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Pope Francis Calls Newly Confirmed to Be Steadfast in Faith (3206)

The Holy Father confirmed 44 young people at Mass yesterday in St. Peter’s Square.

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CNA/Stephen Driscoll

Pope Francis celebrates the sacrament of confirmation at a papal Mass on April 28.

– CNA/Stephen Driscoll

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis encouraged the youth of the world to persist in their faith even in the midst of obstacles at a Mass where he confirmed 44 young people.

“Remaining steadfast in the journey of faith, with firm hope in the Lord, is the secret of our journey,” he told more than 70,000 young people gathered yesterday in St. Peter’s Square.

“There are no difficulties, trials or misunderstandings to fear, provided we remain united to God as branches to the vine, provided we do not lose our friendship with him, provided we make ever more room for him in our lives,” he said during the 10am Mass.

The Mass marked the ending of a two-day celebration as part of the Year of Faith,...READ MORE

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Kneeling for Communion, The Many Worlds of Chant, Family Daily Mass and Much More! (5886)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Catholics in the United States Can Kneel Now! Follow the link by Jeff Ostrowski via the CCW website to read more.

Catholics in the United States Can Kneel Now! by Jeff Ostrowski via the CCW website - Big Pulpit

The Many Worlds of Chant – Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café

Girls Gone Witless – Leah Jacobson, Ignitum Today

6 Reasons to Go to Daily Mass as a Family – Susanna Spencer, Truth & Charity

Columbus, Same-Sex Attraction & Marriage - Big Pulpit

Ways At-Home Moms Can Volunteer for the Pro-Life Movement – Lisa Schmidt, The Practicing Catholic

Obama, Abortion, the 1950s & Race – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Pier Giorgio Frassati: A Commentary by Fr. Barron – Jean M. Heimann, Catholic Fire

7 Things You Can Do to Stand Up for The Family – Chelsea Houghton, Catholic...READ MORE

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Knowledge: All Truth Is God’s Truth (7186)

COMMENTARY: A Register series on the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

04/27/2013 Comments (2)
Shutterstock/Olga Altunina

– Shutterstock/Olga Altunina

Knowledge is the fifth of the seven sanctifying gifts of the Holy Spirit. As we have discussed previously, all the sanctifying gifts are ordered toward conforming us to the image and likeness of Jesus Christ and making us participants in his life.

Because we are all called to be fully conformed to Jesus, all the sanctifying gifts are available to all the baptized and confirmed. In this, they are different from charismatic gifts, which are distributed by the Holy Spirit in such a way that nobody has all the gifts but everybody has some of them.

We receive the gift of knowledge, as we receive all the sanctifying gifts, when we are infused with sanctifying grace. And, as with all gifts...READ MORE

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Raising Kids Outside the Church Now 'Pastoral', Fave Saint: Bl. Pier G. Frassati and More! (4722)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Raising Children Outside the Church is Now “Pastoral”. Follow the link via Rorate Cæli to read more.

Raising Children Outside the Church is Now “Pastoral” via Rorate Cæli - Big Pulpit

My Favorite Saint: Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati – Brandon Vogt, BrandonVogt.com

N. F. P.: Trojan Horse in the Catholic Bedroom? – Jay Boyd PhD, Catholic Stand

Extremely Easy English Propers – Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café

Reading Grand Jury Report on Gosnell Case – Mrs. DarwinCatholic, The American Catholic

Church is a Love Story, Pope Francis Says – Catholic News Agency

Conscious Beings? Two-Month-Olds Still in Question – Stacy Trasancos PhD

The Benedictines of Mary – Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

Restlessness – Sean Connolly, Ignitum Today

Cave Diving and Apologetics – Trent...READ MORE

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Pope Francis Film Is in the Works (9451)

REGISTER EXCLUSIVE: Producer Christian Peschken has secured $25 million in financial backing and is assembling a production team that includes prominent Vatican journalist Andrea Tornielli.

04/26/2013 Comments (16)
CTV/Vatican Radio/Facebook

Pope Francis smiles from the balcony of St. Peter's Basilica following the announcement of his March 13 election.

– CTV/Vatican Radio/Facebook

ROME — When producer Christian Peschken watched Pope Francis appear on the balcony in Rome on the day of his election, he thought: “This will make a great scene for the end of a movie about his life up to the point where he became Pope.”

In a matter of days, Peschken began turning the thought into a reality. He is already deep into the project with the working title Friend of the Poor: The Pope Francis Story.

Peschken is organizing it as a theatrical motion picture and is in the process of recruiting some prominent people in the industry to help him with the endeavor. A European investment group has already approved a $25-million budget for the film.

Projects don’t always come...READ MORE

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New Treatment Could Improve Thinking, Memory in People With Down Syndrome (5535)

And, pro-life advocates say, if successful, it might serve to stem the current pandemic rate of abortion for unborn children with Down syndrome.

04/26/2013 Comments (5)

– dsrtf.org

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. — It’s not a cure for Down syndrome, but if a new drug called RG1662 works on people with Down’s as well as it has on mice, it could bring significant improvement to their thinking and learning and their chance for an independent lifestyle.

Life itself is at stake: While one in 800 children born in the United States has Down syndrome, when parents discover their child has Down’s in the womb, 90% opt for abortion.

Already, the trial drug has improved the ability of mice with Down’s to find, and then remember, their way through mazes. Further tests on humans unaffected by Down syndrome have indicated the drug has no side effects, so Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche...READ MORE

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Rhode Island Set to Be 10th State to Approve Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ (3420)

Despite heavy push back from the Catholic community led by Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, legislation to legalize same-sex 'marriage' was approved by the Senate April 24 and will likely pass the House May 2.

04/26/2013 Comments (19)

Facebook/Bishop Thomas J. Tobin

The Catholic community in Rhode Island pushed back hard against the drive to legalize same-sex “marriage” in their state, but years of intense lobbying and advocacy by the homosexual lobby finally prevailed with state legislators.

Gov. Lincoln Chafee, a former Republican turned Independent, is expected to soon sign a bill that will make Rhode Island the sixth and final state in New England to legalize same-sex “marriage” and the 10th in the country, including Washington D.C.

On April 24, the Rhode Island State Senate voted 26-12 to allow same-sex couples to “marry” in the state. The state’s House of Representatives already approved a similar bill, and it is expected to pass the...READ MORE

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Do Emergency Contraceptive Medications Cause Early Abortions? (5297)

COMMENTARY: Part II, scientific experts give ambiguous opinions on emergency contraception’s effects.

04/26/2013 Comments (18)
Getty Images

– Getty Images

Part I of this essay can be read here.

In the first part of this essay, I outlined two conflicting opinions of conscientious Catholic thinkers on the question of whether Plan B causes early abortions. This second part summarizes the views of a secular authority on EC, James Trussell, and then sets forth my own conclusion on the issue.


The Arguments of James Trussell

Around the time that the German bishops released their statement on EC, James Trussell and Elizabeth G. Raymond published a paper entitled, “Emergency Contraception: A Last Chance to Prevent Unintended Pregnancy.” Trussell is the director of the Office of Population Research at Princeton University and is considered...READ MORE

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