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After Death of Chavez, Venezuelan Bishops Call for Unity (3021)

The Venezuelan president died March 5 after a lengthy battle with cancer.

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The late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in April 2010.

– Wikipedia

CARACAS — The secretary general of the bishops' conference of Venezuela, Bishop Jesus Gonzalez de Zarate Salas, called for national unity after the death of President Hugo Chavez.

The bishop, an auxiliary of the Archdiocese of Caracas, said that this unity is essential in order for the country to face the “painful fact” of Chavez's passing.

“At this moment, we speak to our highest feelings,” the prelate told the television program Hello Citizen on the private channel Globovision.

Bishop Gonzalez de Zarate Salas noted that “death is not the end of our life; death gives way to a life full of happiness, beside God, our Father.”

Vice President Nicolás Maduro announced on March 5 that...READ MORE

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Cardinals Will Be Informed of Vatileaks Background (3186)

U.S. Cardinals DiNardo and O’Malley discuss the matter at a Rome news conference.

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Estefania Aguirre/CNA

Cardinals Daniel DiNardo(l) and Sean O'Malley speak at a March 5 press conference at the North American College.

– Estefania Aguirre/CNA

ROME — Cardinal Seán O’Malley said he trusts the cardinals taking part in the papal election will be informed on the necessary background information related to the Vatileaks scandal.

“The cardinals feel confident that we will get all the information that we need for our deliberation,” said Cardinal O’Malley at a March 5 news conference at the Pontifical North American College in Rome.

“It does not necessarily mean that the report will be shared with us, but if anything remains that we need to know about, I’m sure they will inform us,” said the cardinal.

The archbishop of Galveston-Houston, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, was also at the Tuesday afternoon briefing.

“In general,...READ MORE

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Proposed Health Care Conscience Rights Act — ‘Last and Only Hope’? (4475)

House Republicans introduce bill to shield employers from HHS mandate and protect health-care professionals and facilities under pressure to perform abortions.

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Rep. Diane Black, R-Tenn.

– Wikipedia

WASHINGTON — Cathy Cenzon-DeCarlo, a New York state nurse who was forced to participate in an abortion at 22-weeks gestation or risk losing her job and nursing license, told members of Congress that the experience still haunted her dreams.

Cenzon-DeCarlo was among several Catholic women who were invited to a March 5 briefing for House members on the proposed Health Care Conscience Rights Act of 2013.

Fifty GOP House members are co-sponsoring the bill, which offers a broad religious exemption and conscience protections for both private employers who oppose the federal mandate, and for Catholic hospitals and professionals like Cenzon-DeCarlo that face pressure to facilitate abortions.


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Benedict and Clergy Sexual Abuse: Decisive and Aggressive Action (8871)

Holy Father’s record refutes critics’ claims that he mishandled the explosive issue.

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CNA photo

Bishop Charles Scicluna, former promoter of justice for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

– CNA photo


VATICAN CITY — In a media narrative that was largely predictable, news of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation was quickly followed by a flood of headlines linking him to the clergy sexual-abuse scandal.

"Legacy Marred by Sex-Abuse Scandal," read a headline on the ABC News website. "Complicit in Child Sex-Abuse Scandals," said another from The Guardian, which quoted victims’ groups.

Amid the fray, however, other voices have taken a singularly opposite view, instead crediting the Holy Father with aggressively and decisively addressing a problem that came to light well before he was elected to the papacy.

In part because of high-profile cases like those in Ireland and the...READ MORE

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Survey Reveals Strong U.S. Connection to Local Churches (2826)

Numbers show how Americans prioritize religion.

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– Wikipedia

WASHINGTON — A new survey reports that Americans feel more connected to their local church than to any other institution in society.

According to Rasmussen Reports, “nothing else comes close” to the bond between Americans and their local religious institutions.

A Rasmussen survey released March 3 found that 54% of U.S. adults feel somewhat or very connected to their local church or religious organization, with 34% saying they are “very connected.” The survey did not ask respondents’ religious affiliation.

Local charities and local recreational groups, including sports leagues or theater groups, tied for second place, with 12% feeling very connected.

Feelings of political...READ MORE

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‘Strength in Christ’ Needed for Scotland Church’s Recovery (2814)

The faithful are reminded to trust Jesus.

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Archbishop Philip Tartaglia


– Archbishop Philip Tartaglia

GLASGOW, Scotland — The resignation of Cardinal Keith O’Brien following accusations of sexual misconduct is an opportunity to renew faith in Jesus for the Church in Scotland, says a local archbishop.

“We will draw what conclusions and lessons we can from it, and, if anything, we will learn to trust even more fully in Jesus Christ, who is alone the Lord of the Church,” said Archbishop Philip Tartaglia of Glasgow and apostolic administrator of the Archdiocese of St. Andrews and Edinburgh.

In his homily for a March 4 Mass at St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Glasgow, the archbishop, who will manage the Archdiocese of St. Andrews and Edinburgh until a new leader is appointed, noted that the...READ MORE

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Argentinian Cardinal: ‘God Spoke Through Pope Benedict’ (2977)

Cardinal Esteban Karlic believes Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s decision to resign is a message of God’s love.

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ACI Prensa

Cardinal Esteban Karlic

– ACI Prensa

ROME — Cardinal Estanislao Esteban Karlic, the retired archbishop of Parana, Argentina, said that God used Benedict XVI’s resignation from the papacy to speak a message of love to his people.

In a Feb. 27 interview, Cardinal Karlic said that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s decision to resign “is a message, a grace.” 

“God is calling us again through him,” the cardinal said. “It is the sign of a grace that is being given to us to love God and all mankind.”

Being Catholic, he continued, means being a brother to all the nations of the world. 

“If there is one thing that really brings me joy, it is not feeling like a stranger or a foreigner in any part of the world, because God is our...READ MORE

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Cardinal O’Malley Lists Sex Abuse, Curia Reform as Priorities (4847)

Boston archbishop also says this week 'needs to be like the novena before Pentecost, so that the Holy Spirit can pour over us to help us find our new Peter.'

03/04/2013 Comments (12)
Stephen Driscoll/ CNA

– Stephen Driscoll/ CNA

ROME — Cardinal Sean O’Malley listed clerical sex abuse, reforming the Church’s administration and Christian persecution as some of the issues he thinks the next pope will have to tackle.

“The new pope will also need to face the sexual-abuse crisis that is really worrying our people,” he stated in a March 4 interview with Catholic News Agency.

Another issue on his radar is the need to improve the relationships between the various departments of the Church’s central governing body, as well as with the universal Church.

“The relationship between the Church and the Muslim world is very important as well as the Church’s persecution in many countries and the lack of education in others,”...READ MORE

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