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Holy See Remembers John Paul II (2173)

Vatican commemorates seventh anniversary of the late Pope's death.

04/02/2012 Comment
John Paul the Great Catholic University Facebook

– John Paul the Great Catholic University Facebook

Blessed John Paul II remains alive with God, continuing to offer his prayers for the Church on earth, the head of the Holy See Press Office said on the seventh anniversary of the late Pope's death.

“John Paul II for us is still alive and present,” Father Federico Lombardi told EWTN News on April 2. “He was proclaimed as blessed by the Church, so we are sure that he is alive, and he continues to be present and to intercede for the Church, just as he did while he was our pastor on the earth.”

The seventh anniversary of Blessed John Paul II's 2005 death is the first remembrance of the Pope's passing to take place since he was beatified on May 1, 2011.

“He continues to be an intercessor...READ MORE

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John Paul, Pray for Us (3221)

On the seventh anniversary of the Pope's death, we feature the editorial from our April 17, 2005, issue.

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Official beatification portrait from 2011

– Official beatification portrait from 2011

It’s easy, with a man like Pope John Paul II, to make a crucial mistake: to make him superhuman. The achievements in his life seem great and effortless, both at once.

Coming into the Church in the middle of a crisis of faith, he said, “Open the doors to Christ,” and many of us — eventually — did, as his prodding reached down to us, through the Church.

He wasn’t the great condemner many wanted him to be. Instead, he searched for the distorted truth at the core of modern errors and recovered it. He answered Marxism and Madison Avenue with the same message: “Work was made for man, not man for work.” He answered the sexual revolution with a revolution in Catholic thought about the beauty...READ MORE

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Is the HHS Taking Aim at Babies With Down Syndrome? (7362)

Prenatal-testing mandate could lead to more abortions.

04/02/2012 Comments (27)

Jerome Lejeune warned about the dangers of prenatal testing years ago. Now, pro-lifers may be calling on his intercession as his cause for canonization advances, and reforms in healthcare insurance may be endangering the lives of pre-born children with Down Syndrome.

– Jerome Lejeune Foundation

Most of the attention on the Department of Health and Human Services recommendations for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has focused on the mandated insurance coverage of contraception. But the recommendation of the Institute of Medicine’s report on “Clinical Preventive Services for Women,” which was adopted in its entirety by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, contains another worrisome provision — that it fund prenatal testing — possibly leading to more abortions.


“Buried in the IOM report is the recommendation for no-cost, well-woman visits; these visits include prenatal care — and thus prenatal testing for ‘genetic or developmental conditions,’” according to...READ MORE

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Cuba Makes Good Friday a National Holiday Following Pope’s Request (2379)

The Cuban government has announced that this coming Good Friday will be a national holiday. It is yet to be determined if this will be a permanent holiday.

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Our Lady of Charity, Cuba's patroness

– Wikipedia

In response to Pope Benedict XVI’s specific request to Cuban President Raúl Castro, the Cuban government has announced that this coming Good Friday will be a one-time national holiday.

The government’s short statement, published March 31 in the official newspaper, <i>Granma</i>, said that the Pope requested the holiday declaration “in honor of the religious celebrations that take place on the occasion of the passion and death of Jesus of Nazareth.”

Minutes before the Pope’s departure from Cuba on March 28, President Raúl Castro told the Pope of his desire to declare Friday, April 6, a holiday “as an exception, and in consideration to His Holiness and the happy results of this...READ MORE

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Finding Joy in Sorrow & Pain, How To Speak Protestant, God's Gift of Girlfriends, and more! (7631)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

04/02/2012 Comments (5)

How I Found Joy in Sorrow & Pain. Click on the link by Deacon Mike Bickerstaff and read more.

How I Found Joy in Sorrow & Pain - Dc. Mike Bickerstaff, Integrated Catholic Life™

How To Speak Protestant, #2,594 - Patrick Vandapool

God’s Gift of Girlfriends - Mary Walker, Truth & Charity

Until Death Do Us Part: A Conversion & Love Story - Patti Maguire Armstrong

Book Review: Style, Sex, & Substance - Bonnie Engstrom, Ignitum Today

Lent is Almost Over, Have you made it to Confession? - Msgr. Charles Pope, Archdiocese of Washington

You Had Better Be Careful About What You Ask For In Prayer - The Motley Monk, The American Catholic

SNAP, The Catholic League, Cardinal Dolan & Fair Treatment - Fr. Z’s Blog

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Pope Encourages Youth to Be Joyful Missionaries (8804)

In World Youth Day 2012 address, Benedict XVI reminds young people: 'It is up to you, young followers of Christ, to show the world that faith brings happiness and a joy which is true, full and enduring.'

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– Shutterstock

Pope Benedict XVI challenges young Catholics to be “missionaries of joy” in his message for this Sunday’s World Youth Day on April 1.

“Be enthusiastic witnesses of the New Evangelization! Go to those who are suffering and those who are searching, and give them the joy that Jesus wants to bestow,” says the Pope in his address, the text of which was issued to the media on March 27.

“Bring it to your families, your schools and universities, and your workplaces and your friends; wherever you live. You will see how it is contagious.”

The Pope’s letter marks the Church’s 27th World Youth Day, which will be celebrated in 2012 at the diocesan level. The theme for this year is taken from St....READ MORE

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Palm Sunday Is Preview of Easter Victory (3911)

Column notes that 'Jesus was not only the glory of Yahweh returning to his Temple; he was also the new David, indeed Yahweh himself, reclaiming his city and preparing to deal with the enemies of Israel.'

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– Wikipedia

The texts that Christians typically read on Palm Sunday have become so familiar to them that they probably don’t sense their properly revolutionary power. 

But no first-century Jew would have missed the excitement and danger implicit in the coded language of the accounts describing Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem just a few days before his death. 

In Mark’s Gospel we hear that Jesus and his disciples “drew near to Jerusalem, to Bethphage and Bethany on the Mount of Olives.” A bit of trivial geographical detail, we might be tempted to conclude. But we have to remember that pious Jews of Jesus’ time were immersed in the infinitely complex world of the Hebrew Scriptures and stubbornly read...READ MORE

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Lenten Reads for Catholic Singles (4296)

Dating website compiles ‘playbook’ that complements Holy Week journey.

04/01/2012 Comments (9)

Recently, NCRegister.com blogger Simcha Fisher asked Catholic singles:“What Do Single People Need From the Church?” It certainly struck a chord, because she had more than 230 responses in the comment box. Some people argued that the Church always forgets about the single people: They have vocation retreats for youth; they have ministries to strengthen families. But what about the singles who don’t feel called to the religious life and haven’t met their spouses yet? Where is the place for them?

“Most Church leaders don’t realize that four in 10 adults in the U.S. are single,” said Christina Ries, editorial director of CatholicMatch.com, the Catholic online dating site.

So, how can the...READ MORE

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