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Ultrasound Hits the Road (2684)

Mobile pregnancy centers save babies across the country.

08/28/2011 Comments (4)

– Wikipedia

AKRON, Ohio — Over the past few years, several different organizations have pioneered the use of mobile-ultrasound units to bring crisis-pregnancy services to the places where abortion-vulnerable women are.

ICU (“I see you”) Mobile’s Image Clear Ultrasound, based in Akron, Ohio, pioneered the use of mobile-ultrasound units. Founded in 2003 by Sylvia Slifko, the organization has gone from one initial unit in 2004 to 17 mobile units today. In addition to their 17 affiliates, ICU plans to deploy another six, including units in India, Australia, Ghana and Thailand within 18 months.

“We partner with pregnancy centers,” said Michael Homula, executive director of ICU Mobile. “We allow them to...READ MORE

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Ten Most Amazing Young Catholics, Capitalism vs. Distributism, Cardinal Canizares, and much more! (5410)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

08/27/2011 Comment

Meet Ten Amazing Young Catholics. Click on the link by Mary O'Regan to learn whom they are.

The 7 Sorrows of Mary Conform to the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit - Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Meet Ten Amazing Young Catholics - Mary O’Regan, Catholic Herald

The Pornification of Marriage - Elizabeth Esther

Capitalism vs. Distributism - John Couretas, Acton Institute/PowerBlog

A Church Closed by Animal Rights Law - Christopher Howe, The Daily Telegraph

Catholics: Misguided Compassion Will Come Back to Bite Us in the Rear - Leila, Little Catholic Bubble

Why Personhood Matters - Foxfier, The American Catholic

The Spirituality of Me, Myself, and I! - Carl Olson, Ignatius Insight Scoop

Serving With Mustard - Julie Robison, VirtuousPla.net

Card. Canizares (Prefect CDW) on Vatican...READ MORE

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Faith From the Hearth (2382)

Saturday Book Pick: Focolare's 50 years in America.

08/27/2011 Comment

Growing from a small group Chiara Lubich gathered around herself in Italy in the 1940s and 1950s, there are now approximately 140,000 members of Focolare and outposts in more than 180 countries, with many millions of affiliated people of all faiths interested in its mission.

In Focolare, Amy Uelmen and Thomas Masters tell the story of the movement and its charism for the world and explain its spirituality and reach in the United States.

The book combines narrative exposition with individual case studies and examples of living in communion, a central Focolare precept. Lubich concentrated on the figure of the forsaken Christ: He is always present in the other, and we must not turn away...READ MORE

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A Praying President (2115)

Aug. 28 issue editorial on faith and politics: 'Americans should not fear a praying president.'

08/26/2011 Comments (3)

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The hostile reaction to expressions of religious belief by presidential candidates suggests that the cultural and media elite in America remain deeply uncomfortable with robust Christian witness.

Is Rick Perry, who led a prayer rally before announcing his candidacy, too religious to become president? Is Mitt Romney too Mormon — and therefore a fringe candidate? Is Jon Huntsman not Mormon enough — and therefore acceptable?

And, after winning the Iowa Straw Poll the day before, Michele Bachmann tussled with Meet the Press host David Gregory Aug. 14 over whether a woman who believed in St. Paul’s dictum on wives being submissive to their husbands can be a serious candidate.

Misunderstandings...READ MORE

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World's Oldest Nun Left Cloister to Meet Pope During World Youth Day (3677)

Sister Teresita entered the convent on the same day Benedict was born.

08/26/2011 Comments (5)

MADRID (EWTN News) — Sister Teresita, the world’s oldest contemplative nun at age 103, came out of the cloister for the first time in 84 years to meet Pope Benedict XVI during his recent visit to Madrid. 

“I pray for you every day,” the Spanish Cistercian nun told Benedict XVI, who took her by the hand and made the sign of the cross on her forehead.

The two met at Madrid’s apostolic nunciature on Aug. 20.

“Saturday was a special day for Sister Teresita,” reported ReligionenLibertad.com. “She climbed into the back of Father Angel Moreno’s car — he serves as the chaplain for her religious community — together with her superior, Sister Maria, and they headed to Madrid for the most...READ MORE

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The Church's African Roots, Apple Is Catholic and PC Is Protestant, Chaput on Media, and more! (3747)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

08/26/2011 Comment

The Church’s African, Middle Eastern and Asian Roots. Click on the John Couretas link for this most fascinating and informative link.

The Church’s African, Middle Eastern and Asian Roots - John Couretas, Acton Institute

Did Jesus Really Call Peter “Satan”? - Fr. Ryan Erlenbush, New Theological Movement

Apple is Catholic and PC Protestant? - William Oddie, Catholic Herald

Archbishop Chaput and the Media - Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

Professor Ratzinger? Too Easy - Sandro Magister, Chiesa

Manliness and Catholicism - Andrew Votipka, VirtuousPla.net

Astonishing Story of Family with 11 Children Under Age 12 - Jeremy Kryn, LifeSiteNews

Catholic Gender Moralism & Cultural Chauvinism - Dr. Jeff Mirus, CatholicCulture.org

Even After Priest Is Exonerated, SNAP Attacks Falsely Accused Cleric - Dave Pierre,...READ MORE

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Presidential Hopefuls: Gov. Rick Perry (4436)

The Texas Republican signed the Susan B. Anthony List’s pro-life pledge and the National Organization for Marriage's pledge, but values voters may find his views on the death penalty and mandatory Gardasil for sixth-graders troubling.

08/26/2011 Comments (17)

Gov. Rick Perry on the campaign trail in New Hampshire.

– Photo by Getty Images

When Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a GOP presidential hopeful, said in July that, if Roe v. Wade were ever overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court, the issue of abortion would then bounce back to be decided by the individual states, he evoked challenges from many in the pro-life movement.

Perry based this stance on his interpretation of the 10th Amendment, which states that all powers not specifically named as belonging to the federal government are granted to the states.

“You either have to believe in the 10th Amendment or you don’t,” Perry said at the time. “You can’t believe in the 10th Amendment for a few issues and then [for] something that doesn’t suit you say, ‘We’d rather not have states...READ MORE

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Survey: Catholic Infant Baptisms Decline (16110)

Findings: Baptism rate is declining along with birth rate, and less children, teens and adults are becoming Catholic.

08/26/2011 Comments (27)

– Wikipedia

WASHINGTON (EWTN News) — A new study shows that infant baptisms in the Catholic Church have been declining year by year along with the birth rate in the U.S.

The numbers “are generally moving in step with the overall fertility rate, which has also been falling, more so since the recession in 2008,” said researchers from Georgetown University’s Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate on Aug. 24.

Results show that although the numbers of those entering the Catholic Church are almost high enough to keep up with the number of Catholics who pass away each year, this may not always be the case if current trends continue.

The survey noted that in each of the past three years, the...READ MORE

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