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World Trade Center Cross Continues to Be 'Sign of Consolation and Comfort' — and Hope (4620)

Franciscan priest recalled 9/11 symbol's significance when he blessed it again at a July 23 ceremony before its relocation to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

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– Wikipedia

NEW YORK (EWTN News/CNA) — The World Trade Center cross is still a “sign of comfort” to many people, says the Franciscan priest who describes himself as its “unofficial guardian.”

On Sept. 13, 2001, construction worker Frank Silecchia found a 20-foot, cross-shaped T-beam from World Trade Center 1 standing almost upright in the wreckage of World Trade Center 6.

Father Brian Jordan blessed the cross later that year on Oct. 4 and promised that it would be preserved.

Now, almost 10 years after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the priest again blessed the cross in a July 23 ceremony before its relocation to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

“It’s a sign of consolation and comfort...READ MORE

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China Forces Bishops Into Illicit Consecrations (3511)

Papally named bishops dragged to state-sponsored ordinations. One new bishop is official of Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association.

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HONG KONG — Relations between the Holy See and the People’s Republic of China have deteriorated rapidly and seriously in recent weeks. The state-run agency for Catholics dragooned several papally named bishops to participate in the ordinations of two priests who were appointed bishops without Rome’s approval.

After the Holy See responded by pronouncing the two ordinands excommunicated, the State Administration of Religious Affairs replied on July 25, calling Rome’s action “extremely unreasonable and rude.”

Explanations for China’s new heavy hand range from Beijing’s growing confidence in world affairs to its apprehension about the ripple effects of the so-called Arab Spring, the...READ MORE

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Judge Rejects Lawsuit That Would End Federal Funding of Embryonic Stem-Cell Research (2445)

'Americans should not be forced to pay for experiments that destroy human life, have produced no real-world treatments, and violate federal law,' said Steven Aden, senior council at the Alliance Defense Fund, which supported the lawsuit. The group is reviewing its options for appeal.

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– Wikipedia

WASHINGTON (EWTN News) — Opponents of embryo-killing stem-cell research said they intend to review their options for appeal after a federal judge rejected a lawsuit that would have ended federal funding for the research.

“Americans should not be forced to pay for experiments that destroy human life, have produced no real-world treatments, and violate federal law,” said Steven Aden, senior council at the Alliance Defense Fund, which supported the lawsuit.

“The law is clear, and we intend to review all of our options for appeal of this decision. In these tough economic times, it makes no sense for the federal government to use taxpayer money for this illegal and unethical purpose.”


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Cardinal: Everyone Should Kneel for Communion, Archd. of Phila. Fights Back, and much more! (5608)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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How 11,000 Roman Jews Saved by the Venerable Pope Pius XII. Read the article by clicking the link on La Stampa.

Give Me that Old Time Religion to Reduce Crime - Doctor Jeff Mirus, CatholicCulture.org/On the Culture

An Interview with a Carmelite Nun - Dan Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction

Cardincal Canizares: “Entire Church” Should Receive Communion Kneeling - Father John Zuhlsdorf, What Does The Prayer Really Say?

Archdiocese of Philadelphia Fights Back Mainstream Media Demagoguery - TheMediaReport.com

How 11,000 Roman Jews Saved by the Venerable Pope Pius XII - Giacomo Galeazzi, La Stampa/Vatican Insider

My Journey to Motherhood - Matt & Pat’s Sister, Creative Minority Report

Three Strong Pro-Life, Orthodox Bishops Appointed in Quebec - Patrick B. Craine, LifeSiteNews.com

Cooperation: A...READ MORE

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Archbishop Pietro Sambi’s Legacy: Dynamic Diplomat Who Always Defended the Church (3927)

From the Holy Land to Washington, D.C., the amiable apostolic nuncio strengthened Catholic ties.

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Archbishop Pietro Sambi


WASHINGTON — The death of Archbishop Pietro Sambi, the Holy See’s representative to the United States, prompted expressions of sadness and esteem from Church leaders here and abroad.

Dubbed the “Super-Nuncio” by his many admirers in the Church, Archbishop Sambi personified the best of the Holy See’s diplomatic corps, combining pastoral sensitivity with an in-depth expertise in high-stakes negotiations — gifts on display in flash points like Jerusalem and Cyprus. While a series of striking U.S. episcopal appointments drew applause from orthodox Catholics, the nuncio also earned praise for his role in the the 2008 visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the United States, when the Pontiff met with...READ MORE

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U.S. Apostolic Nuncio Remembered (3595)

Catholic bishops and clergy in U.S. and at the Vatican pay tribute to the late Archbishop Pietro Sambi.

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White House photo

President George W. Bush and Laura Bush welcomed papal nuncio Pietro Sambi (second from right) and Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl to the White House July 18, 2006.

– White House photo

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated since this morning.

WASHINGTON (CNA) — Archbishop Pietro Sambi, the Holy Father’s diplomatic representative to the U.S., died the evening of Wednesday, July 27, at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, where he had been placed on assisted ventilation after complications following a lung surgery performed two weeks ago. He was 73.

On Monday, July 25,  the nunciature, along with Archbishop Sambi’s family, who traveled to Baltimore from Italy after the worsening of Archbishop Sambi’s condition, asked “bishops, priests, religious, and lay faithful” to offer “sacrifices and prayers” for the nuncio’s recovery.

Archbishop Sambi was appointed by Pope...READ MORE

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Berlin Pope Visit Almost Sold Out, U.N. Campaign of Fear, Turkey Still Anti-Christian, and more! (2506)

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Despite European Union's Human Rights Demands, Turkey’s Christian Persecution Escalates. Click on William Oddie's link to learn more.

Berlin Nearly Sold Out for the Pope’s Visit - Alessandro Alviani, La Stampa/Vatican Insider

. . . News.va: Program of Apostolic Trip . . .

I Hate Myself, How Can I Find Comfort in God When I Feel So Unworthy? - Father John Bartunek, Catholic Spiritual Direction

Missouri Late-Term Abortion Ban Becomes Law - Rebecca Millette, LifeSiteNews.com

Unfounded Population Fears Drive New UN Campaign - Terrence McKeegan J.D., Catholic Lane

. . . Stephan Phelan: Using Natural Family Planning to halt overpopulation? . . .

Despite European Union’s Human Rights Demands, Turkey’s Christian Persecution Escalates - William Oddie, Catholic Herald

Cambodia’s Genocide and Catholic Slaughter - George R....READ MORE

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Obamacare: Mandated Contraception Collides With Religious Freedom (7374)

Will ‘preventative services for women’ that must be covered by insurance companies include contraception and sterilization? We’ll find out Monday.

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Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius

– HHS.gov

Has the Obama administration found a cure for the common conscience?  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is expected to let us know on Monday.

HHS is preparing a list of “preventative services for women” that every insurance plan must cover, without co-pay or deductible, under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, popularly known as “Obamacare.” In a time-honored bureaucratic maneuver, HHS referred the question of what to include to a tame outside organization it could count on to give it the advice it wanted: It asked the Institute of Medicine (IOM), a nominally independent, if pliant, nonprofit, to identify the services that should be mandated.


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