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Cool Dr. Who Timeline, Three Cheers for Suffering, The Married Lifestyle, and much more! (3514)

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07/09/2011 Comment

There is more to Jesus than Suffering, click on Russell Shaw's link to learn more.

Vatican Rep. at U.N. on “Impuse-Driven Rights” vs. “Authentic Rights” - Father John Zuhlsdorf, What Does The Prayer Really Say?

The Married Lifestyle - Gabriel Torretta, First Things/On the Square

Anything Else on the Menu? - Michael Cook, MercatorNet

Cool Timeline of Doctor Who’s Companions - Jimmy Akin

Three Cheers for Suffering - Russell Shaw, Catholic Exchange

Clarifications on Sterile Marriages - Doctor Jeff Mirus, CatholicCulture.org/In Depth Analysis

Total Apostasy: the Big Issue Dividing Mormons & Catholics - Joe Heschmeyer, Shameless Popery

Five Ways I Don’t Love Natural Family Planning - Danielle Bean, Crisis Magazine

The Applause at Mass has to Stop - Elizabeth Scalia,...READ MORE

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Pope Benedict's R & R (4222)

'Jesus of Nazareth' Vol. 3 will be on his to-do list.

07/08/2011 Comments (1)
2010 photo by L'Osservatore Romano

– 2010 photo by L'Osservatore Romano

Pope Benedict XVI began his summer vacation at Castel Gandolfo July 6. His vacation there will last almost the entire month, during which he will not be holding his usual Wednesday general audience or receiving anyone in private audience, but will be reciting the Angelus prayer on Sundays, as is the usual custom.

The Holy Father plans to fill his time in the same way as many of his past vacations: not so much by resting as by studying, and, in particular, writing his book Jesus of Nazareth. This month, he hopes to make further headway and possibly complete the third and final volume, which will focus on Jesus’ childhood and the years leading up to the beginning of Christ’s preaching — a...READ MORE

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Pilgrims Flock to Wisconsin Shrine, Site of the Only Approved U.S. Marian Apparition (7465)

Upcoming ABC show will feature the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help.

07/08/2011 Comments (3)
via EWTN NEWS website

– via EWTN NEWS website

GREEN BAY, Wis. (EWTN News) — Attendance is booming at a Wisconsin shrine at the site of the only approved Marian apparition in the United States.

On Dec. 8, 2010, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, Bishop David Ricken of Green Bay decreed that the Virgin Mary had appeared to a young Belgian immigrant woman, Adele Brise, three times in October of 1859.

After that, shrine caretaker Karen Tipps said, “the phone was ringing off the hook.”

“Right from Dec. 8 on, we never had a slow time this winter,” she told the Green Bay Press Gazette.

People have come from as far away as Texas, New Orleans and the south Pacific island of Tahiti to pray at the chapel, located 17 miles northeast...READ MORE

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Two-Child Policy in the Philippines? (8623)

Debate rages over' reproductive health’ bill. Corazon Aquino supported ‘people power’ in 1986; now her son, the country’s new president, suggests that the poor might not know what’s best for them.

07/08/2011 Comments (2)
Jeffrey Avellanosa via Wikipedia

Philippine President Benigno Aquino

– Jeffrey Avellanosa via Wikipedia

MANILA — When Philippine lawmakers return on July 25 for the second session of the 15th Congress, they will continue debates on two reproductive-health bills that would undermine the Catholic culture of the populous Asian nation.

Similar in content, both the House and Senate bills seek to mandate government counseling on artificial contraceptives and promote sexual education for children as early as fifth grade.

Backed by powerful international population-control groups, the bills also recommend two children per family as a way to reduce poverty and foster economic development. The Philippines has a population of more than 90 million, about 82% of whom are Catholic.

The bills are...READ MORE

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Hoyas Whip Irish, Catholic Illustrators Guild, Reason Our Ally, and much more! (3126)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

07/08/2011 Comment

Hoyas beat Irish! Click and learn why.

Hoyas Whip the Irish - Scott Walter, The Catholic Thing

Reason is the Enemy of the Euthanasia Movement - Michael Cook, Crisis Magazine

Catholic Illustrator’s Guild - Richard Aleman, The Distributist Guild

Can a Sinner Become a Saint? Yes. Why Do You Ask? - Phil Lawler, CatholicCulture.org/On the News

Decaying West: England to Permit Abortionists to Run T.V. Commercials - Monsignor Charles Pope, Archdiocese of Washington

Liberation Theology is Dead But Not Departed; It Still Occasionally Twitches - William Oddie, Catholic Herald

N.Y. Bishop’s Office: No Plans to Deny Gov. Cuomo Communion - Christine Dhanagom, LifeSiteNews.com

U.S.: Three Parishes in San Francisco ‘Gay Pride’ Parade -...READ MORE

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Mary Surratt, 'An Innocent Woman' (5685)

07/07/2011 Comments (8)

Robert Redford’s latest film, The Conspirator — released just days after the Sesquicentennial of the attack on Fort Sumter, the Civil War’s start — stirred many childhood memories.

My great-grandmother, Lillian Webster Keane, who was a longtime Washingtonian, frequently spoke about the injustice the film portrays.

Fittingly, The Conspirator opened April 15 — the same day, 146 years earlier, President Abraham Lincoln was celebrating the end of the Civil War.

The bloody conflict that ripped our nation apart for four years, North against South, was now over — ending officially on April 9, 1865, when Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse to Union Gen. Ulysses S....READ MORE

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Pope Goes on Vacation — and Why We Should Too (2617)

How Benedict will spend his time off and why a little rest and relaxation is good for the soul and evangelization.

07/07/2011 Comment

– Shutterstock

VATICAN CITY (CNA/EWTN News)— Pope Benedict XVI will spend his summer vacation praying, reading and writing, according to his official spokesman.

“I was also struck in the past, talking to the Pope’s personal secretary, who said to me very naturally: ‘The best way for the Pope to rest is for him to study and write about theology, sacred Scripture, because they are topics that fascinate him,’” said Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi in a July 7 interview with Vatican Radio.

The Pope left July 7 for his summer residence of Castel Gandolfo, a tiny hilltop village overlooking Lake Albano, just 15 miles southeast of Rome. The town has been the traditional holiday spot for popes since the 15th...READ MORE

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Facebooking the Truth, 3 Characteristics of the Diabolical, Controversy over Heaven Sign, and more! (2994)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

07/07/2011 Comment

If Only Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Had Lived in Greece, click on MercatorNet's link to learn why.

Facebooking the Truth - Joel Davidson, Catholic Anchor

Three Characteristics of the Diabolical, & How they Manifest in the World - Monsignor Charles Pope, Archdiocese of Washington

Controversy Over “Heaven” Street Sign - Doctor Gary Scott Smith, Catholic Lane

If Only Mozart Had Lived in Greece - Carolyn Moynihan, MercatorNet

If Contraception, Why Not Gay Marriage? - Howard Kainz, Crisis Magazine

Apostle to the Sioux - Donald R. McClarey

That’s Entertainment: Free Speech and the Moral Regulation of the Arts - Hadley Arkes, Public Discourse

Homosexual Scientists Isolate Christian Gene - Lisa Graas

Meet the Press, B16 Edition - Rocco Palmo, Whispers in the Loggia

Catholic Church...READ MORE

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