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Archbishop Gomez Praised for Response to L.A. Abuse Disclosures (3191)

Decision to relieve Cardinal Roger Mahony and Bishop Thomas Curry of their archdiocesan duties ‘let in the sunlight,’ according to one observer.

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Patrick Novecosky/Legatus

Archbishop José Gomez of Los Angeles.

– Patrick Novecosky/Legatus

LOS ANGELES — Archbishop José Gomez’s decision to relieve Cardinal Roger Mahony and Bishop Thomas Curry of their duties in the L.A. Archdiocese is being welcomed as “the best possible thing he could have done.”

“The archbishop has, in one stroke, opened up the doors and let in the sunlight,” historian and author Charles Coulombe told Catholic News Agency Feb. 1. “It is an enormously difficult task he has taken on. ... It would have been the case, no matter what he did.”

“However, he handled it brilliantly, wisely, pastorally, truthfully, honestly, openly,” he reflected. “Very, very different than what we’re used to here in Los Angeles.”

“I can’t overemphasize how grateful I am that...READ MORE

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N.Y. Cardinals Remember Mayor Koch as Friend to Catholics (2624)

The late mayor, who was Jewish, detested anti-Catholicism and was a personal friend to four New York City cardinals.

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New York City Mayor Ed Koch in 1988.

– Wikipedia

NEW YORK — Cardinals Timothy Dolan and Edward Egan responded to the death of former New York City Mayor Ed Koch with praise for the Jewish official’s collaboration and friendship with Catholics.

“He will have a special place in my prayers, and in those of the Catholic community he loved and worked closely with, this weekend,” said Cardinal Dolan, who has been archbishop of New York since 2009.

Cardinal Dolan said that, as a young priest in the 1980s, both Koch and Cardinal John O’Connor symbolized New York to him.

“These two men showed how, despite some deep philosophical disagreements, they could not only work together for the good of the city of New York, but could become close...READ MORE

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Pope Benedict: Boldly Proclaim God’s Love (1030)

Jesus came not to say what people wanted to hear, the Holy Father teaches, but, rather, ‘to give testimony to the truth.’

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Catholic News Agency

– Catholic News Agency

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday asked Christians to proclaim God’s love with “boldness, humility and coherence” like Jesus.

“Let us ask the Lord to give each of us a spirit of courage and wisdom, so that in our words and actions, we may proclaim the saving truth of God’s love with boldness, humility and coherence,” said Pope Benedict in his remarks after the Sunday Angelus prayer.

“Jesus did not come to seek the consent of men, but to give testimony to the truth,” Pope Benedict told the thousands of pilgrims gathered at St. Peter’s Square Feb. 3.

“The true prophet does not obey anyone other than God and places himself at the service of truth, ready to pay in person,” he...READ MORE

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Romanian Court Orders Skyscraper Demolished to Protect Catholic Cathedral (16784)

After a protracted battle, the Archdiocese of Bucharest triumphs in a legal victory it hails as ‘a blow against corruption.’

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Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bucharest

– Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bucharest

BUCHAREST, Romania — David defeated Goliath, again, last week in Romania’s capital city when an appeals court issued a final ruling in favor of a humble cathedral pitted against a gigantic steel office tower, concluding a seven-year legal and political struggle.

In an unprecedented, definitive decision, the court ordered a 19-story skyscraper demolished and the land restored to its prior condition — a small, city park.

Concurring with several lower court decisions, the judge concluded that the office tower, known as Cathedral Plaza, was illegally constructed without proper permits or authorizations in a brazen gesture that threatened the cathedral’s physical security while limiting...READ MORE

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Obama’s New ‘Accommodation’ Offers Limited Reprieve, Most Lawsuits Will Continue (6021)

Latest HHS mandate proposal still excludes Christian-owned businesses, as well as Catholic hospitals and universities.

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WASHINGTON -- On Feb. 1, the Obama administration announced the latest modification to its 2012 proposed “accommodation” for religious institutions that object to the federal contraception mandate.

The announcement prompted a flurry of news reports asserting a breakthrough in the yearlong impasse between the administration and religious employers — nonprofits and for-profits — that oppose the mandate on moral grounds.

But the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops declined to comment until the proposal had been adequately reviewed, while the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty and other organizations defending plaintiffs in legal challenges to the HHS mandate said the modifications would...READ MORE

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Baltimore Ravens’ Matt Birk Stays Centered on Christ (24698)

As he prepares for Sunday’s Super Bowl in New Orleans, the 2012 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year upholds life, marriage and children.

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Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens center Matt Birk.

– Baltimore Ravens

Before the Baltimore Ravens take to the field against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII, veteran center Matt Birk will continue to encourage his team to stay focused on the game. Many distractions will be present, so concentration will be a must in order to play well.

Earlier in his career, Birk let distractions get the best of him, not in a professional sense, but in a spiritual one. The 36-year-old St. Paul, Minn., native was dedicated to football, but it was to the exclusion of what matters most in life: his relationship with Jesus Christ.

Birk’s future wife, Adrianna, set a loving example that helped to bring about a change in his heart. Now, the father of six is focused...READ MORE

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College Students Encouraged to Create Culture of Life (3580)

One day after the March for Life, Georgetown University hosted the Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life, the nation’s largest student-run pro-life conference.

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– Shutterstock

WASHINGTON — The 14th annual Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life, the nation’s largest student-run pro-life conference, was held Jan. 26 at Georgetown University, the day after the March for Life.

With 695 registrants, it was the largest conference to date. The conference, which is always held at Georgetown, is named in memory of the late Cardinal John O’Connor of New York, whose pro-life ministry was a central focus throughout his 16 years of service as the archbishop of New York City.

Simultaneously, on the other side of Washington, Students for Life of America (SFLA) was hosting its national conference. The focus of the two conferences was different but complementary.

“We’re...READ MORE

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Was the Mass of Padre Pio Equal to the Mass of Fr. Marcial Maciel, The Age of Apathy and Much More! (4626)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

02/02/2013 Comment

Was the Mass of Padre Pio Equal to the Mass of Fr. Marcial Maciel. Follow the link by Dr. Taylor Marshall of the Canterbury Tales blog to read more.

Was the Mass of Padre Pio Equal to the Mass of Fr. Marcial Maciel by Dr. Taylor Marshall of the Canterbury Tales blogBig Pulpit

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