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Equipping Men for the Spiritual Battle (13059)

The co-host of EWTN’s Life on the Rock discusses his plan to prepare men for life’s most important moments.

02/13/2012 Comment

Co-host of EWTN’s Life on the Rock Doug Barry is also the founder and director of the Catholic apostolate Radix and the Nebraska-based Camp Gargano.

He spoke recently with Register senior writer Tim Drake.

Where are you from originally? Tell me about your family growing up.

I was born and raised in Lincoln, Neb. I’m the youngest of five children. My father was a traffic manager at a book company. My mother was primarily a stay-at-home mother. I went to Catholic grade school and graduated in 1983 from public school. I was interested in art and drama. I’m a poster child for lukewarm Catholics. I was raised in a Catholic family and went to Mass every Sunday, but my heart was never 100%...READ MORE

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Don't Listen to Sin (2882)

User's Guide to Sunday, Feb. 12

02/12/2012 Comments (2)

Sunday, Feb. 12, 2012 is the Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B, Cycle II).


Sunday, Feb. 12, 10pm Eastern: EWTN Theology Roundtable: Principles of Catholic Social Teaching. Especially in an election year, it is important to understand what the Church teaches about the principles of life in our communities and nation.

Monday-Friday, 6:30pm Eastern: “Men, Women and the Mystery of Love,” a series in five parts. Edward Sri looks at the Church’s teaching on marriage and sexuality.


Leviticus 13:1-2, 44-46; Psalm 32:1-2, 5, 11;1 Corinthians 10:31–11:1; Mark 1:40-45

Our Take

We all know about the reputation of lepers, even apart from the Bible. When Catholics voted for the...READ MORE

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Missing Rungs on the Economic Ladder (2453)

Feb. 12 issue column

02/12/2012 Comments (3)

When Blessed John Paul II visited the United States in 1999, he noted that the whole world looked to America as a land of hope, where people could, with little more than determination and a strong work ethic, discover their own dreams.

However, The New York Times recently reported on studies that show it is harder to rise up the economic ladder in the United States than in other countries like Canada and Denmark. The reasons for this are, unfortunately, all too familiar.

For one thing, better-paying jobs tend to go to the more highly educated. However, getting a higher education has become an increasingly more expensive proposition, with undergrads, not to mention graduate students,...READ MORE

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Nun Maintains Polish Ties Through 100-Year Family Correspondence (5956)

Letters' legacy reflects faith and family. Feb. 12 issue feature.

02/12/2012 Comment
Courtesy Sister Nancy Strillacci

Sister Nancy Strillacci visits with her Polish family.

– Courtesy Sister Nancy Strillacci

When 18-year-old Rose Wnek left her family in southern Poland to come to America in 1913, she didn’t know at the time that she would never see them again. Nevertheless, the young immigrant kept up ties to her homeland through a correspondence that has spanned two world wars and communism and a Polish Pope’s papacy — and continues nearly a century later through her granddaughter, Sister Nancy Strillacci, and her Polish cousins.

Sister Nancy, a member of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, has roots in both Poland and Italy, but she’s especially familiar with her Grandmother Rose’s family, who lives more than 4,000 miles away in the area of Kicznia, Poland. For the past 25 years, she...READ MORE

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Ghost Towns of Byzantine Syria, The Science and Art of Practical Philanthropy, and much more! (3816)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

02/11/2012 Comment

Ghost Towns of Byzantine Syria. Click on the link by R. J. Evans to view these magnificent works of art.

Ghost Towns of Byzantine Syria - R. J. Evans, Kuriositas

Love & Responsibility: How Contraception Destroys Love - Dr. Edward Sri, Integrated Catholic Life™

The Science & Art of Practical Philanthropy - Maryann Gogniat Eidemiller, Our Sunday Visitor

Deny Communion to Pelosi urge Canon Lawyer, Popular Priest-Blogger - Patrick B. Craine, LifeSiteNews.com

Interpreting the Content of Rembrandt’s Holy Family - David Clayton, New Liturgical Movement

Industry: A Distributist Solution Part II - Richard Aleman, Catholic Lane

What Will You Do for Lent This Year? A Guide for Preparing Now - Dr. Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Bringing ex-Anglicans into the Catholic Fold - Kate Shellnutt,...READ MORE

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Religious, Not Spiritual (7216)

Feb. 12 column. Mark Shea's response to that much-talked-about video.

02/11/2012 Comments (23)

– Shutterstock

Recently, there was a curious kerfuffle on the Internet when somebody released a “new” video announcing that he loves Jesus but hates “religion.” It is a sentiment older than my great-grandfather’s beard, and yet it was received as a sudden and brilliant meteor of insight blazing across the skies of American religious consciousness and dazzling a moribund Christianity to whom such a thought had never ever been proposed before.

Permit me a few words as a convert to the Catholic tradition from precisely this “I’m spiritual, not religious” flavor of Christian sectarianism. Having been raised nothing, but having imbibed this white-whiskered and hoary rejection of “religion” as a thing...READ MORE

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Lenten Reads for 40 Days (7157)

Saturday Book Pick: Good books that foster spiritual reflection

02/11/2012 Comments (1)

Lent is a time for prayer, fasting and almsgiving — and spiritual reflection. We present four new books that could help in that task: John Grondelski recommends A Year With the Angels by Mike Aquilina; Father C. John McCloskey recommends Surrender: The Life-Changing Power of Doing God’s Will by Father Larry Richards; Frank Freeman recommends The Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus by Cardinal Raymond Burke; and Brian Caulfield recommends The Father’s Tale by Michael D. O’Brien.

Your Will — and God’s

By Father C. John McCloskey

Father Larry Richards is a popular teacher, preacher, author, retreat master and radio talk-show host. He recently published his second short book,...READ MORE

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Do You Want to Marry George Bailey or Prince Charming? (4548)

Thinking of marriage in terms of finding a 'soul mate.'

02/11/2012 Comments (12)

“Soul mate” is the term that those who study American marriage trends use to describe contemporary expectations about potential spouses on the part of Americans of marrying age. A “soul mate” is someone with whom one shares deep and profound emotional bonds. Soul mates are one’s alter ego, supplying what’s lacking in one’s own personality while simultaneously being pretty similar in likes, preferences and interests.

As the National Marriage Project (NMP) reported back in 2001, “88% [of single men and women] agree ‘there is a special person, a soul mate, waiting for you somewhere out there.’” “Marriage is gaining popularity as a super relationship.”

At the same time Kate Bolick, in her...READ MORE

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