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Budget Showdown Fallout (2781)

‘Big Abortion’ vs. American taxpayers: Who won the budget standoff?

04/12/2011 Comments (16)
Office of Congressman Mike Pence

Congressman Mike Pence, sponsor of an amendment to ban federal funding of Planned Parenthood, which became a bone of contention in budget negotiation between congressional leaders and the White House last week.

– Office of Congressman Mike Pence

WASHINGTON — Last month, Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind., described Capitol Hill’s escalating budget standoff as “Big Abortion vs. American Taxpayers.” That forecast turned out to be prescient: The showdown ended late April 8, after Republicans agreed to a truce on their effort to defund Planned Parenthood in exchange for Democratic budgetary concessions.

The agreement was cemented just two hours before a deadline for shutting down the federal government. While both parties sought to claim victory, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, was seen as the biggest winner, and he heralded the “largest real-dollar-spending cut in American history.”

The speaker’s pro-life allies, however, vented...READ MORE

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What Does America Really Think About Homosexuality? (4871)

So far, same-sex ‘marriage’ has failed at the voting booth. But a Catholic sociologist predicts that referenda will catch up with increasing support in surveys, even among Catholics.

04/12/2011 Comments (13)

– Shutterstock

A recent public opinion survey found increasing support among Catholics for same-sex “marriage,” raising the question of whether the people behind the poll were trying to advance an agenda.

But Father Donald Paul Sullins doesn’t find the survey results that surprising. A professor of sociology at The Catholic University of America, Father Sullins said that such findings are reflected in the “General Social Survey,” which he calls “the gold standard for objective, unbiased social-science opinion research.”

A fellow with the Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies and a 2010 Ignatius Loyola Fellow at the Center for the Advancement of Catholic Higher Education, he is the author...READ MORE

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Purity of Heart, Christian Roots, Two Trees of Eden, Assurance of Salvation, Prayer, and more . . . (2436)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

04/12/2011 Comment

The official flag of the European Union.

Purity of Heart: The Way of Silent Love - Father Jeffrey Steel, De Cura Animarum

Catechesis in Welsh - Once I Was A Clever Boy

The Two Trees of Eden – Jake Tawney, The American Catholic

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Apologetics Toolbox: Assurance of Salvation - Anthony S. Layne, Outside the Asylum

Pope sees European ‘Amnesia’ about Christian Roots - Catholic Culture/News

National Black Prolife Coalition Wants Planned Parenthood Defunded - Lisa Graas

Capitalism as an Unnatural System – John Médaille, The Distributist Review

Judging vs. Being Judgmental – Father Philip Neri Powell O.P. Ph.D., Domine da mihi hanc aquam!

Was Chief Sitting...READ MORE

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Recusant Women, Blessed Junipero Serra, Classical Education, Charity, Distributist Guilds, and more! (4064)

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04/11/2011 Comments (1)

Blessed Junipero Serra, founder of 21 missions in California in the 19th century. He was beatified by Pope John Paul II on September 25, 1988 A.D.

Recusant Women - Once I Was A Clever Boy

Should My Confessor and Spiritual Director be the Same Person? - Catholic Spiritual Direction

Apostle of California: Blessed Junipero Serra - Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

The 10th, 11th and 12th Stations of the Cross, with Saint Alphonsus - Reginaldus, The New Theological Movement

Embracing a Classical Education - Carl Olson, Ignatius Insight Scoop

Capitalist Monopolies vs. Distributist Guilds - David W. Cooney, The Distributist Review

Politics and the Devil - Archbishop Charles J. Chaput O.F.M. Cap., Public Discourse

Saintly Additions to Revised Roman Missal - Sarah Hayes, The Roman Missal

Punished With Babies? - Kevin...READ MORE

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One Vote Stops Civil Unions Bill (3921)

Archbishop Chaput urges Catholics in Colorado to thank legislators for standing up for marriage. He called on Catholics to thank legislators for rejecting a civil unions bill, saying, “It took courage, especially in an environment of bitter criticism.”

04/11/2011 Comments (26)
CNS photo/Bob Roller

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver speaks during a symposium at Georgetown University in Washington March 1.

– CNS photo/Bob Roller

DENVER — A same-sex “marriage” bill has gone down to narrow defeat in the Colorado House of Representatives, drawing applause from Denver’s Archbishop Charles Chaput for being pro-family.

At the same time, homosexual rights groups have condemned it for being anti-family.

Calling on Catholics to thank their legislators, Archbishop Chaput said, “It took courage, especially in an environment of bitter criticism.”

A “sexual minorities coalition” called One Colorado, civil rights and left-wing groups, was soon out with a video promising “We Will Keep Fighting” and repeatedly stressing that the bill’s fate was decided by “one Republican vote.”

The Colorado Civil Union Act would have added...READ MORE

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'Born to Be Wild' Brings You to the Animals (3385)

New 3-D IMAX documentary gives viewers up-close access to orangutans in Borneo and elephants in Kenya.

04/11/2011 Comments (2)
Warner Bros.

WILD LIFE. Some of the stars of Born to Be Wild.

– Warner Bros.

Born to Be Wild, a 3-D IMAX nature documentary aimed squarely at family audiences, uses its immersive giant-screen 3-D to bring viewers directly into the rain forest of Borneo and the rugged landscapes of Kenya. Lately, 3-D movies have backed away from in-your-face intrusions into the theater, opting instead for a diorama-like approach with the screen as a window into a world beyond. I’m a fan of the diorama approach, but Born to Be Wild makes the case that a nature documentary in IMAX 3-D can and perhaps should bring us as close to the action as possible.

Part of the problem with in-your-face 3-D is that the effect is always undermined by the edge of the screen. With IMAX, there’s a lot...READ MORE

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The Story Behind Sitting Bull, How to Argue About Marriage, Love, Casket Maker, and much more . . . (3018)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

04/11/2011 Comments (1)

The 'Romish Conspiracy'

Alaska Casket Maker Finds Calling After Son’s Death - Catholic Anchor

A Roman Catholic Sioux Leader: Chief Sitting Bull - Tribunus, Roman Christendom

Spiritual Direction Is Not a Boss-Employee Relationship - Catholic Spiritual Direction

Love Intensifies Knowledge - Lisa Graas, The American Catholic

“The Great Romish Conspiracy” – Pat McNamara

How to Argue about Marriage – Matthew Schmitz, First Things/First Thoughts

The New Old-School – Matt Bowman, Catholic Vote

My Journey Home, Part One – G. Alex Garver, Passionately Loving the World

Horror: Doctor Euthanized Catholic Priest - Vincenzo, Sancte Pater

Taliban Catholic Blognic in Rome! - Father Tim Finigan, The Hermeneutic of...READ MORE

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Pro-Life Pioneer Dead at 84 (8246)

Eleanor McCormack was the first woman running for president who qualified for federal matching funds. She used them for TV ads about abortion.

04/10/2011 Comments (10)

"Ellen" McCormack

– Courtesy EWTN News

MERRICK, N.Y. — She was the first American woman to qualify as a candidate for federal financing and Secret Service protection when she ran for president in 1976. So you might have expected that Ms. Magazine would have mentioned her passing away March 27 in Avon, Conn.

But the feminist journal ignored the death of Eleanor “Ellen” McCormack, the Long Island Catholic housewife who ran in 18 Democratic primaries to educate the public about legal abortion.

McCormack, a mother of four who suffered from heart disease and was advised to abort her last child to protect her fragile health, ended up winning 22 delegates to the Democratic National Convention. She generated a war chest that totaled...READ MORE

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