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Teaching Science and Faith in Harmony (4619)

The Steno Learning Program in Faith and Science offers seminar for Catholic high-school science and religion teachers.

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Contrary to what the secular media and pop culture say, a competition or even a conflict between modern science and the Catholic faith doesn’t exist.

“In our culture, there is a great deal of misunderstanding about the relationship between faith and science,” said Chris Baglow, professor at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans. “The Church has excellent guidance to give us on how to appreciate the harmony between them. She doesn’t replace one with the other. Instead, she brings them into dialogue.”

To demonstrate the harmony of the two disciplines to Catholic high-school science and religion faculty, Baglow developed the Steno Learning Program in Faith and Science.

Sponsored by the...READ MORE

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Protestant Scholar Lauds Benedict's Ecumenical Strides (2618)

Pope Benedict builds unity inside and outside the Church.

02/25/2013 Comment

Fuller Theological Seminary

Pasadena, Calif. — Pope Benedict has been a leader devoted to ecumenical efforts, according to a professor of Christian history and ecumenism at Fuller Theological Seminary, a Protestant school in Pasadena, Calif.

“I have appreciated his commitment to ecumenism,” said Cecil Robeck Jr., who is also a minister in the Assemblies of God, an ecclesial community in the Pentecostal tradition.

Robeck participated in the third interfaith gathering at Assisi with Pope Benedict in 2011 and corresponded with him when he was still prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

After the warmth of John Paul II’s pontificate, Robeck said there was some apprehension in the Protestant...READ MORE

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Pope Issues Conclave Motu Proprio (6003)

The papal document allows the College of Cardinals to move forward the date of the upcoming conclave.

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Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Journalists read the 'motu proprio' document in a press conference in the Holy See Press Room on Feb. 25 in Vatican City.

– Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI issued a motu proprio today, allowing the College of Cardinals to bring forward the date of the upcoming conclave as long as all voting cardinals are present.

The document, presented this afternoon at a Vatican press conference by the vice camerlengo, Archbishop Pier Luigi Celata, also introduces a series of modifications to the laws governing the interregnum period and the election of a new bishop of Rome.

The motu proprio (a papal document issued on the pope’s personal initiative) replaces certain numbered parts of the text in the governing apostolic constitution, Universi Dominici Gregis (On the Vacancy of the Apostolic See and the Election of the...READ MORE

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Pew Poll Finds Strong Approval for Pope Benedict (3175)

Most Catholics who were surveyed are in favor of keeping strong Catholic traditions.

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Carsten Koall/Getty Images

A woman displays her admiration for Pope Benedict Feb. 24 in St. Peter’s Square.

– Carsten Koall/Getty Images

WASHINGTON — As the Feb. 28 resignation of Pope Benedict XVI approaches, the vast majority of U.S. Catholics have a favorable view of the Pope, and the majority support traditional Catholic teaching as well.

According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, 74% of U.S. Catholics “express a favorable view of the Pope.”

This rating is similar to the March 2008 poll, when about three in four Catholics held a “very” or “mostly” favorable opinion of the Pope shortly before his visit to the United States.

Pope Benedict has been regarded favorably throughout his entire papacy, with approval ratings among U.S. Catholics ranging from 67%-83%.

Pope Benedict’s predecessor, Pope John...READ MORE

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Five Reasons to Kill Christian Music, Beauty is the Seal of Truth, Fat Body of Christ and Much More! (4320)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

02/25/2013 Comment

Five Reasons to Kill Christian Music. Follow the link by Marc Barnes of the Bad Catholic blog to read more of this most important liturgical musical topic of our time.

Five Reasons to Kill Christian Music by Marc Barnes of the Bad Catholic blog – Big Pulpit

Beauty is the Seal of Truth – Beauty in Education

Fat Body of Christ? – Burke Ingraffia, Ignitum Today

More than 100,000 Rally to Protect Marriage in Puerto Rico – Ben Johnson, LifeSiteNews

Giving Up the Power Struggle in Marriage – Leticia Adams, Catholic Stand

G. K. Chesterton: It’s Not Gay and Not It's Not Marriage – Dale Ahlquist MA, Crisis Magazine

Dom Guéranger: A Prophet – Dom Mark Daniel Kirby, Vultus Christi

Same-Sex "Marriage": Our Agreements Solve Our Disagreement – Trent Horn, Catholic Answers

The Papacy of Pope Benedict XVI (recent roundup of the best links) - Big Pulpit


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Conclave Expected to Begin Between March 9-11 (5502)

According to a Vatican official, Pope Benedict XVI likely will change the conclave start date tomorrow by a papal declaration.

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The Sistine Chapel, site of the papal conclave.

– Wikipedia

VATICAN CITY — The conclave to choose the next pope will likely begin between March 9 and 11.

A Vatican official speaking on background to Catholic News Agency said Feb. 24 that the dates being discussed for the start of the conclave to elect Pope Benedict XVI’s successor are somewhere between March 9 and 11.

The possibility of foregoing the normal 15-day waiting period for opening a conclave was raised because Pope Benedict announced Feb. 11 that he would resign on Feb. 28, giving everyone 17 days' advanced notice of his intention.

Consequently, the cardinals who will meet in conclave were given additional time to prepare, compared to the usual situation, where a papal successor is...READ MORE

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Pope Benedict Says He Is Not 'Abandoning the Church' (3412)

During his last Sunday Angelus, Benedict XVI speaks of nearness and dedication to the Church in prayer after retirement.

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Stephen Driscoll/CNA

The crowd in St. Peter's Square during Pope Benedict XVI's Angelus address Feb. 17, 2013.

– Stephen Driscoll/CNA

VATICAN — Around 120,000 pilgrims heard Pope Benedict XVI deliver his last Angelus address in which he said that “the Lord called me to ‘climb the mountain,’ to devote myself even more to prayer and meditation,” a change that does not mean he is “abandoning the Church.”

“Dear brothers and sisters,” the Pope said as he dwelt on the Sunday Gospel on the Transfiguration, “the word of God feels particularly directed at me, at this point in my life. The Lord called me to ‘climb the mountain,’ to devote myself even more to prayer and meditation.”

“But this does not mean abandoning the Church,” he qualified. “Indeed, if God asks me this it is just so that I can continue to serve with the...READ MORE

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Benedict’s Resignation and the Road Ahead (4800)

The pontiff leaves a great theological legacy while the next pope faces a Church in continuous need of conversion toward a more faithful living out of Catholic belief.

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Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Archbishop Charles Chaput

– Archdiocese of Philadelphia

This commentary was originally published Feb. 24 in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Since the lava flow of press commentaries about Pope Benedict’s resignation began nearly two weeks ago, dozens of people have asked me why the Holy Father “really” resigned and who the next pope is likely to be. 

Given the extraordinary nature of the event, both questions are inevitable. Happily, Benedict’s reasoning has been simple and clear. The Church faces serious challenges worldwide. At 85, his declining health and energy impede his ability to serve the Church as effectively as she needs. 

Resignation is an act of unusual humility, as well as careful judgment. These qualities, along with his...READ MORE

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