare & Contrast - Father Simon Henry, O. T. D.

God, Slaves, and Women in the Constitution - Matthew J. Franck, First Things/First Thoughts

Male and Female - Father Bevil Bramwell O.M.I, The Catholic Thing

Church Principles in the Public Square - Bishop Paul S. Loverde, Catholic Lane

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