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Time Management for Busy Moms, Do the Girl Scouts Really Help Girls?, and much more! (1499)

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06/15/2012 Comment

Time Management for Busy Moms. Click on the link by Theresa Thomas to read more.

Time Management for Busy Moms - Theresa Thomas, Integrated Catholic Life™

Do the Girl Scouts Really Help Girls? - Stacy Trasancos PhD, The American Catholic

Always the Crystal Cathedral by Augustinus of Rorate Cæli? - Big Pulpit

The King who Fostered a Benedictine Revival - Catholic Herald

Join the Movement: Africa eBook Project - Brandon Vogt, Ignitum Today

Fifty Shades of Porn - Misty, Catholic Sistas

The Courage of the Queen of France Faced by the Devils of Paris - Roman Christendom

Shakespeare’s Curtain Theater Discovered - Thomas L. McDonald, God and the Machine

Emergency Contraception, Pseudo-Science, & Media Bias - Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture

Vatican II did not...READ MORE

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A Spiritual Father to a New Flock (3782)

Bishop Robert Vasa reflects on first year shepherding the Diocese of Santa Rosa.

06/15/2012 Comments (4)

Moving from the Diocese of Baker in rural eastern Oregon to the San Francisco Bay Area has been a major transition for Bishop Robert Vasa. He has traveled far from the Lincoln, Neb., farm where he grew up, the grandson of Czech immigrants, and now leads a large and diverse diocese. But he hasn’t let the transfer impede his drive to be a spiritual father to his flock.

Since becoming bishop of the Diocese of Santa Rosa, Calif., one year ago, he has become fully engaged as shepherd of 171,887 Catholics living within his 11,711-square-mile diocese, stretching from Petaluma to the Oregon border. Last August, he invited two sisters from the Spokane, Wash.-based Sisters of Mary, Mother of the...READ MORE

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Open Your Home to the Sacred Heart of Jesus (5592)

How Enthronement Will Change Your Family Forever: June 3 issue feature

06/15/2012 Comment
Register illustration

– Register illustration

June is the traditional month dedicated to the Sacred Heart, and the Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the Friday following the Second Sunday after Pentecost. This year it falls on June 15. What better time to enthrone the Sacred Heart of Jesus as King of yourself, your home and your family?

“Our Lord himself has provided us with a most wonderful way to welcome him into our homes,” wrote Cardinal Burke to his flock in 2004, when he was archbishop of St. Louis.

Jesus was welcomed by St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, to whom he appeared at her convent in Paray-le-Monial, France, from 1673 to 1675. He revealed his Sacred Heart to her, as depicted in statues and...READ MORE

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Tolkien + Lego + Video Games = Awesome!, Can You Homeschool a Child with Autism, and much more! (1489)

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06/15/2012 Comment

Tolkien + Lego + Video Games = Awesome! Click on the link by Thomas L. McDonald to read and view more!

Tolkien + Lego + Videogames = Awesome! - Thomas L. McDonald, God and the Machine

Can You Homeschool a Child with Autism? - Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur, Catholic Lane

Fr. Aidan Nichols: The Future of the Church in England by Shawn Tribe of the New Liturgical Movement - Big Pulpit

A Southern Baptist Seminarian Turns to Rome - Devin Rose, St. Joseph's Vanguard

What’s the Next Stage of Liturgical Renewal? - Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café

Sex should Not Be a Moral Issue, it should be a Practical Issue - Stacy Trasancos PhD, The American Catholic

Understanding the Young Adult Culture - Sarah Vabulas, Integrated Catholic Life™

Pithy: To Diet but Not to be Celibate - Mark Shea,...READ MORE

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Archbishop Lori: Labeling Knights of Columbus Partisan Is an Injustice (5743)

At bishops' meeting, head of religious-freedom committee responds to a reporter's question about funding.

06/14/2012 Comments (24)
CNA US Catholic News

– CNA US Catholic News

ATLANTA -- Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore argued that it is an “injustice” to imply that the Knights of Columbus’ support for defending religious freedom creates a sense of partisanship.

At a June 13 press conference at the U.S. bishops’ spring general meeting in Atlanta, the archbishop was questioned by Jerry Filteau of the National Catholic Reporter about funding for the bishops’ campaign to defend religious liberty.

Filteau said that he had heard “rumors” that much of the funding for the bishops’ effort is coming from the Knights of Columbus, whose head, Carl Anderson, is a former Reagan administration official.

He suggested that there may be “a partisanship aspect to the...READ MORE

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St. Benedict's Fourth Step to Humility, Teen Boys Never Wake Alone: Teen Chastity, and more! (656)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

06/14/2012 Comment

St. Benedict for Beginners: 4th Step to Humility. Click on the link by Fr. Dwight Longenecker to read more.

St. Benedict for Beginners: 4th Step to Humility - Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Integrated Catholic Life™

Teen Boys Never Wake Alone: A Talk About Chastity - LarryD, Ignitum Today

Bishop Blair Pounds the Facts; LCWR Pounds the Table by Phil Lawler of Catholic Culture - Big Pulpit

Latest Posts from Papal Music - Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café

Zoophilia: Why Not? - Bonchamps, The American Catholic

Catholics For Choice - Marc Barnes, Bad Catholic

Sexual Imagery and Teens - Thomas L. McDonald, God and the Machine

Giving More & Getting More (Mark 4:21-34) - Fr. John Bartunek, Catholic Spiritual Direction

Why Jesus Used Bread Instead of Lamb for the Eucharist - Fr. Ryan Erlenbush,...READ MORE

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National Character Test: Morality and Religious Freedom Matter (1782)

June 17 issue editorial for Flag Day.

06/14/2012 Comment

– Shutterstock

Painfully high unemployment figures have led many political commentators to insist that the upcoming presidential race is — to repeat the tired refrain — “about the economy, stupid,” a phrase first used in the 1992 presidential election year. In other words, American jobseekers will  shrug off other concerns and vote solely on the basis of bottom-line goals.

Yet what has always been distinctive about our culture, as Alexis de Tocqueville presciently observed in his masterwork, Democracy in America, is that our experiment in ordered liberty depends on the strength of our national character, and that means social issues and moral principles matter.

In our history, religious movements...READ MORE

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Religious Freedom Dominates U.S. Bishops' Meeting (2555)

Archbishop Lori signals commitment to defense of individual conscience rights and the free exercise of Catholic institutions.

06/14/2012 Comments (10)
Michelle Bauman/CNA

Archbishop William Lori

– Michelle Bauman/CNA

ATLANTA — As the U.S. bishops continue their battle against the federal government’s contraception mandate, they have been under increasing pressure to focus on a defense of the free exercise of Catholic institutions and set aside the issue of conscience protections for individual employers who oppose the new law on religious or moral grounds.

But Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore, the chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, yesterday embraced the conscience rights for small businessmen and other employers who oppose the inclusion of contraception, abortion drugs and sterilization in private employee health plans.

In an opening...READ MORE

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