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History of Ad Orientem, Modern Kids: Raised by Wolves, Anxiety About Being Single, and much more! (2764)

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02/07/2012 Comment

St. Germanus; The History of Ad Orientem. Click on the link by Dino Marcantonio to read more.

St. Germanus; The History of Ad Orientem - Dino Marcantonio, First Things/On the Square

Modern Kids: Raised by Wolves - Carolyn Moynihan, Crisis Magazine

Anxiety About Being Single - Anthony Buono, Catholic Lane

Why Contraception is a Bad Idea: Scripture Prohibits It - Marc Barnes, Patheos/Bad Catholic

God: He’s In Your Bedroom - Sarah Babbs, Ignitum Today

Book Review: Washed and Waiting - Melinda Selmys, Sexual Authenticity

On Reunion Between East & West - New Oxford Review

Can Two Boys Be Married? - Tiffany Borges, Lox Populi

Italy’s Mosque Wars - Soeren Kern, Stonegate Institute

Parents Sue after Quebec Teen Dies following Gardasil Vaccination - Thaddeus Baklinski,...READ MORE

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GOP Candidates Oppose HHS Mandate (2125)

Presidential candidates weigh in on religious freedom.

02/07/2012 Comments (2)
Shutterstock/Illustration by Melissa Hartog

– Shutterstock/Illustration by Melissa Hartog

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum encouraged Catholic groups across the U.S. to disobey a federal mandate requiring them to buy health-insurance plans that violate Church teaching.

Santorum was asked on a Feb. 1 talk show what advice he would give to Catholic hospitals, schools, adoption agencies and other charities struggling with the mandate.

“Civil disobedience,” he responded. “This will not stand.”

The GOP contender spoke as a guest on political commentator Hugh Hewitt’s radio show and said that his strong concern about “the government taking over health care” is a primary reason he decided to run for president.

Santorum said that the mandate, which was issued under...READ MORE

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Fact Check: Bishops' Conference Answers White House Claims About Contraception Mandate (5960)

Countering 'a set of false and misleading claims,' USCCB rejects official spin.

02/07/2012 Comments (23)

White House press secretary Jay Carney said Jan. 31 that the administration believes the HHS contraception mandate 'strikes the appropriate balance between respecting religious beliefs and increasing access to important preventive services.'

– White House photo

WASHINGTON — Amid mounting criticism of the Obama administration policy of forcing religious employers to provide contraception and sterilization in health-care coverage, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops issued the following response to a Feb. 2 post on the White House blog. The Register wishes to provide the entire statement:

The Obama administration, to justify its widely criticized mandate for contraception and sterilization coverage in private health plans, has posted a set of false and misleading claims on the White House blog (“Health Reform, Preventive Services, and Religious Institutions,” February 1).

In what follows, each White House claim is quoted with a response.


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Young Pro-Lifers Bring Fresh Ideas (3335)

Feb. 12 issue page-one story about the new generation of March for Lifers.

02/07/2012 Comments (1)
Jeffrey Bruno

– Jeffrey Bruno

WASHINGTON — Like a sentry, Peter Miller held the pole of a tall banner, while other members of his group played rousing tunes on bagpipes, drums and flutes for the stream of pro-lifers marching by on a rainy day.

“I’m here for God, and I’m standing up for the unborn. And I’m also doing reparation to God for the sin of abortion,” said Miller, a member of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property.

Miller, 23, was among the thousands of young people at the 39th annual March for Life who experienced the event not as a one-day stand for life, but as a gathering for inspiration, education, networking and taking active steps toward ending legalized abortion in the...READ MORE

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Military Chaplains Instructed Not to Read Letter Against HHS Mandate (2919)

Archbishop Timothy Broglio says the Army defied his rights and chaplains' rights to free speech and free exercise of religion.

02/07/2012 Comments (8)

– Shutterstock

The archbishop who oversees global Catholic military chaplains claims the U.S. Army violated his rights by stifling a pastoral letter condemning the Obama administration’s contraception mandate.

Archbishop Timothy Broglio stands “firm in the belief, based on legal precedent,” that the Army defied his rights to free speech and free exercise of religion, according to a Feb. 3 statement from the Military Archdiocese.

U.S. Catholic military chaplains around the country were initially told to disobey their archbishop’s instruction to read a pastoral letter from the pulpit at all Sunday Masses on Jan. 28-29.

Although an agreement was eventually reached allowing the letter to be read, a key...READ MORE

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Komen's Quandary: a Planned Parenthood Rerun? (3874)

Funding issue is reminiscent of AT&T episode.

02/07/2012 Comments (5)

RACE FOR SUPPORT. Apparent flip flops in regards to support of Planned Parenthood have some wondering whether pro-lifers will turn their backs on Komen.

– aceshot1/Shutterstock.com

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation’s off- and apparently on-again decision to fund Planned Parenthood mirrors a similar situation with AT&T more than two decades ago, with dissimilar results.

The communications giant had been funding Planned Parenthood for 25 years. The grants were described as being educational outreach for teens. But in 1990, AT&T, facing pressure and a boycott from pro-life groups, abruptly announced that it would cease donating to Planned Parenthood.

In a foreshadowing of what happened to the Komen Foundation last week, AT&T immediately found itself the target of a bitter campaign to force it to restore Planned Parenthood funding.

The leadership of Planned...READ MORE

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"Coming Out" To Rick Santorum, Confusing Catholic Terms Guide, Jesus of Egypt, and more! (2970)

The Best in Catholic Blog“Coming Out” To Rick Santorum. Click on the link by Richard Evans to learn more.

02/07/2012 Comment

“Coming Out” To Rick Santorum. Click on the link by Richard Evans to learn more.

“Coming Out” To Rick Santorum - Richard Evans, Catholic Boy Richard

Hosts, Host, & Sabaoth: A Guide to Confusing Catholic Terms - Dr. Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Jesus of Egypt - Stephen Beale, Crisis Magazine

Mercy - Calah Alexander, Ignitum Today

Amelia Rivera, Disabled & Sanctity of Life - Archbishop Charles J. Chaput OFM Cap, Catholic Lane

Nigeria: Christians “Need to Get Out of this Hell” - Sante Altizio, La Stampa/Vatican Insider

Obama Wrong on Jesus Endorsing Higher Taxes - Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, What Does The Prayer Really Say?

Komen as an Example of Liberal Tolerance for Diversity - Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

Gov. O’Malley’s and Other’s False Contrasts of...READ MORE

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Pope Benedict Appoints New Salina, Kan., Bishop (3108)

Msgr. Edward John Weisenburger is presently the vicar general of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City.

02/06/2012 Comment
Salina Diocese Facebook

– Salina Diocese Facebook

Pope Benedict XVI has named Oklahoma priest Msgr. Edward John Weisenburger as the new bishop of Salina, Kansas.

Bishop-elect Weisenburger, 51, will succeed former Salina Bishop Paul Coakely, who was named Archbishop of Oklahoma City on Dec. 16. The bishop-elect is presently the vicar general of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City and the rector of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cathedral.

He served as an on-site chaplain for rescue workers at the site of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City after the April 19, 1995, bombing that killed 168 people.

He was born in Alton, Ill., on Dec. 23, 1960. His father was a military officer, and his mother was a homemaker. He spent two years of his...READ MORE

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